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  1. stayklassie

    One week post-op — feeling hunger

    I was told that as well, but boy, I do feel hunger! I had VSG December of 2019
  2. stayklassie

    Post VSG Regrets?

    No regrets whatsoever! Had Surgery December 2019.
  3. So one thing I’ve learned is that the dont’s vary WIDELY between each Bariatric doctor/clinic. The do’s are pretty much the same; mainly, focus on protein and water consumption. The dont’s and other instructions after surgery for me (per my doctor) includes NO ALCOHOL; no drinking from straws; no chewing gum; no carbonated drinks; no caffeine; no beef/red meat for the first year; deconstruct every meal; every meal to be low cal; no drinking liquids for 15 mins before and 30 mins after a meal; chew your food for 30 seconds before swallowing; eat your meal within 30 minutes; exercise/weights at least 3x a week. TAKE THE PRESCRIBED VITAMINS EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL - especially thiamin. Soooo - I’ve lost 140lbs - sleeved December 2019. ONE OF THE TOP BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE. Wish I did it sooner. I struggle now with the type of foods I put into my body - I have a hankering for chocolate and cookies. 😩 BUT! 99% of the time it’s because I’m bored and will mindless eat. I have to reel it back in. It will always be a recurring process for me.
  4. stayklassie

    Kaiser SB

    Yes I had VSG thru Kaiser North in California. I had my appt with the surgeon two hours after my intro class. I knew I wanted to proceed so if the appt was available, why not? Good luck!!
  5. Yep, my nose starts running and/or I cough.
  6. stayklassie

    Back issues since losing weight?

    Thanks all for your replies and suggestions. I’ll give my PCP a try and see what she says.
  7. Good afternoon! Had VSG December 2, 2019 - have since lost a total of 140 lbs. - with another 5lbs to goal weight - thankfully! In the last 5 months I’ve been experiencing ongoing back pain - especially when I’ve been on my feet a good amount throughout the day. I think my back doesn’t know how to adjust with all this weight loss? Have you noticed back pain since losing weight? If so, how are you finding relief?
  8. Apologies, @kikikiki I thought it was YOUR post saying you have ascitis! Wrong person. Look up ascitis - it’s not pleasant.
  9. @kikikiki ascitis is no joke - have you had your abdomen drained yet? Sometimes that is due to liver issues.
  10. stayklassie

    Kaiser SB

    Yep, had surgery thru Kaiser Northern California clinic in December 2019.
  11. stayklassie

    R.I.P. Boobs

    Went from a 44DD to a 34c. What a difference- deflated balloons more like it! Lol. I plan to get them augmented down the road.
  12. Not sure if it would help, but perhaps one of those gel cushions that go between your legs so that your spine is in better alignment while you sleep on your side? I got mine from Amazon and it’s been a life saver for my knees.
  13. stayklassie

    Can I see some before and after pics?

    @tjwirth I have not had any plastic surgery, so yes, I do have loose skin. Mostly on my upper arms and lower abdomen (I’d need a tummy tuck).
  14. stayklassie

    Can I see some before and after pics?

    HW on the left; 5lbs to my goal weight on the right. A little over a year for this transformation. Will never go back! So thankful!!
  15. Anna, are you taking B1 (thiamin) daily? My dietician/bariatric doctor said it is a MUST everyday even if sick. It deals with brain and nervous system functions, among others.
  16. stayklassie

    Hurtful reactions to progress

    Skyewolfe, STOP sharing with your ABUSIVE mother! She has some serious issues that needs help. Place boundaries within your relationship (Look up Dr. Henry Cloud on Boundaries). What she is doing is NOT healthy for you - both emotionally and mentally. Going through this surgery and lifestyle change is hard enough, so WEED OUT all the negativity and sabotaging - and that means people who aren’t cheering you on!! You and your health deserve better than this kind of abusive treatment. Again, I recommend reading the Boundaries book by Dr. Henry Cloud!
  17. I won’t miss: 1. my feet constantly hurting; 2. wiping my butt abnormally because I was too fat to reach behind me to wipe from front to back - I know, TMI! 3. Breathing heavily for any amount of exertion 4. Straining to buckle my sandals 5. Shopping from the Plus section 6. Having to wear orthopedic shoe inserts or purchasing special ortho shoes. 7. Straining to shave my legs. 8. No energy; taking naps every day I had off.
  18. stayklassie


    I weaned myself off regular coffee a couple months before surgery. Per Kaiser bariatric’s guidelines, after surgery we cannot drink beverages with carbonation (due to gases), caffeine (acid/risk of ulcers), alcohol, and sugary drinks (liquid calories). Since I started the pre-op program (July 2019) I haven’t had alcohol or surgery drinks. I DO have half-caff coffee every morning. ;-) and throughout the day water, diet Snapple, and herbal tea. I don’t miss alcohol or carbonated beverages.
  19. stayklassie

    Iron infusions

    I’m going for my first infusion next week. My iron was low even prior to surgery but now they’re even more concerned. For those who are having constipation probs with taking the iron pills, try out 150 Ferrimin 150 from Dialyvite- it has a built in stool softener- works great!!
  20. stayklassie

    Cold all the time?

    Hi there - had my sleeve December 2, 2019 - I’m now 5lbs away from goal weight! One thing I noticed early on is that I’m ALWAYS cold. I know losing the fat no longer insulates you, but I’m always freezing! I take enough iron, so I can’t say that’s it. Anyone else experience being cold all the time?
  21. stayklassie

    Cold all the time?

    I’ll take the cold any day over being overweight 😉 so glad I’m not the only one. Does this ever go away tho?
  22. For the first four months post op I would cough when my pouch was nearing its limit. I’ve learned my lesson of eating too fast and too much - it’s certainly unpleasant.
  23. stayklassie

    Fairlife is awesome!

    Sam’s Club carries Fairlife!
  24. stayklassie

    How often do you weigh?

    I weigh once a week, Monday mornings. Daily or every few days don’t work for my motivation or psyche because our bodies change daily due to various factors.
  25. I weigh myself every Monday - NEVER daily because our bodies change daily from a variety of factors. Weighing everyday can really do a number on your psyche and motivation.

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