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  1. On 3/12/2020 at 8:51 AM, MaybeMeow said:

    Just got an email saying to expect delays in my pre op approval and prep program process. Trying not to feel selfishly bummed when I’m so ready to jump into this. Anyone hear of surgeries being postponed due to the growing seriousness of the pandemic? I imagine it’s inevitable.

    My surgery was supposed to be for the first week of April. it got postponed and rescheduled to 5/29. I was really sad about it.

  2. On 1/22/2020 at 11:09 PM, Christina.Rose said:

    I have the sleeve. I had great success with it. However, I was having significant acid reflux. I went to my surgeon (I let it slide for a long time) Now I am being told that my acid is so bad that I am around 6mo out from cancer..... Barrett's esophagus. I'm really afraid of the bypass. I never wanted it. But she said if I don't get it, I am on the road to cancer. I have three lesions in my esophagus and I am inflamed. The example of the color of my esophagus was.... Healthy, the pink part of a nail bed....Me....USC MAROON. Also, after my endoscopy, my surgeon put me in to operate. That was a week before I spoke to her in person. She said it was better to book surgery and have me opt out. I'm scared. I know I need it. I wake up with my throat on fire, vomiting. Please, can someone help me make peace with the gastric bypass??

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    I just met with my surgeon, Dr. Quilici last Monday (1/27/20). I wanted to do the sleeve but I have really bad GERD and have a hiatal hernia. He said he recommends the bypass because of my condition. I was in tears when I left. I also didn't want to do bypass but after researching, I know that it is the best option for someone like me. I feel you. The surgeon said the bypass will help my hernia and GERD, practically curing it. My surgery will be towards late March.

  3. Just now, Megarooni said:

    My insurance was covered but I had to pay my deductible. When you call your insurance you should be able to ask how much you except to pay to meet the deductible.

    For me it was 1500 deductible I had already met 200 of that so I paid 1300 for my surgery. Surgery itself was 32k.

    My deductible is $500 and OOP Max is $6,500. They said I am responsbile for 20% of the hospital stay, whatever that amount is. Professional fees they cover.

    Thanks for your response, really appreciate it.

  4. Can anyone shed light on how much their surgery was? I have blue shield gold h m o 500/35 and was told they cover the doctor's fees but I am responsible for 20% of the hospital stay. Can anyone share how much they paid for surgery or give me any insight on how much $$$ I should prepare?


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