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  1. I wil be a nervous wreck regardless I am sure but thank you for the re-assurance red and again CONGRATS!!!!!!
  2. AWWW that is so exciting!!! I am or wil be 40 in 2 weeks and am 6 weeks pregnant so that gives me strong hope that I will carry full term and have a healthy baby as well!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. rcruz

    trying to conceive with pcos

    www.soulcysters.com it's a great site for TTC with PCOS it totally dedicated to women with PCOS you will find a home there promise!!!!! Let me know when you get there!!!!
  4. rcruz

    trying to conceive with pcos

    I have PCOS and after a 110lbs lost I started in on seeing an RE as my age was flying by me. Anyway I did have help with clomid and then injections, with one M/C under my belt I am now in my 5th week of pregnancy still early I know but we saw 2 sacs in there, you may need help with having PCOS but it's possible. I am weighing in at 287 right now and prolly gaining becasue I am so humngry I am resorting to some slider foods so I need to get an unfill I think so I don't dlip my band or something...GOOD LUCK to you. Are you a member on Soul Cysters?
  5. OMG this is SOOOOOOOOOOO me right now I feel I can eat everything the desire is always there where as before I got hungry but was satisfied alot faster than I am now I am so worried that I am going to gain alot and I haven't had an unfill yet don't know how I am getting this food down but I am!!! I get stuck sometimes but most I get through but I have been resorting to lots of slider foods I admit that! The scary part is monday they are checking for multiples!
  6. Embarrassed, Ashamed, or mentally tempted, or what is going on with me but I am going through something that is tormenting me emotionally. I have been banded for going on 2 years now I slowly have lost the weight maybe not as fast as some but I have have lost consistantly never have gained and was at a stand still for over 6 months after restriction. But since the weight loss *sorry TMI* I have had my cycles restored and well along with that come the craving of FOOD something I never delt with before, I am blaming it on my cycles and hormones but could that really ring true. I did ask the day before thanksgiving (as a joke) if I could get an unfill to enjoy dinner with the family and the doctor said "sure" and I looked at him like what?!?!? Your giving me permission to get an unfill just to enjoy myself and he said yea and that I could come back for a fill in 2 weeks to get back on track and guess what I did!??!?!? I declined! I was proud of myself but ever since it's been in the back of my mind to just do this this ONE time and get that craving, torment, whatever this is out of my system but I am more scared of losing the restriction and trying to find it again and most of all gaining any and all weight back which is a given if I go back to having no restriction. Please just encourage me not bash me due to this bad mental behavior!!!!
  7. rcruz

    Please someone give me answer quick!

    Ok I had this same issue the other day but yet you said you went to the hopsital right well I was going ot tell you I had a horrible pain and it ended up being my gallbladder and exactly 1 1/2 after being banded...women that have gallbladder pains they feel the pain right between thier breast! Ask then to do a sono and see if you may have stones. I tried to blame the pain on something to do with my band too but it was not!
  8. Gosh I am trying to recall if I felt any different while on clomid but I can't. I really want to wish you lots of luck though I just got my BFP yesterday while 30 minutes away form gallbladder surgery obviously it was cancelled :sad: I am just 5 weeks
  9. Have any of you had problems AFTER the lapband surgery they say it's common...but I had an attack and well now it nees to come out but with that they say it serves a chance of the band getting infected and have to comeo out too and for that I am so scared I still have 75lbs to lose!
  10. rcruz

    Gall bladder surgery

    Yes that is why I waited for the infection to clear up got out of the hospital and on the phone to my surgeon had an appointment a week later!
  11. rcruz

    Gall bladder surgery

    Thanks Parrot however this IS the doctor that works with my Center where I had my lapband surgery, I failed to mention that the doctors (at the hospital) said once they open me with the gall bladder infected the infection will "attack" the forgein object which is the band, the surgeon I have chose followed up with the same info it's something they "have" to advise you but generally eveything will go text book though since I was given antibiotic in the hospital the infection from the stone causing the infection should be cleared up! So I am going in next week to get this out and hoping for a good recovery NO I am PRAYING for a good recovery!
  12. WOW I only looked him up for taking out my gallbladder and YES THE OFFICE STAFF is so mean and rude!!!!!!!! I hung up on her and she called me back at my job!! I guess they have caller ID. I myself for the surgery went to Weight Loss Surgical Center. I love that place it's all right there the office, the OR, everything they are the bestest!!!! they treat you with the utmost one on one care! Sorry about your experience..but I have to add myself to your I DON'T LIKE THAT doctor's office list!!!
  13. O.M.G. I had went into KU over the weekend due to a gall bladder attack! So when I called the WLS Center to ask for a surgeon that can deal withthe Lapband and the gallbladder and experienced they first said this doctor since I was at KU already when I called this morning I got voicemail I got inpatient and called back she answered and I admited to her that I left a voicemail so she could disregard and I explained to her what was going on and who referred me she said that is fine, however we get 100's of calls a day next time you need to wait for me to call you back I SAID ON HELL no I am not going to be talked to like that I hung UP!!!!! Do you know she called me bakc my boss answered and I told her to hang up on that woman I have no time to delaing with ignorance I do now however have an appointment for next monday with a QUALIFIED surgeon and am so glad that I had that experience to let me know this is not a doctor I want to deal with! HIS OFFICE SUCKS AND IS GROSS people to deal with I will find out a way to give him bad points on his office staff watch me!!!!
  14. Poolgirl since your not banded yet I have to tell you as you state "you don't want to push the food through too quickly" I had to laugh because with me haha there is no pushing the food through if "I" were to drink as I eat or accidently take a drink while eating not only does it have NO WHERE to go but it is extremely painful I have to say this no one will ever know what it feels like until they experience it just keep that in mind for when you get your band you will see I used to be like oh that won't happen to me but when you push the limits (and you will we all have) you will see and will come on here to share your experience as well. GOOD luck to you!!!
  15. I drink before myself but it's always right before and that is a problem as liquid takes a minute for me to go down then I go to eat and I am stuck! I have diabetes Insipidus and it's hard not to drink especially when my medicine DOES NOT absorb in my nose and starts to work. The constant dry mouth (hence diabetes) makes me thirsty but with the band you just CAN'T drink during or after I will get sick. I have learned to live like this it's weird to think back I remember when...lol My doctor has told me 30 minutes before NO DRINKING do I listen no :laugh: but because I am so darn thirsty all the time..darn diabetes! I personally don't see a problem cuz as you stated restless, it goes down it doesn't stay in the pouch!
  16. rcruz

    "More To Love" on Fox Network

    YEP I see your point but then at the same time goes to show he is truely looking out for his interest if he likes them or not, will they be a good wife or not. And weight has nothing to do with it. I guess.
  17. rcruz

    "More To Love" on Fox Network

    I have seen it and even have it recorded but have not seen the second episode. While I agree with all you ladies that they are blaming not being able to get a man becasue of their weight in most cases are true. Alot of Ooese women are still in the "mode" of not being wanted by SOCIETY, let alone a MAN it was "our" life or at least a couple times it has happened to me. I have lost 75lbs and I can honeslty say that I don't see a difference at all and have actually slipped back into my bad habits!! I am married so it's not becasue of a MAN not wanting me. I don't know I agree they are whinning alot but maybe that is the emotion part of this show to get popularity..I don't know. But i do think several of these women do have low self esteem I know I did/do at times even now.
  18. rcruz

    8.2 fill no restriction

    I actually have 8.7cc in my 9cc realize band and have kept the restriciton for 8 months and just now beginning to lose the restriction or just fell off the wagon ugh! SO I might go get it tweeked!
  19. When I got mine checked I infact DID NOT have the 10cc in there but you say you have been checked so I am very surprised your filled so much and have no restriction....WOW!!
  20. rcruz

    More fill with Fluro?

    I agreed with having a great surgeon not because one can do it WITHOUT fluro but because they use the fluro makes them look like they want you to understand and "see" what exactly you have inside there it does make sense and I enjoy it every time myself I have never had a fill "not under fluro" so I don't know what it's like, the doctor knowing when enough is enough...by using the "blind eye so to say" BUT I SO AGREE WITH YOU!!!!
  21. rcruz

    More fill with Fluro?

    EXACTLY!!!! :biggrin:
  22. rcruz

    More fill with Fluro?

    Yea it makes you at ease much more when you "see" what is going on I know it has helped me alot!!
  23. rcruz

    Could it be possible?

    Ok I didn't go get a fill I could barely eat this weekend so I decided not to get a fill only to get an unfill. So I will wait it out and see. I am going to go and let him look at my band under fluro tommorow jsut tomake sure nothing is wrong I thought that was nice!!!!!
  24. Ok so I have had good restriction since Dec 08. My last fill brought me to 8.7cc in my realize band of 9ccs. I am eating a bit more than usual and even gained back like 10lbs. Could it be pssible that I need a small fill to bring me back. I mean I guess I had thought once I reached my restriction I would always keep it, it's been 8 months now and feeling like I have no control or at least the control I used to have. I even at a piece of bread last night something I could never do prior!! I am confused.
  25. I took the surgery off my taxes last year does that count? LOL!!!!!!