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  1. rcruz

    Why so expensive?

    they say $250.00 but I am not sure if that's for already patients or not. I am very upset it cost so much to have the surgery (if your self pay) and then to maintain it, it gets worse ugh!!!
  2. I LAUGHED out loud at that remark I think I will use your line tomorrow if the dr. gives me some slack about gaining...but them I get scared he will say ok and fill me to the max :girl_hug:
  3. rcruz

    Fill in Kansas City

    I would say so I wonder why it's so expensive I mean it's a lil needle with Water in it Omgosh....I called the Surgical Center and they are $250 a little less but still what the heck is the reason a "fill" is so expensive?!?!?!?!?
  4. rcruz

    Fill in Kansas City

    YES YES YES they do them kind of on the expensive side but hey, call them. I go fo rmy 3rd on tomorrow the place is a nice place.
  5. rcruz

    Fill in Kansas City

    I am not sure if the weight loss surgical center will do fills but you can call and ask them. the number is 913-541-0230 Good luck.
  6. I am soooooooooo depressed today I got on the scale and it said I gained 5lbs. I am so mad at my self. I am only 3 months out and I have not lost any weight and then I gain????? I don't even want to go to my fill this thursday scared of what the doctor will think of me. FAILURE is the only thing I can think of!!! All I do all day is think of what I am going to eat, how much is too much, and if it will make me full so I won't struggle with that hunger feeling. I'ts like I ask how do you all do it, go from eating what you want, then have the band and all of a SUDDEN YOU CAN push yourself from the table and have that WILL POWER?!?!?!??!?! I can't do it. I have ZERO restriction of course, so therefore thinking I can't do this. To top it all off I call my hubby and I tell him I feel bloated (havent' had my cycle at all this month) and that I gained weight and he tells me well you have been eating alot like before that sent me into tears and crying and thinking what the heck do I have to do??????
  7. rcruz

    June 9th, 2008

    YOU look so good girl!!! What's your secret?!?!?! Great job!!!!
  8. Thank you everyone! Lori a special thanks to you!!!!! Any menu ideas that may fill one up even in bandster hell???
  9. rcruz

    New here...

    Glad to see you here Laura, I am in Kansas City Kansas and mine was done by the weight loss surgical center...Good luck!!!
  10. That was cute, true but cute I mean yes you could have just laid into that person but you didn't for that I am proud of you Bj. I haven't had any fast food but I have not been good lately. I was going to say spasm too. Good luck I would suggest you ask your doctor. And don't give that french fry the time of day ok!!!! Get back on track, you can do it!!!!!
  11. Dolphin I am right there with you!! I am gettign very discouraged! I go for my 3rd fill this thursday I hope he gets a lil agressive this time Ugh!!
  12. This is what I am going to do this thursday I understand my doctor wants to go slow and I respect that but at the same time I am getting frustrated I even started thinking I prolly don't even have a band in there :rolleyes2: I know I do I just wanted to say that. I have had 2 fills and going on my 3rd this week. I so want restriction the down side of it all is I am so scared or rather embarrassed that I have lost NO WEIGHT what so ever!!! And to have to face him each time and he ask have you done this or that, and are you eating only one cup I have to honest right well the proof is there obviously I have lost NO WEIGHT!!! And I feel so like a a failure, my freind whom lost over 100lbs already says to relax that soon enough it will fall off...I am wondering really???????? Good luck with your next fill keep us posted ok.
  13. rcruz

    Protein Shots.....Natures Nectar

    Looks like the same shots I drink but how do you drink them straight??? LOL!!! Good job!!!
  14. rcruz

    i'm actually a hot mama

    That you are!!! CONGRATS I hope to be moving on myself I want so bad to make success myself. CONGRATS!!!!!
  15. rcruz

    no difference

    I am in the EXACT same boat only I have had 2 fills already and i have ZERO restriction and I am getting frustrated! I too want to get off the starting line!!!!!
  16. rcruz

    excited about the pain

    Another great shoe for walking is New balance I won't buy any other shoe, I had a hard time walkingin the mornings too but due to this weight bought Nike, skeetchers, all kinds and didn't help however when I started wearing NB my back and feet never hurt again. I say get a good shoe your comfortable with GOOD LUCK!!!
  17. Sometimes when I think I eat too much I get the burps I wonder if that is a sign that you did eat too much. I would love to know this too!!
  18. rcruz

    what ya think

    I agree cutie I think you need to smile!!!
  19. rcruz

    My update!

    OMGosh I am so proud of you! I can't wait till I am posting that I am getting good results but that will be awhile I guess. But again CONGRATS!!! Keep up the good work eh?!?!?!?
  20. Oh Hun I am so sorry!!! I have not experienced this yet but I am sure your very uncomfortable. GOSH I am so sorry, I am not sure if it's slimming but on Saturday I ate a sandwich and it was stuck in my chest and it took a while to go down I kept swallowing and swallowing and started crying out of feeling scared. So maybe I have experienced it huh? I hope it passes sorry I can't give you any advice but your not alone.
  21. rcruz

    Losing so slow

    If it makes you feel any better (well not better) but I have not lost anyting and I was banded on the 26th of June. I am beginning to get depressed myself. And I now have 4.2 cc in my band I did feel a little restriction but it went away. :thumbup:
  22. rcruz

    Does anyone cheat after fills?

    I have but I don't announce it because people that are good people tend to ride us the ones that are not so strong at times. Ugh!
  23. rcruz

    May 2008

    You look so good thanks for sharing!!!!
  24. rcruz

    Weight Watchers

    I was wanting to start this too but I don't have th scale for the points nor the lil book that have how many points food is can anyone help?