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  1. I had surgery on 8/29 and I feel hungry. I can barley get down Water and Protein Shakes but I do believe I'm hungry and that bothers me. Maybe when I start eating some solid food it will go away. If anyone has words of encouragement, please send them our way. Today I was even questioning if I made the right decision. I believe I have and it's been such a short time since surgery. I will carry on....

  2. I've never heard the term "food funeral" before but that's exactly what I'm doing. Seems normal to me but really what is normal for each person's weight loss journey. I have two days until I begin the pre-op diet. In a way, I can't wait to begin this journey. And I'm so glad I found this forum. Know that I appreciate all who share personal information to help others.

  3. Livelychick thanks for sharing this issue. I'm scheduled for surgery 8/29/19 and although I'm so, so sorry you're in pain, I want to know every possible setback that could occur. I've read the other responses and I hope that provides relief. By you opening up, I'm getting information that I hadn't yet received. I'm being told to consumer 64 ounces of Water per day and 40 grams of Protein. Now I know that just might not be possible at first but I will get there. Thanks again for sharing and I truly hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hello Everyone. I'm a newbie but on my way to gastric sleeve surgery 8/29/19. I just turned 60 and gave this surgery to myself as a gift. I know it's one of many tools and I'll have to really put the work in. I'm thankful for this site and forums to touch base with others who know how I feel. Best wishes to all on this journey. I'm sure I will be asking many questions.

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