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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    I burp after every sip I take! Every. Sip. I'm only 4 days post op sleeve so I'm hoping this is something that will go away. Anyone else with similar experience?
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    niffer reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Great to hear from so many folks on here! I'm plugging along, I'm down a little over 50 pounds including the pre-surgery loss. I'm losing about a pound to 2 per week now.
    I've been walking a lot, and have started doing some more rigorous walks, although not anything that counts as "hiking"...My knees feel so much better, my stamina is up, my lung capacity is better. I try to make sure I get up and move for at least 5 to 10 minutes every hour, not so much for the calorie burn but to keep my metabolism up.
    It's been hard at times not to fall into grazing...We are home so much because of the pandemic, and at one point I was working from home 4 days a week. I try to keep hard boiled eggs, tuna or chicken salad ready in the fridge so if I need a snack I can have some Protein. I also found I love sunflower butter, and a tablespoon of that with a half an apple, or some protein crackers is a great little snack for me. Frozen shrimp is also a new staple for me; I often have a salad with 6 shrimp for lunch, or make up a shrimp salad with reduced calorie mayo and lemon juice, red pepper, onions and celery. I am completely off the Protein Shakes, except I use Premier Cafe Latte in my coffee. I have a Protein Bar once or twice a week, but mostly because I like them. I eat between 800 and 1000 calories per day, which the nutritionist was happy with.
    Downsides: hair loss! Which is really bad right now, don't know why, maybe because I've lost enough weight to trigger it; Extra skin, especially on the upper arms, and boy head hunger is real. Also, I think the novelty is wearing off, I find myself thinking stupid things, like "I could eat just a quarter of the jelly donut" or "1 piece of pizza would be ok". So basically I am lusting after other people's food! I keep telling myself in maintenance I can try an indulgence once in awhile.
    I miss having a couple of drinks. My daughter is coming for a visit this Saturday, and we will socially distance out in the yard, and I would love to mix up some sangria (I make mine with rum and red wine....). Cucumber mint Water will have to do!
    Stay well everyone! Nice to hear from folks!

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    Hello everyone! Hope you all are staying healthy and safe! I weigh on Fridays, so this is my 3 month mark. I am down 30 pounds in the 3 months since surgery, 40 including the 3 week pre-op weight loss. Not very fast, and this week was barely a pound, but I am happy with it. I have really been increasing movement and I am walking between 4 and 5 miles per day, spread out over the day. I am experimenting with food, and am eating 700 to 850 calories per day. My Protein intake is good, and I fight to get the Water in! Downside....my hair is soooo thin, and I am noticing lots of saggy upper arm skin. Hope everyone is hanging in!
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    niffer got a reaction from Shanto in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Yes, I am in it (surgery 2/20/20)!!!! The struggle is real. I can't believe that I'm not losing weight while consuming so few calories a day. Is it because I'm eating real food vs. liquid? Whatever the reason, it's very frustrating!
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    niffer reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    I had my first tele-health follow up from the surgery today. I spoke with a PA for about 20 minutes; It was very helpful, although in fairness I am not having any real issues. She is happy with the amount of my weight loss so far, happy that I am walking 10,000 steps per day, was happy with my water/protein numbers. I had done a weekly report from MFP on calories, Protein, etc. My average calories are just over 700, and the average protein is 67 per day, both of which she said were fine. She encouraged me to add some light weights, she said not to buy anything,, look online, and use full Water bottles as weights.
    My program (Brigham/Womens in Boston) does not recommend counting calories, just lead with protein.
    On a much more somber note, most of the hospital is now devoted to treating virus patients. She was calling from her home; she has a young child. She is returning to the hospital next week, in a different capacity. She said she is not entirely sure yet where, but clearly it will be dealing with hospitalized patients. I am embarrassed to say I broke down and cried while speaking with her; while I bemoan how bored I am and that I can't see my family and friends, these medical personnel are literally risking their own health. Thank you sure rings hollow. Least I can do is figure out how to help flatten the curve.
    Hope you all are well! And staying safe.
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    niffer reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    @niffer, thank you for the tip! I'll add it to my next Amazon order, although I am feeling hesitant to order any "non-essentials" from Amazon right now.
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    niffer got a reaction from breavsg in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Try Premier Protein Cafe Latte! 30 g protien and same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of coffee, I am obsessed. It was my fav of all the Protein Shakes pre-surgery. I order a 12 pack on Amazon but also available at Walmart.
    I'm 4 weeks post op myself and just had my first of these today.
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    niffer reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    It is interesting adding new foods! Tonight my husband and son wanted take out Mexican; I ordered fish tacos, and ate one, without the taco part. About 1.5 oz of fish, a tablespoon of salsa and a slice of avocado. Yum! And I am starting to imagine what going out with friends to eat may end up looking like; Lots of ordering off the appetizer menu I'm thinking. Of course, we have no restaurants open for anything except take out or delivery. My heart is breaking for all the folks losing their jobs, and for the small business owners.
    I'm finding I want 5 to 6 little "meals" a day. For example, I just ate 2 oz. of rotisserie chicken; I want a little Protein before I go to sleep. My calories are between 600 and 700, usually right around 650. How are other folks doing as you add foods?
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    niffer reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Good morning all! I hope everyone is doing well with these post-op weeks. And staying healthy as we face this pandemic! I start full foods this week-end; I actually had a little corned beef yesterday; 2 ounces of sliced lean corned beef with a couple of carrots and some cabbage. Tasted delicious and I tolerated it fine.
    By and large I have had no problems adding foods; My calories tend to be between 550 and 650; Yesterday, however they were well over 700! How odd that 700 calories seems like a lot, what a different perspective from 6 weeks ago.
    I'm still battling a cold...it is just hanging on. This is NOT the time you want to cough in public, by the way. My work has gone to skeleton crew; I go in Mon., Wed. and every other Friday. I work from home, but everything is so slowed down; I actually like being in the office because it feels more normal.
    These are anxious times. I find I am enjoying community where I find it! My book group is doing a "virtual" meeting, not bad for a bunch of aging baby boomers; My extended family is doing a group email where someone is posting pretty much daily and I enjoy hearing about my nieces, nephews and grands, as well as hearing from my brothers and their wives. My friends and I have re-discovered phone visits. We are not banned from public parks, yet, so we have taken some nice walks.
    I'm trying to remember to be grateful! That and not hoarding toilet paper! Our local foodbanks are really being stretched, so we've made an effort to make a monetary donation and my office has a donation box. Everyone seems to be doing what they can.
    Take care of yourselves and each other! I love reading your updates.

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    niffer got a reaction from Shanto in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Yes, I am in it (surgery 2/20/20)!!!! The struggle is real. I can't believe that I'm not losing weight while consuming so few calories a day. Is it because I'm eating real food vs. liquid? Whatever the reason, it's very frustrating!
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    niffer reacted to Xx1jpt5xx in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Eating my first solid food. Chose an egg. Wish me luck
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    niffer reacted to ResaRoo in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Yes, I’ve had that experience as well. Some days even measuring doesn’t matter - it depends on what it is that I’m eating. I’ve started to only eat about 2/3 of what I’ve measured out. Then I wait about 5-10 mins, and if I don’t get that “I’ve eaten too much” feeling, I’ll eat the rest. Sometimes I don’t bother eating the rest even if I’m not full, but I try to if it’s rich in Protein.
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    niffer reacted to ShortBuddah710 in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Greetings. SD 2/24
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    niffer reacted to PSquared_vsg in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Hey guys, I’m hereeee 🤗 10 days out and feeling pretty great. I can drink everything as if all was normal but try to pace myself. I’m on purée and I’m usually full at about 2oz. Mostly I’ve been eating puréed chicken breast with garlic roasted hummus or refried Beans with some cheese and guacamole. I’m not sure what I want for dinner tonight. It’s so weird to see such small portions and there are times where I wish I could eat regular food in regular portions. I noticed I really enjoy watching my husband enjoy his food. It’s weird but so satisfying.. I’ve been trying to get all Of this into a routine.. not really having luck with that yet. What are your routines like?
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    niffer reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Hey all! Here we are in post-surgery I had my sleeve done 3 weeks ago today. It seems longer, to be honest. Today was my first day back at work; I usually work until around 6, but by 3:30 I was pretty tired and not getting anything done, so I called it a day.
    I am on "Soft" foods now; There is a little more variety, which is great, but it takes a lot longer to eat it! To give you an idea of what I'm eating, I had a hard boiled egg and 1/3 of a mashed banana for breakfast; 2 oz of rotisserie chicken for lunch, and a Protein Drink for a snack. I am having a turkey sausage and cauliflower rice for dinner. I'll still need some Protein and of course fluids so I'll have a cup of Bone Broth later this evening. I'm not really hungry, but I do know when it is around time to eat. I feel really good overall; I went to the gym yesterday and did some Water exercise (nothing too strenuous and no core work, not that I am exactly good at core work); Went for a 20 minute walk at lunch just to get some steps in and the blood pumping a bit. I am averaging 8K steps a day, a couple of times I have gotten my full 10K in.
    I did get a cold (!) after being at the hospital to see my surgeon last week; I think the flu at the beginning of the month, then the surgery, how low my calories are, and not being able to take the Vitamins until I was 10 days out has left me pretty susceptible to all the germs floating around at the hospital. Hopefully a cold is the worst I'll do, given the news about the corona virus.
    I've only lost about 13 pounds since surgery, which I should not say "only"; 13 pounds in 3 weeks is pretty ok with me. I know some people lose a lot more, and probably some less, and I'm happy with slow(ish) and steady right now.
    I'd love to hear how you all are doing! Hope everyone is healthy and healing and happy.

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    niffer reacted to GotItDoneInHarlem in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Also here. Surgery was 2/11.
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    niffer reacted to Puffy-no-more in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    I'm here!!!
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    niffer reacted to ResaRoo in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Hello fellow Feb. 2020 weight loss peeps. Since it’s now March and we’ve all had our surgeries, I thought it would be nice to start a post-op thread. 😊
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    niffer reacted to ResaRoo in February Surgery ?   
    I started a new post-op thread for us. Not sure how to link to it. It’s in the post-op forum.
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    I think that since it’s now March, we should make a February 2020 post op thread.
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    niffer reacted to MOHOJO19 in February Surgery ?   
    After getting two units of red blood cells on 2/27, I was finally able to join the sleeved club on 2/28. So far I haven’t had any vomiting, only nausea. The gas isn’t too bad either. I’m doing a lot of walking and my spirometer breathing exercises.
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    niffer got a reaction from Mello1 in February Surgery ?   
    I had gallbladder removed during vsg myself. The first day and night was AWFUL (pain and gas and nausea --> morphine, gas drops and zofran) but then it got better. I'm 7 days out and can tolerate all the Water, Protein Shakes, Soup, sf popsicles and Jello that I need now. I'm still tired and sore but every day is an improvement. Hang in there.
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    niffer reacted to PSquared_vsg in February Surgery ?   
    Also on to pureeee. Which I’m very excited about!! The liquids were getting very boring