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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Mshellwa got a reaction from Mildred Rose in Sharp pinching pain (left side)   
    I had the same type of pains and occasionally do still, my doctor told me it was most likely my body healing and re-arranging due to the weight loss. its a normal worry but if it is constant i would get it checked out.
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    Mshellwa got a reaction from Celeste97 in Regret   
    Wow, I am sorry people are being so grouchy with you! I had the same situation happen.. had to go to the ER twice upper EGD and IV treatments sometimes two times a week. I know your struggle and it does get better.. the best advice my doctor gave me was.... it sucks but if you don't make yourself drink and eat you will be coming here every week. Slowly I recovered... give yourself that rest and go slowly.. Soup worked for me. Trust me it is for sure worth it!!
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    Mshellwa got a reaction from Krimsonbutterflies in Full!!!!!   
    It is so important to get that Water in my friend. The food part will come and its so hard to want to eat more than two bites and not be able to. Its for sure a mind thing. Worry about hydration at this point food will come your body will tell you but the water is so important in any form broth, Popsicle anything with Fluid