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  1. Hello everyone. I was revised from VSG (Aug 2019) to RNY (Sept 2021). I was wondering if it is typical not to feel any restriction. I am 2.5 weeks post-op and I can easily consume 100g of protein since the day I returned home from surgery which amazes me as I could not consume 100g of protein with VSG until 2 months post-op. When I get hungry, I eat and I stop when I feel I've had enough and I always measure/track so I know exactly how much I'm consuming. I never feel full. I just feel not hungry. It's difficult to explain. Is it typical not to feel restriction? When does restriction typically come or does it at all? Do you ever feel "full" as with VSG? TIA
  2. Hello I'm 3 weeks post op sleeve revision to bypass. I don't feel any restriction and am able to get in all my protein. On to pureed and yesterday I tried some pureed chili and have felt awful since. I am very nauseated. I don't think it's the chili anymore but perhaps I'm moving too quickly to pureed foods. With the sleeve, I could tell right away if I was full. With bypass, I'm not feeling restriction so it's difficult. I have been weighing and tracking everything. I'm hoping once I'm healed I will feel some restriction. I'm not getting in 64oz of fluid and I'm wondering if this could be the issue. Why are we so dehydrated after WLS? UGH. I love bypass as I had complications with the sleeve right out of surgery. Is there anything I can do for this nausea? I have read some older posts that the 3 week mark tends to be like this but improves around 6 to 8 weeks. I hope so cause I feel pukey. TIA ❤️
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    Tomo thank you I will inquire about this with my doc
  4. Hi am now on pureed foods and my pouch isn't liking it. I had tuna mixed with mayo and I began feeling nauseous. I tried pureed chili and felt nauseous. I'm thinking a few more days of full fluids may be in order for me. I am learning how to use this tool and it's difficult as I feel no restriction right now.

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