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  1. rcruz

    Could it be possible?

    Thank you! That makes me feel better!!! I am hungry again but I guess after 7 months since my last fill I did kind of good amazing how we "depend" on help from the band!!!
  2. rcruz

    More fill with Fluro?

    Mine is done under fluro and I tell you I like the fact I can "see" the liquid going through it makes sense...to "see" it. Restless...that is great you have such a great doctor!!!
  3. rcruz

    Could it be possible?

    Seriously? I thought this was a myth... Anyhow I was concerned about having 8.7cc already in my band and not having much to work with and he tells me don't worry I have relalize patients with 11cc in a realize band I was like...:juggle: really? Obviously they have been there for a while and losing weight...I am kind of concerned but so trust him.
  4. rcruz

    Could it be possible?

    Guess who is getting a fill on monday?!?!?!? YEP ME!!!!
  5. rcruz

    Could it be possible?

    Thanks Cathy, the call is "in" just waitng for him to call back it will be an arm or a leg I suppose I hear the appointments are around $250 YIKES!
  6. Ihave not been back since June 14th where it was nto for a fill but just a check up things were fine and then after that I lost the restriction. I was going to call but I think I will wait till after this HSG test, and see where I am at in this process..first month of clomid..blah blah you know waht I am talking about. After a couple of months and nothing I will prolly go in for a tiny fill .1 or.2 maybe that will jump start the weightloss again OR STOP the eating the wrong foods!
  7. This is my concern too I am filled at 8.7cc right now and I have gained like 6lbs back already although I am not eating right which I am sure will get alot of frowny faces, I feel hungry all the time, this fill lasted 7 months my last one was in December and that is when I felt "restriction" for some reason I have lost it. And then mentally I think when my appointments every month were over it went down hill like no accountability at all on my part if that makes sense. I am not sure I even want to go in and pay the $250 for the fill because we are going through fertility treatments right now and would hate to pay all that money and then get pregnant and have to pay again to have an unfill if that makes sense.
  8. rcruz

    Low Profile port?

    I am still too fat to even feel it I think but I too have a low profile port and it was ONE of the reasons I chose Realize Band. Good luck on your journey!!!
  9. rcruz


    You jumped the gun that's all I can say or either that your impatient! Sorry your leaving but at teh end of the day it IS your choice! Good luck rather you go or stay!
  10. rcruz

    I think I have fallen off

    Thank you grey for responding! I will have to do that!
  11. THE WAGON... these past few days have been stressful am going through some personal issues with my marriage and my daughter. I have been eating and it seems that EVERYTHING is going through the band and even when I get that stuck feeling I feel that I am still hungry! Thing is I have a 9 cc band and I have 8.7cc right now and have been here with 8.7ccs for 6 months now is it possible that I might need a fill? Or is this stress just making me not make right choices? Ugh I am not sure what to do. The fill will cost me $250 but I am not sure I wasnt to shell that out if I can hang for a while longer or even the fact that I only have .3ccs left (space/room) in my band now!!! Ugh...Opinions anyone?
  12. rcruz

    Calling all April 17 Bandsters

    Yep slow and steady, wins the race! I am a slow loser too I have only lost 80lbs in a year so that adds up to be ...6lbs a month and now I have hit a platoue!!!!!
  13. rcruz

    confess you lap band sin

    Oh NO! I wasn't but I am sure by now youhave figured out what i was saying...my heart dropped when I read this I guess the proper word would be "excellent source of info and tuff love to all of us" :thumbdown:
  14. rcruz

    confess you lap band sin

    Crap I didn't mean to use the word "mean" I think you hit the nail on the head its' called "tough love" but coming from my point of view, that have had their heart broken time and time again that is all I knew is mean...That is great we have a "collie" type becasue I know I look forward to reading your post almost to the point I use it mostly for education purposes meaning no sugar coat no none of that anymore like that ole saying crap or get off the pot my MOM would say and she would say it now if she were here with me...
  15. rcruz

    confess you lap band sin

    I have to admit in the beginning I thought you were just down right mean...LOL!! But after a while "knowing" you (here on the board) I found to realize if I sit here and read alot of your post it makes TOTAL sense and it even soaks in believe it or not! That is why I give you lots of kuddos LOL!!!
  16. rcruz

    confess you lap band sin

    All though I can say what you just said is 100% SO true but for me I guess I am still in that mode of always having to defend my obesity and this is how "I" deal with it so to say that is why I was so apt to join in and confess my sins! But one day just one day I hope to get the frame of mind you have restless, I am so serious you are a great "tool" yourself to many of us!!!! And it might take you being as stern as you are in this post many times more for "us" to understand or get it..I know for me it might take double but at the same time too am very grateful that you are around to pull us through or rather wake us up give us a swift kick LOL!!! Ok just wanted to say that!
  17. rcruz

    confess you lap band sin

    Heck I will confess...I eat a mini ice cream sandwich at least twice a week! And I am still losing but am not dieting or suffering at the same time does that makes sense?
  18. I eat cereal all the time acutally it's the only thing that keeps me filled in the morning weird huh? Actually I can get stuck or rather is goes down VERY SLOW and even get the gurggling noises when eating it, mainly I think it's because I am tight in the mornings...but over all it keeps me fuller longer now that is wierd. When I ate eggs and sausage yesterday I was hungry again after 3 hours ugh it's confusing and frustrating. I ate cereal this morning and I am still full and it's 1pm already and I ate it at 9am. It really does depend on the person I guess....
  19. rcruz

    Remind me why Pop is bad?

    Restless is right every doctor is different mine said 6 mnths after surgery. I do have the occasional drink of pop and even the whole can if I have that urge. It's not nice going down so that keeps me away most times. Just that craving of the fizz gets to me and I take a drink! But I agree ask yoru doctor...and do what he says. Good Luck!
  20. rcruz

    Sound familiar?

    If your referring to me let me explain myself I don't think nurses should be looked at without fault I know they aren't perfect and are only human just like anyone other I understand that I was just thinking out loud along the lines of "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" and with the position they hold well I feel they should be able to hold back with their comments.
  21. rcruz

    Sound familiar?

    Regardless if they thought she was "fat" or not holding a position like that is very important not to discriminate in no shape or form. Your not always goign to work on PERFECT people, we come in all shpaes and sizes remember?!?!?! Ugh makes me so mad!
  22. rcruz

    What happens when you overeat?

    Gosh I wished I had that support...that is so sweet you have a wonderful hubby! As for the OP when you get to restriction you will know and will NOT want or desire to have the urge to "overeat" you just know if that makes sense. I was harping everyone to "know" what restriction was asking questions as you are it's hard to explain this is one thing you defiantely have to experience and then when you do it's hard to describe to others and they "get it". Good luck!!
  23. rcruz

    Extremely Discouraged!!!

    All I can share is at my 6 months out I had only lost around 35lbs I too was pretty down but you know what a loss is a loss that is all I have to say. i also was not at my restriction level yet either. After the 7th fill HELLO I was there and have been there for the last 6 months and so far have lost a total of 80lbs for my anniversary date. I used to think I was not "keeping up" with others but you have to remember YOU CAN NOT compare your weight loss to others or rather Keep up with anyone, I had to "learn" that myself. Oh and congrats on the cycle YES PCOS is a B(&%* I deal with it myself and yes the cycles will return funny how people tht does not have that problem read that we so welcome AF each month? LOL!! I think your just at a platueau at the moment is all it will get a movin again you will see...GOOD luck! And yes I had the same doctor that woudl not allow me to "Drink" my protein I had to eat it LOL!!
  24. rcruz


    I AM A SLOW loser (one year out) and as I am also trying to convince my friend that she too WILL get to the point of restriction and lose weight I was there and now I am here...75lbs lighter!!!!!!!!!!!! it's normal to be nervous but save this post and come back to it later and you too will think wow if I only knew...LOL!! GOOD LUCK!!! AND if ou want to hear it again NO REGRETS over here!!!!
  25. rcruz

    Finally had surgery...

    Right now your going to hate everything! I get hiccups when I am full or stuck. Also when I have crossed the line my nose start to get runny on me. ALL signs of the band doing it's job I guess.