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  1. Ok I am not going to spill my guts because at this moment I am not up to listening to anyone jump on my case of I am wrong this and that...so what I am going to tell and ask are 2 different things ok. I am only going to tell you is I am weak I am 4 weeks out I am hungry and I have eaten things I should not have! Which brings me to the question of when you get fills do they curb that appetite too, or do you have to have just as much will power as I SO NEED right now????? I am not saying completely shut my hunger down but the fills do help in that department right please tell me it does becasue I sure do not want to be PB'ing all the time!!!! AND I need help in the hunger dept. Ok I am ready! Oh my first fill is not until July 31st :cool2:
  2. Single packets, have you found that you can't use the whole packet I can't with any flavor they are toooooooooooooo sweet. I love the lemonade ones but can only use 1/2 the packet in a 16oz bottle.
  3. Thank you Hoosier! I need to do someting I am going to go crazy or rather I feel like I am. I do have the Whey Protein 42gr. I drink everyday! Ok I just have to get through this!
  4. I think I will break them up too I find myself not wanting to EAT at all right now so since this morning I have not eaten like I am stuffed kind feeling and this came after I drank the protein.
  5. rcruz

    Crystal Light On The Go

    I might have to try the walmart brand too I didn't see them but then again I wasn't looking for nothing but Crystal-lite! i did order some on line though so it might be a while before I check into the walmart brand.
  6. Thank you Gayle. I am just tryign to get the most protein for myself I can't do cottage cheese and foods I don't like if that mkaes sense.
  7. What are they called Jodi becasue I did not find them for the life of me at walmart!!! maybe I should call???
  8. Jodi where do you get those??? Can you help me out. But do the ones you have (26 grams) make you feel kinda full for a while?
  9. Ok so I think I posted in the wrong forum...but these are the New Whey liquid protein and well I feel like soooooooooooooooo stuffed right now over filled if you may. Ugh are they suppose to make you feel like this?
  10. It differs I was off a week and I have a desk job but the physical part after the surgery HAS HAS NOTHING to do with it. I had a hard time coming out of Ansestia (sp?) and in general getting around. Kuddos those of you that bounced back but for me it was like living in slow motion for about 4 days only until then did I start to feel better. Good luck!
  11. rcruz

    Crystal Light On The Go

    WOW thanks for the web stie I was getting them at walmart for $2.50 a box of 10, so far I like the lemonade and tried the classic orange but it is supppppppper sweet!!!!!
  12. rcruz

    New guy from Cincinnati

    Yes the pain will go away and yes it hurts to bend or move in a way you have to learn for the first week or so to be very patient and not jump up like we used to. Good luck!!
  13. I think it is a diet thing, I have a friend that i was telling that I really liked the sugar free popcicles and she told me if you tell me I can have all of them I want vs only 3 of the real thing I'd rather take the real thing and this is coming from a lady whom has lost 185lbs to date with Lap band. I am sure she was very strict with other things but not with some. So I am with you go with what you feel is best but with moderation is all. Good Luck!!!!!
  14. That is what I did I felt I wanted to just sit in water and of course the water never came close to my incisions. The hot water helped with the gas discomfort if that makes sense. Those were the words of my Dr. to not soak in water meaning the incisions basically. Good luck!!
  15. rcruz

    I knew it would happen but...

    Well I think you answered my question or suspecting it had to be a reason. Thanks!!!!!
  16. WELL SAID!! There is always a way something can be said and taken the right way in regards of advice and not being mr or mrs know it all!!! Thanks I took that advice too!!!!!:thumbup:
  17. That is why I can't bring myself to judge or yell at one whom are making mistakes we all have minds of our own and will do what we want no matter what. Just to give you ONE MORE example of this person's frame of mind...and this is off topic sorry.... But I have had ups and downs with my marriage and even infeldelity had taken place and well even though we tell our friends that we are done this and that our true feelings sometimes are in hiding and did you know she had the gull to tell me that "she" would not put up with a man cheating on her and will not support that BUT AT THE SAME time sleep with a married man and that was suppose to be ok?!?!?! That is is when I realized umm this is not the kind of support I need or want. Go figure!
  18. I had the same problem I used Benedryl it helped some...good luck!
  19. Oh I know you didn't say you couldn't do it I just wanted to root for ya was all. I hope the "panties" comment didn't offend you I guess I should have said stand up brush off the dust and move forward. And I would love to meet you! I am in KCK!!!
  20. This is the VERY reason I NEVER share my downfalls with others especially the sucessful bandsters. No offense to them of course they are trying to help but from a personal experience that I had with one, that just so happens to be a friend she started over 400lbs right??? Ok she got the band never really followed the rules did what she wanted and STILL LOST WEIGHT yay her!!!!! (She deserved it we all do) but right before my banding we were talking (I was looking for support) and she had the nerve to tell me or rather suggest to me "all you have to do is eat right, and exercise I really don't think you need the band just EAT RIGHT" this came from a lady that just that morning got a fill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so appaulled and needless to say will never turn to her for support AGAIN, my point is some that have made it seem to FORGET where they came from it's so easy to do. I told ALL MY FRIENDS if I start acting like that REMIND me where I came from which was a 379lbs body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look at it like this dealing with my religion (being catholic) the one thing I don't have to do is confess my sins to the father of the church, there is only one FATHER that I confess my sins to and the is GOD! So that being said you looking for support was great admitting what you did let it be known your going to get that few people that go by the book and they will correct you, yell at you, or just plain tell you the truth and we all know sometimes that hurts!!! So I agree with the poster that suggested put your big panties on and move ahead you can do it!!! From one Kansan to another
  21. rcruz


    I'm sorry I had to LOL at that one!! I am sure they will go away. Around our house it's normal to pass gas, i try to be descreet but since surgery I can't help to pass it, it hurts to much to run and hide and do it they just have to accept it for now. :thumbs_down:
  22. I would have and should have stayed out for the 2 weeks I planned on but my boss was being a real B****!!!! So I came back after ONE week. I had a hard time coming out of anstesia, and I tell ya when they say you feel like a truck hit you, well that is hitting the nail on the head IN MY CASE anyway! Good luck you will do fine getting past oh say the first 4 days you will forget the previous days even happen :thumbs_down: Good luck!!!!!!
  23. Ummmm ditto!!!! :thumbup: I am sure the answer is no :thumbs_down:
  24. I think your right everyone and every ones doctor is different. I mean I didn't even have a pre-op diet only no eating after midnight and I was fine. I was able to start mushies one week to the day after surgery per my doctor no mention of a slip or it might hurt me :confused2: so who knows?!?!?! Today I am not feeling like eating either maybe just working too much! I am going to eat some Soup though for lunch even if I have to force myself a little bit just to get something in my tummy I mean it's growling but I am not hungry!!!!!