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  1. rcruz

    Needle Phobia

    I am right there with you!!! I hate needles I get the hot flash and the sick to my stomach feeling everytime, this last time though I asked for the numbing stuff and layed there and thought ALRIGHT Rhonda this is for the good and just thought good thoughts of my next size jeans this and that, all good thoughts and this time I refused to look at the monitor I think that is what makes me so sick to my stomach. Also we were talking so much, he was asking did the water go down, this and that, that I forgot the needle was in there because we were concentrating on the goal of that visit do you get my drift? I know it's hard because I can't even give blood without getting all flushed nervous and down right ill feeling but if you continue to think of the outcome it helps alot!!!! GOOD luck!! And yes under fluro well they have hit it everytime!
  2. rcruz

    My 2nd fill and...

    Thank you ladies appreciate it! I am still eatign the same way although I do fill up alot faster. I still am not sure if I have restriction although I woke up starving Sunday morning and grabbed a sandwich and guess what I got that golf ball feeling oh my gosh it hurt!!!! And I chewed!!!! So maybe it's coming. LOL!
  3. I only got 1.5ccs. I don't feel different other than this morning I am not starving like usual. I did drink a glass of milk and water, plus some peanuts and I am fine. I have not eaten food, food. But I will see tonight when I try some regular food. I don't think I am going to feel any different. I only lost 1lb in a month! Hopefully this helps a lil bit?????
  4. Funny after I had this surgery my burps are more like lil airy burps, I can't get a man burp out at all!!!
  5. Me too my built n straw is convient for me. I do feel that I do get a little bit of air but try my best to BURP BURP BURP LOL!!!! Plus my cup is measured at 48oz and i drink one of those in the 8 hours I am at work!!!
  6. rcruz

    weight loss with realize

    Well your defiantely ahead of me we have the same date and I have only lost 16lbs :thumbup: I go for my next fill next this thursday!!!
  7. I had this 1 day after surgery and I too was concerned about the band and stitches so I called the doctor and they gave me sopostories (sp) feeling was gone in like 30 minutes I would call the doctor!!!
  8. This is what I can't understand is if AFTER you get the band and your one lucky one that does not need fills and just knowing you have the band makes you eat right and some how find the strength and WILLPOWER to change your eating habits then why go through the surgery, don't get me wrong I praise those of you that can and are able to lose the weight without fills but I guess I am confused as to what does the surgery do to really make you change just knowing you have the band in place???? I know it's a tool and not a miracle, but I find it hard to eat right after being able to eat anyway I wanted for 38 years what makes one WAKE up and eat right after surgery if it can be done on your own?
  9. rcruz

    I am stumped!

    I understand and forgive me for repeating it again so why does one need the surgery I guess I ask becasue it's like I have not lost since surgery, my tool to me in NOT working of course you'll say I am in bandster hell until I get more fills but my question is if you can change your life because your tired of being fat already then why go through the surgery the band does help right? I am in bandster hell I guess and gettign depressed thinking I have spent all this money and my tool has not helped me to even help myself at this point.
  10. rcruz

    Fluoro Fill Fear

    I think you will appreciate the Fluro they will see and possibly only poke you once this time. I of course had the numbing stuff so for it it was painless!!!! Good luck! I bent one needle :thumbup:
  11. That is what I always thought too I mean it goes right through to the bottom pouch is how I have it imagined in my head. I can see the after eating DO NOT DRINK but the before. I am constantly watching the clock!!
  12. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! George that was wrong I surely did not see where she was rude in any way actually I took it as if she was basically saying kuddos to you if your able to do it without fills but the majority of us prolly will need that extra help. But that was uncalled for...
  13. rcruz


    Hello fellow Kansan, I went through them but I was self pay. they seemed on top of things to me too. But on thier defense it could be the Insurance company that is draggin their feet. I wish you all the luck inthe world they took very good care of me afterwards. Very strict on the getting up and walk after surgery I was mad but not at them LOL!!!:wink2:
  14. rcruz

    ** NEW ** Kansas Bander

    I am from Kansas too and I had my surgery around the same time (mine June 24th) and have had only 1 fill and I am stuck just like you NO WEIGHT LOSS and lots of discouragement!!!! Keep up the slow loss but I am like you too I had different dreams of this band!!!
  15. I AM NOT A NEEDLE PERSON and I have had one fill I think I worked myself up more than I should have. I got numbing meds and of course I got sweaty and worked up just watching the screen and I can feel the needle inside it was a weird feeling is all and I was lucky to have the needle bent while going in too....but he pulled it out and I would have perfered him not to have even told me I wouldn't have even known and all would have been better. BUT over all it DOES NOT HURT I did it to myself now my next fill I know what to expect and I feel that I will do TONS better and be more relaxed. IT DOES NOT HURT!!!!!!!! Trust me I am the biggest baby when it comes to needles I faitn at giving blood go figure!!!!!
  16. GOSH so soon. I am only 2 weeks post op and here I sit with the most horrible cramps. I have not had a period in forever and the day of surgery I was spotting the ole brownish stuff but like always brushed it off as PCOS working at it's best! Anyway my breast have been extremely sore another side affect I never experienced! I have lost 15lbs and I know that with losing weight PCOS can be put under control but damn this is fast! Not unless with taking the metformin it was beginning to work it's self out on it's own I don't know. But my question how long after surgery did your cycles come back normally?
  17. Ok as it has been stated before they ARE the exact same thing and deliver the same results! I chose the realize band for different and personal reasons. I liked the lower profile port, and the fact that the realize band doesn't have a thick hard plastic around the outside. It just looked more attractive to me if you will. BUT that is the only reasons not becasue one "worked" better than the other. I even asked my doctor whichone he suggests and he told me that he put one in his daughter and one in his son and both got excellent results! Hope that hleps!
  18. Ok I am like a week out from getting my first fill and as I expected I am still eating what I want and how I want although I try to eat right it never happens it's like walking again you have to learn. But with no restriction I am eating basically what I want. Well today I was being bad, ( I am about to have a visitor sorry tmi) and I wanted so bad a double decker taco from taco bell. I got one and ate it chewing very carefully (becasue I still try and practice that :thumbup:. Anyway I am feeling like it's stuck in my throat/chest and it's not painful just uncomfrotable and this is the first time I have felt this. Is that restriction?
  19. Steph I don't take offense that is what this place is for, infact I thank you for keeping me on track or at least seeing that I need some guidence. I have kept my portions down! It's just at times I get this urge to eat something I shouldn't and I fall and will fall prolly again and will have to pick myself up again is all. I needed to vent and hear what you said to me which was make better choices and get me arse into gear!!! Thank you!!!
  20. rcruz

    how can you tell if food is stuck?

    This is exaclty what I was feeling earlier and people were staying that you could be stuck. The feeling has been with me for almost 3 hours now Like you said it doesn't hurt it's just uncomfortable is all. I think maybe you ate too fast or didn't chew well I am just thinking I am new too!
  21. rcruz

    is this stuck

    Ok I just posted becasue I had the same question. I am having uncomfortable-ness feeling in my throat I know I chewed but I think not enough I was hungry I am not going to lie and this is my first time and I know I will remember next time dang it, it's been there for an hour now and it's uncomfortable like I need to burp but can't.
  22. Sorry about you getting stuck it must feel horrible but if it's anything like this I think I will try harder to get this right. I was hungry I am not going to lie. But I did chew alot but maybe not enough. It's still there an hour later I wonder when it will go down I have taken a few sips of crystal lite and it seems to be going down but not that going down feeling anotherwards it's not coming back up yet....
  23. rcruz

    2nd fill chest pain/pbing

    I have to say congrats! You look great!!!
  24. rcruz

    2nd fill experience

    WOW I hope mine goes just as well. Did you get your fill lying down? That is how my doctor does it and I just don't know. I did get a drink of water sitting up and all was well. Just curious is why you have to lay down maybe because of the needle sticking out of ya?!?! LOL!!!
  25. It wasn't that bad I did start to sweat as I watched on the monitor. I can't do needles even when the area is numbed. Well as he was going in he bent the needle that was so embarrassing, and he said that its ok it happens all the time I was like yea right. So he started off with 3.5cc and he asked me to swallow Water, but weird thing is I was lying down how is water suppose to go right down ward?!?!?!?!?!? Well it felt like it was stuck in my throat, so he took it down to 3ccs, nope same thing water felt like it came back up, then he took it to 2.7ccs and I felt it go down and not come back or stay in my throat. So there you have it only 2.7ccs for my first fill I felt it should be more :biggrin: but he knows, he's the doctor. Doesn't 2.7ccs sound like it's a small fill????? I don't know maybe i am beign to agressive on myself?? Thing is i didn't eat since this morning and I didn't eat lunch so needless to say I am starving and my stomach is growling and I mean growling my friends that went with me could hear it in the car that was embarrasing!! All i can eat now is Clear liquids until tomorrow but I am so hungry but now know there is no way I am going to eat and get stuck on my very first fill!!!! Ok there you have it my fill experience...