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    Your waist is so small! You look great. Love the yellow. I’m actually on the hunt for a nice butter yellow top.
  2. @2Bsmaller18 I’ve never had much shape, I think the Faja gives some illusion of a waist. Probably a nice side effect of the belt lipectomy that I didn’t even think about was creating some waist definition. My having plastics was more for reasons beyond aesthetics. The physical effects of the excess skin and laxity, Including of the abdominal muscles. Although honestly I weirdly don’t have the normal curvature you have in your back that gives your butt definition because my spine is twisted (rotatory scoliosis) it’s just flat as a board. My stomach, butt and thighs were the biggest, I guess I never swelled as much in my calves except post op. My calves and fat piggy feet were huge when I came home. But I think that maybe taking turmeric gummies helped quite a bit. Using the Faja is what helps waist train and give definition especially post op so I plan to use it for a while. And then switch to just waist trainer. Not just to maintain the results of the surgery but to try to help with my severe back pain from degenerate disc disease, arthritis, and the scoliosis. I’m very critical of myself and have a hard time when people comment what I look like. I don’t tend to see it. Or sometimes don’t interpret what they say as good. Ie. When someone says things like if you lose any more weight you will disappear. and I’ve just been rambling .... I’m very sorry that you have so many health challenges. I hope you are feeling better since your surgeries and in the future.
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    You look so tiny!!! Are you sure you were obese? Seriously, you look great!
  4. I love reading these threads so thanks to all of you for sharing. I go for my first consult next week. I’ve been sitting at goal for months now even though I am only 10 months post op. I suspect this is my happy weight even though I wanted to stretch it to 5 lbs less. My limbs are very slim and butt, etc. just have this belly situation. I think a tummy tuck will do the trick. I’m 56 so I’m not trying for a bikini body. I just want to tuck a shirt in again before I die. Lol I also don’t want to get too thin because tbh, wrinkles really POP when one loses weight after a certain age. Have you ever noticed how much better elderly people look when they are chubby versus skinny? I always say that chubby is good at only two points in your life... as a baby and as an old person.
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    I have also chosen to keep it to myself with very few exceptions. Aside from not wanting to hear people’s opinions pre-op I also didn’t want to be the poster child for WLS afterwards. I didn’t want the constant questions, tbh. I also worried about failure. I didn’t want to fail and have to be the poster child of wls failure either. As I am almost a year out now I am feeling more comfortable. I have recently told someone who struggles with weight and was asking/complimenting me each time she saw me. I finally told her because I felt it would help her. Funny thing is she said SHE had had vsg a few years ago (prior to her joining our company) but has gained a lot back. It is very interesting all the different feelings we each have about this... all of it personal.
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    I have worn and loved many fragrances. Several of the Chanel already mentioned. I have always wanted No 5 to work for me but it just doesn’t. Lately I am on a kick wearing Elizabeth and James Black. I also wear Amethyst. And even layer them. Black Opium is also a recent favorite. I also love The Loft but they got enough of my money during my Covid19 shopping spree. Lol
  7. pssk

    No one has noticed ...

    I agree with the others than the loss is noticed more if you wear clothing in your new proper size. I know you started this thread months ago so I’m thinking that by now you are being complimented like crazy!
  8. I’m interested in knowing if anyone has looked into this or had a drainless TT. From what I have read, it reduces healing time which would be great for me and taking time off from work. Thanks!
  9. pssk

    Weight gain.....

    At the beginning of the Pandemic I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my PCP done via conference call. She asked me at that time if I was stressed and I said I was fine. Since the appointment I have had issues with sleep and admittedly done more wine drinking than normal. Both stress related. I’ve kept my weight down but I am pretty sure that I would have reached my stretch goal by now had I not overindulged in drinking. I’ve reeled the drinking in... Just for reference I hadn’t drank since prior to pre op diet. My surgeon really stressed the dangers of transfer addiction in bariatric patients. I’ve never been an alcoholic but I did drink socially before then. Covid19 has made people experience an awful lot and made people do things they might not normally do. I believe the repercussions of the pandemic will be felt for years after the virus is defeated.
  10. pssk

    Weight gain.....

    There is also the correlation between alcohol consumption and weight gain. I have read quite a bit about the increase in consumption and alcoholism concerns due to covid19.
  11. pssk

    Arm Lift Experiences?

    Thanks for this thread. I was just contemplating this scar/reward issue.
  12. Your results look great. Do you have a picture of the scars from arm lift? I’m well versed in the look of TT scars and breast scars. However, I’m not quite sure if I feel my arms are bad enough to have the scars. My tummy definitely is worth having the scars to fix it! Lol. Boobs already have redux scars from 25 years ago.
  13. Your arms will look so great when healed! I can see the difference already! Congrats!
  14. I’m doing quite well. I was 222 on October 1 and I was 167.5 today. My goal was to hit 155 that I now feel confident that I will hit. So 54.5 lbs down. I am 5’6” and now I have a BMI of 27. I started with a BMI of 35. I may lower the goal when I get there but I’m not sure how that will look at 55 years old. I feel so much better than I did in July at my first appointment. I was 228 then so technically I am down 61 since the summer. How are YOU doing?
  15. pssk

    What are you BINGEING????

    We started bingeing The Office months ago and recently finished. I’m sad it ended for us like we lost some good friends. Lol Huge Ozark fans here. We also watched You. Tiger King was a disgusting car accident that we could not look away from. I needed a shower after each episode. We gave recently enjoyed bingeing on Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Can’t wait for next season. Have y’all seen The Staircase? It was so bizarre and interesting. I just started watching Dead to Me and so far I’m liking it... a lot. I will always say Sopranos is/was the best series ever so to those who have not watched, now is the time!
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    Sopranos was probably my favorite series ever. Loved it! I don’t think I’ve met anyone who didn’t love that show. James Gandolfini RIP
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    LOVE Ozark!!! Ruth is a TRIP! The whole show is trippy but we love it!
  18. pssk

    Hair loss

    You probably have the advantage with curly hair. I don’t dare give advice on cutting it but I think mine would have been worse if I had all one length hair. But mine is poker straight!
  19. pssk

    Hair loss

    My hair is much thinner right now! I’m hoping it will grow back soon. I used to have very healthy hair that grew very quickly! Not at all right now. I wear it short and I feel like it is someone else’s hair! My hairdresser totally can tell. I can survive with it like this right now but if it gets much worse, it might become embarrassing. Still don’t regret VSG!!
  20. Still trying to get my mind around the TP hoarding. This is not an illness that gives people the uncontrollable runs. Not for anything but I have found my appetite return precisely at the time when stress eating is prevalent. I’m still eating well but do feel more hunger...not sure if it is head hunger or real. I won’t eat chips nor sweets but I have had wine which I was not partaking in prior to covid19. I also work in healthcare (non clinical) so I can’t go escape it. Be well all!
  21. Doesn’t this mean you have a malpractice suit against the surgeon? If I am understanding this, he mistakenly cut a valve that he shouldn’t have? I’m so sorry.
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    I would love to donate to a women’s shelter. I would love the idea of my nice larger sized clothing helping someone who needs it. How does one find a women’s shelter? I was always a clothing fanatic regardless of my size. But it is SO much fun buying in smaller sizes now!
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    I really love the white/cream color on you. The whole look/outfit is great.
  24. pssk

    Bariatric and Alcoholism....

    Anyone who thinks they are above transfer addiction is delusional. I have noticed I am spending too much on clothing lately. I need to keep an eye on it. It isn’t a problem yet but it could be... I wish the best for all of you struggling with alcohol. Hugs!
  25. My facts: 55 yr old F, 35.8 BMI, had band removed in 2018. When I went back to surgeon ins the summer of 2019 he suggested RNY which surprised me because I was thinking sleeve. But since I had GERD when I had the band he said RNY. So I got my mind around RNY. I ended up getting bad gout that summer and surgeon decided one week before surgery that I should do VSG due the fact that RNY can cause gout attacks, malabsorption of meds, inability to take meds, etc. he told me he was afraid I would be miserable. So then I had to get my mind back around vsg. Lol Ultimately it looks like it all has worked out well. I am 4 months post op and 5 lbs from a goal that they didn’t believe I would get to. I’m sure either surgery would have given my these results because after all it really is up to us! You can eat around any surgery if you want to self sabotage. I pray that never happens to me again but Ultimately that will be up to me! Best wishes!!