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    I take 1000-1500mg of turmeric via capsules just about every day with no problem. I started back again with that regimen about 3 months out. **I have mild HS (hidradenitis suppurativa) on the lower part of my pits though**
  2. First time seeing this thread. It's the 27th. I haven't skipped to the 3rd page but I hope you got the surgery yesterday.
  3. TheJuice202

    Food Before and After Photos

    **DROOLS** ... that looks GOOD!
  4. TheJuice202

    What I have learned over 1 1/2 years.

    Yep...it def differs. Flip side 800-900 wasn't working for me after a while (about like 4-5 months)...I had to actually up my calories to 1000-1200 to see more consistent weight-loss. The further out I got I needed a bit more calories to actually lose. It could change again...i'm only about 7.5-ish months out.
  5. Small amounts cooked broccoli, popcorn, rice (brown rice) and regular coffee.
  6. TheJuice202

    5 days pre op and suddenly woke up with monthly friend

    I had no warning 😐😫 .... there was nothing not even tender nips or anything and then....it was like Carrie down there. Good luck. I got the IUD to keep the ladytime away (in addition to no babies). I see my Gyno again in April....we need to talk lol.
  7. TheJuice202


    Protein was primarily my plan's focus the first few months (60-80g for women, 70-100 for men). They didn't talk about carbs too much until I finally got into the 'Regular/Forever' foods stage. Now...they tell me up to 50g of carbs is okay.
  8. TheJuice202


    I take acetaminophen (Basic Care or name-brand Tylenol) or low-dose Bayer aspirin with no issue.
  9. TheJuice202

    Go to meal

    A chicken thigh or 1-2 small wings and a veggie medley (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot mix) I find to be an easy go to meal. Close 2nd would be the same veggie mix but with a small piece of pork tenderloin.
  10. TheJuice202

    No goal weight?

    I understand that. Personally my brain NEEDS a number to look forward to but to like you said not add too much pressure on myself I've made mini goals. My first was 250, then 210, then my doctor's goal of 180, then my own of 165 and hopefully/eventually 145. Little baby steps.
  11. TheJuice202

    How much sugar caused you to dump?

    Sometimes VERY little will make me feel sick......like a little 25 cent gumball. But...i've been able to handle a grande White Mocha from Starbucks with full milk with no problem (I've ONLY done that twice for any food police out there lol).
  12. TheJuice202

    No goal weight?

    Well I did but....my surgeon didn't. I had to kind of "force" him to give me a number lol. He FINALLY said he'd be happy if I reached low 180's but that low 170's would be even better. My personal happy range is 145-165 or a loose fitting size 8 (or Medium) whichever comes first :).
  13. TheJuice202

    Gastric Bypass for Senior Citizen

    I recall the oldest person in a lot of my classes when I was pre-op was 68 ..... so your being 65 is not too old at all.
  14. TheJuice202

    African American RNY Sisters

    Thank you SO MUCH for all of this! I've bought a few things off of Amazon but since I haven't been on here in a bunch of months i'm catching up. Looks like I have a little bit of shopping to do :). I hope you've been doing well! I've missed the site and most of the people lol :).
  15. TheJuice202

    African American RNY Sisters

    Exactly. I love when people get it instead of people trying way too hard not to.
  16. TheJuice202

    African American RNY Sisters

    I forgot about this thread but yeah it's annoying. Being "colorblind" hurts more than it helps. Some people are so busy acting like they're "WOKE" (when black people speak) that they're sleep.
  17. TheJuice202

    5 days pre op and suddenly woke up with monthly friend

    Yep. I had no period (once in a blue moon super light pantyliner MAYBE spotting a day at most) for basically 2.5 yrs with my Mirena IUD and then about 4 months out my period came back like it never left -_-. It's been coming like clockwork every month since (i'm basically 7.5 months out now).
  18. TheJuice202

    I messed up

    Sunday just passed I had 1/2 of a hostess cupcake. You've messed up if you repeatedly make the same mistake. Your body will also teach you a lesson...I was super sick for 2 hrs after that cupcake lol. You don't fail if you don't quit though.
  19. I'm 5'5'' so kinda short-ish but I am/was wide & compact. I've lost a lot of weight everywhere but the stomach area as much as everywhere else. I know belly is often the last to go but there's not much difference even with 81+ lbs gone. My weightloss is extremely evident everywhere but my abdomen area. Long point I'm poorly getting at is I understand your frustration even though i'm about 5 inches shorter.
  20. TheJuice202

    Just not hungry...

    It's cyclical for me. Some days I have to force myself to eat my 1000-1200 calories but other days I feel almost like a bottomless pit where even though i'm hitting my water intake, vitamins, protein, fiber etc I still feel hungry. I'm basically 7.5 months out or so now.
  21. Your family is mine. My mom and brother haven't changed their diet one bit. I've had a few private crying fits and yelled at them a few times about it. They say apologetic things but nothing changes. I'm 7 months out now but it's still infuriating they eat without care just because they know I can't eat it. I keep telling them that SEEING it and SMELLING it just reminds me of what I can't have and it doesn't make me feel good remembering what I can't/shouldn't eat anymore. It gets easier (not easy but easier) not to crave it. Getting into the 'Regular/Forever' foods stage around 4 months post-op helped.
  22. TheJuice202

    African American RNY Sisters

    What brand do you have/use? I see so many varieties on Amazon....i'm afraid to get the wrong one. I definitely want the belt and the shorts. And you're absolutely right it's about the consistency.
  23. TheJuice202

    African American RNY Sisters

    Dare I say not enough calories might be the problem. I stalled almost 2 weeks. I read that not enough calories even though you're getting your protein and water can stall things. Right now I keep between 1200-1500 calories. ANOTHER thing .... sodium intake. I noticed that some of the things I ate which were technically low-calorie had a bit too much salt. I'm back to losing...slowly but surely.
  24. TheJuice202

    African American RNY Sisters

    You might like the group Black Girls Get Sleeved Too on FB. I have a cousin in SoCal that's in that group. Of course it's open to bw who have had Gastric Bypass as well...i'm in it :).
  25. TheJuice202

    African American RNY Sisters

    I've never heard of a hotgeat tank top or a hotgear wrap belt untl now. How have those been helping you since you got them? I've slowly gotten back into the gym. I was cleared to finally be able to work on my core but ever so gently. I'll see how that goes starting this weekend. I've been only doing treadmill and stairs but that will change this Friday (and Sunday) :).

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