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  1. Barb I am so sorry your feeling thsi way. I am on the other hand the total opposite I mean when I am stressed I will NOT eat, or if I am upset I will NOT eat. I am having marriage problems and yesterday I hardly ate at all which I think is worse my body starts to go in starvation mode :smile: It's a catch 22 for me at times! I hope things get better for you. For me after my 2.7 fill I have no restriction at all :wub: so I have to wait till my next fill I guess, I keep saying this is a PROCESS and I have to deal with it is all...good luck to all of you!!!
  2. So it may be becasue I am in Bandster Hell and eating what I want and not seeing the end of the tunnel. I sit here and think how do these people lose the weight, if all it takes is the will power to eat right and eat the right foods then why couldn't this be done pre-surgery?!?!?!?!?!?!?! So then I think ok the band must really help alot, but what if you are a picky eater like I am, will I fail because I can't eat the "right" things. Or is the band really going to crack down on the portion control. Being in bandster hell has really got me depressed thinking this cannot work for me in in turn making feel like maybe I made a bad decision for myself. I go for my FIRST fill next week worried of what it is going to feel like, I want to be able to eat and feel full, I mean actually feel full without eating a whole plate! this is work I am telling you. But as I read someones blog this morning she stated the band is in place but without a fill I am not going to actually start my journey of losing weight until then, it's like having a flat tire on a car it won't move until it is fixed and has air in it. So having a fill is alot different I am sure please re-assure me that when I get fills my appetite will be less or how is this going to work. Encouragement needed over here can you tell????? :biggrin:
  3. Gosh I was just thinking that I mean it's hard to eat right after all these years eating the way I wanted. I feel like a faliure already!!! I want to eat too, I try and stay away from those thoughts but it seems that this Lap band is all i think about!!!
  4. Well I just had mine yesterday and I only got 2.7 ccs in mine. And I feel the same! Kind of discouraging becasue I want to know what it feels like when you have restriction. I am not sure what the next fil will be how many ccs that is. I would call your doctor and ask what it could be the pain. Good luck! Keep us posted ok!
  5. You got it!!! Yea but I want another one LOL! I want to lose this weight I gained 5lbs and he was like that is completely normal I was so scared that is why I didn't eat, but he was like no you are fine when your band starts to work and you don't lose then we will worry but right now you have nothing in there it's completely normal!!! ( that was before the fill) Thanks everyone!
  6. I have no idea what I should be drinking can someone give me some ideas. I have been on water and maybe 6 table spoons of broth and 2 popcicles for that last 5 days I need ideas I am feeling kind of weak. Even to to point of hungry. I have lost 11lbs since 5 days ago. YIKES!!!
  7. I know that chicken is used alot for the protein and also fish. But my question is, (I am sure I know thew answer) but the breaded kind of fish is a no no right? And what about chicken should it always be skinless too?
  8. YOU and I are on the same page I think how neat LOL!! I go in 2 days I am so nervous!
  9. rcruz

    Protein Bullets?

    Gosh JODI I am forever looking for them at walmart and can't find them I might have to call and ask them to order some. I have ordered some on line the same kind and I mix them in Gatorade orange flavor. I bet the fruit punch taste good, I just tried fruit punch crystal and all I have to say is YUM YUM, I just can't get a whole bottle down it makes me feel real ugly in my tummy!! So I will only drink a half bottle and save the rest for later. So to answer your question yes that is what they look like and they are kind of thick I could not drink it straight but I do only half becasue of the advice here saying our bodies only absorb 20mg at a time so that is what I do now.
  10. What I am scared of is the feeling of being hungry and not being able to eat slow something I need to learn.
  11. Thank you ladies! I really like the baked fish sticks and as I know it's good protein (fish) I wanted to make sure it was ok with it having an outter breading. I can only eat like 5-6 pieces but after my fill who knows I'll only be down to like maybe 2-3 ???? Who knows. The chicken I can find many ways to fix that.
  12. WEll the only kind of fish I am able to get down is the Vandcamps oven baked fish sticks like is what I mean. The chicken well I will just have to find new ways of cooking lots of chicken.
  13. I SURE WILL!!!!!!!:smile2: :ohmy:
  14. Thank you SUNthat makes total sense!!! I will try to keep this in mind until next thursday!!!!! Thank you so much!! I am not having a very good day I am crying alot I wonder whats wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?
  15. Yes I am having a day like you did yesterday very emotional, not because I can't eat becasue I can but becasue I feel as if I am a failure before I even have had a chance mainly becasue I am eating what I want right now and thinking is this really going to work? I try to be strong and have that willpower but I was expecting help and until I get it I guess I will continue to think I am a faliure! Hopefully next week will bring better days as I am scheduled for a my first fill!!!
  16. WOW someone that feels exactly like me. Thank GOD!!! I am so there with you!!! we need to email eachother! :biggrin:
  17. Good luck! take care and keep us posted ok!
  18. rcruz

    realize band vs lap band

    Just because it's been around longer doesn't say it's better. I would say the Realize band has been approved for a reason (it works just as good) I guess you would say. I chose the Realize band for several reasons. But my doctor said exactly that, they work the same. He gave me a choice why? I am not sure..but I did chose the Realize band the day of surgery matter of fact.
  19. I am sorry but you COULD not possibly drive after surgery! If you try your could do yourself and maybe others harm. Your going to be droggie afterwards I know I was I couldn't even remember going to my car but I knew when I was home. I didn't go back to work for a week and it was a well spent vacation time you need rest and relaxation. But then that's a personal decision. GOOD LUCK! Yoru not the only one the diet pills ran across my mind too.
  20. So I ordered some and it's so thick I have to add it to the gatorade do yo think it will give me the full 42grams even if mixed?
  21. I don't have bumps but very very dry patches now :thumbdown: around my mouth and on my cheeks! I wonder what it could be?
  22. I laughed not at the situation but becasue THAT IS EXACTLY how I had to do it because of the burning sensation I got trying to sit and wipe so I got up hiked that leg up and did what I had to do!
  23. rcruz


    I AM SO right there with you!!!! I have gained back 5lbs and am very depressed and hungry, very hungry!! And I am getting frustrated....
  24. I didn't slim but I know yesterday I waited too long to eat and when i did I felt like an over stuffed cow and it was painful so I had to lay down for like 3 hours before it subsided. I even went to bed without eating and this monring running late I didn't even grab anything to eat at all and here it is noon already and am not leaving from work till 1:45 not a very good schedule here, I did have some peanut butter and crackers but let's just say I needed an egg or something not that crap! I am stuck here at work till then too UGH!!! I feel ya though!
  25. I've seen many attacks as you call them that is why I upfront in this post didn't want any negative responses because honestly I am going through major changes and the truth is I am not handling it very well. So with that said... I do use the protien in my Water everyday! It's helps. I really appreciate all the positive things I feel a lil better today I just want these cravigns to go away and the hunger to go right with it!!! Ugh sorry I am just ranting!