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  1. Although this is what I always wanted but I have NO appetite today whatsoever! And it's driving me crazy I feel like I did just one day after surgery, thing is I don't want my body to like start to store fat and all that jazz. I forced myself to eat 4 crackers with Peanut Butter and that seemed to like to the fill up my tummy tum tum! I feel like I have eaten a buffet or something my stomach is saying DON'T you dare put anything in me!!!!! I drank on bottled Water, and that is all I can feel I can take. Question: Is this how restriction feels? If so I sure don't want to be filled aggressively the frist time I do know that. Or can it be just one of those days?
  2. I ordered some whey Protein just waiting to get it :smile: I ate eggs last night only one and some refriend Beans and got full fast. I need to find some good mushie foods that I am able to eat. I need to find a drink that I like, your right!! I am now drinking Crystal light and KO protein Water, propel and just plain water. Those Protein shakes don't settle with me too well, I'd rather have water vs them. Which is the reason I ordered the protein viles.
  3. rcruz

    Have ladies noticed that time of month

    I just posted about this in the PCOS section. I had some spotting on the day of and even some brownish spotting a few days after and then it went away I brushed it off becasue if you know anything about PCOS that is how it works! Anyway I have had severly sore boobs for the last 3 days I mean so sore to touch! And this morning I am experiencing lots of cramping ugh!!!! I know I wanted to have a normal life pre-PCOS but not having to deal with periods was nice, so I have yet to be able to join this thread full fledged becasue AF has not shown her face litterly yet! But soon I will have to join you all I think
  4. I am curious myself hope we get some responses!!!
  5. rcruz

    Being banded tomorrow

    Good luck ladies!!!!!!
  6. rcruz

    I am I the only Failure

    That to me was just plain wrong over 8lbs!!!! I am sorry I would look for another surgeon. My surgeon only required I not eat anything after midnight!!! I was so floored after reading so many have to go on weeks of pre-op diets. I even went on liquids the day before becasue I couldn't understand why eveyone had else had a diet and I didn't it scared me into doing it because everyone else did just to be sure!!!! And I came out just great! Oh he did ask that I lose a "few" lbs before the surgery but since I was self pay the surgery was scheduled quickly and did not give me enough to lose those "few" lbs but I was able to proceed!!! Good luck in finding a new surgeon if that is your plan!
  7. And I mean ITCHING!!!! I am going nuts over there, I can not stop itching around my incisions! I mean it's really bad no kididng I called the on call nurse and he told me to use a triple anti-biotic cream but that DOES NOT HELP with the itching!!! What could this be???? The pharmacist said I could have had an allergic reaction to the tape since it's itches only where the take was but it's really bad and I know I have said it many times in this small post but anyone have any ideas maybe topical benedryl?????
  8. rcruz


    Well of course my spreaded to ALL my incisions so that is why I figure that I muxt be allergic to something like the tape or something. I used Bebedryl cream anti-itch and it has worked, over night I didn't itch once. Let's just hope it stay that way I was in heck the frist few days. Thanks everyone!
  9. rcruz

    2nd week liquid ideas

    You have a great list. I have already done the soups and blended them in the blender and they were great. I am still full of gas I don't have that I lost and can tell yet. I mean 19lbs was alot but most of my clothes were cotton and stretch so maybe that's why I can't tell. Good luck hope people come along and give great ideas!!!
  10. rcruz

    I lost weight

    CONGRATS ISmith!!!! Iwas banded on the 26th and I have lost 14lbs but I don't think I am drinking right or enough. I feel fine I called the doctor when it reached 13lbs and she siad ti was normal?!?!?!?:sneaky:Then again today I lost anohter pound I think with my Diabetes Insipidus (water diabetes) it was mostly water though. Are you still swollen in the tummy like your still looking fat there? I am and I hate it why can't the stomach go first?!?!?!?!?! Either way congrats we are well on our way!
  11. Ok this will be long but I have to explain. I have Diabetes Insipidus. It a rare form of diabetes, it's called the Water diabetes. It falls in the catorgory of diabetes because of the symptoms of thirst and frequent trips to the bathroom. I have had it since age 11 and I am now 38 years old. I got it from head trauma. I fell down 4 flights of stairs and landed on concrete, went to the hospital got only 14 stitches and thought that was it. Nope 2 years later I started drinking HUGE amounts of water started out 2-3 gallons a night and I never caculated the day time but it could be about the same. With the getting up to go to the restroom every hour at night it affected my sleep, then my school time, and of course daily activities. I would turn the heat up to 90 and put my blanket over the register because I was cold. All the symptoms of Diabetes but what kind if not sugar right. Well that was the 2 week hospital stay to find out. After a specialist was brought from out of town they found out it was diabetes insipidus, since I was so young the doctor expalined it to me like this :thumbup: there is a little man in your head and when he is awake he is telling you, you are thirsty very thirsty but when you spray this medicine in your nose it travels to your brain/head and puts the lil man to sleep and then you won't drink or go to the bathroom so much. (yes for years I thought there was a lil man there LOL) So in short I can drink becasue sometimes if I have mucus in my nose and I take my medicine sometimes it won't take affect becasue it has to absorb in that bone in my nose...so here's my problem..... Since surgery my medicine has worked half the time so I am very thirsty and I can drink to the point of throwing up before all this but I was satisfied right, well now I can't I have to think about the band and it's slippage. No one really understands what this feels like unless they have this desease. I try to control it but it's so hard. Getting liquids down is not a problem it the massive amounts when my medicine does not take affect Ugh! Should I consult the Endo doctor and make him aware of me getting banded maybe he might know something. I did find that there was a pill form maybe I might look into that. Ok just wanted to share was all.
  12. rcruz

    I Had A Cupcake :-(

    Can I say this board is amazing OMGawd! Instead of beating one up you support them just as well. This is what I was telling my friends on the way home (but trying to translating it in spanish) when you fall off the wagon your legs are not broke get up hop back on and go forward!!!! :thumbup:
  13. A lil FYI- Excessive urination and extreme thirst (especially for cold Water and sometimes ice or ice water) are typical for DI. Symptoms of diabetes insipidus are quite similar to those of untreated diabetes mellitus, with the distinction that the urine is not sweet as it does not contain glucose and there is no hyperglycemia (elevated blood glucose). Blurred vision is a rarity. Signs of dehydration may also appear in some individuals since the body cannot conserve much (if any) of the water it takes in. The extreme urination continues throughout the day and the night. In children, DI can interfere with appetite, eating, weight gain, and growth as well. They may present with fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. Adults with untreated DI may remain healthy for decades as long as enough water is drunk to offset the urinary losses. However, there is a continuous risk of dehydration. And I have 1 of the 4 types Central DI Central diabetes insipidus is due to damage to the hypothalamus or pituitary due to a tumor, stroke, neurosurgery or some rather rare causes (which include hemochromatosis, sarcoidosis, histiocytosis, diseases that can form masses in the vicinity like a tuberculoma or syphilis and some genetic disorders). If the hypothalamus is damaged, the feeling of thirst may be completely absent.
  14. hormonal issue? No it's from head trauma. The replacement I take is hormonal medication but it can't be fixed the damage is already done. I think I will call the Endo doctor. It's good though that they are mentioning DI to newer students do you know how many times I had to explain DI to a doctor :thumbup: :thumbup:
  15. I think everyone is different. I mean if it works fo ryou then so be it. I would have done the same thing it even has crossed my mind but I am feeling like I have eaten a buffet 24/7 and can barely get water down But I will live. Good luck!
  16. I had my surgery on 6/26 and I am not going back until 7/7 I took a whole week and what 2 days so what I so need it. I had a hard time coming out of this surgery and I so need the rest. Besides the 4th of July is a paid holiday for me so I took the whole week. I say too listen to your body I went to Walmart yesterday and got a few things and I had to tell my driver to lets go I was tired and a little nausea. For some they bounce back hard and happy but for me Ha! i am just on my way bouncing back LOL!!! Good luck!
  17. WE HAD THE SAME DOCTOR!!! :wink_smile:
  18. Thank you everyone! I was banded at Weight Loss surgical Center in Overland Park. I forgot cream of chicken was a full liquid I might try that later this afternoon. Thanks for all the advice. I don't do good withthe shakes I know stupid of me but is that KO protien Water a good one. What kind of Vitamin can you suggest? Chewable of course.
  19. Hello fellow Kansan, I am from KC too. I was banded on the 26th of June and I am 5 days post op and can't get enough water. I have Diabetes Insipidus so therefore water is my best friend and I get scared I will drink too much so I have been suffering a bit of not being able to drink what I want well the amount I want. Anyway good luck! Hope we can keep in touch!
  20. Hey there Skinnie I had a major problem with coming out of the surgery but I am almsot over that and yes the gas is a apain but walking and burping are helping alot. I lost 11lbs already I was heavy alot on friday so they ordered me some supostories to calm the nausea and vomiting. And i have a bit of soreness around the port area hurts to sit and go to the bathroom when trying to clean ugh! And so today is day 5 and I am feeling a lil better I will be taking the week off it's a 4 dayer anyway might as well. You take care. Keep in touch!!! Rhonda

  21. rcruz

    Not gonna weigh myself!!

    I weighed my self and befroe I went in I weighed 364 I am 4 days post op and I am now weighing in at 353. I am having a hard time coming out of this surgery it was a horrible experience if you ask me medically wise that is OR I am weak either way I am done and hopefully moving on to a better and healthier life. I will try and not weigh myself either just yesterday got me curious! I go this week on thursday for the first appointment then after I weigh there it will be monthly for me or I will try LOL!!!! Good luck!
  22. Hey there Kizzie sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. But I see your not a happy camper. I have an incision right under my left boob too but it's not my port! I can't imagine how you feel I really hope things get better for you. me well I am having a hard time coming or rather adjusting after the surgery! Keep us updated ok. Take care.
  23. Ok I am going out to get some and I am able to go to Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS so can someone give me a name of some good ones. I never, ever have drank one so I need a good tasting one so I can stick to it!!!! Can someone help me out. I am not a fan of chocolate I like vanilla mostly and are there other flavors? Thanks so much!!!!
  24. rcruz

    And so it begins...

    Hey skinnie we are in the same boat I am also being banded on Thursday and am as nervous as heck right now! We should keep in touch because we are riding in the same boat. Wel will make it through just fine!!! See you on the losers bench!!!!