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  1. Had my surgery on May 6th and everything went as planned. I’ve been terribly sick to my stomach and haven’t been able to keep things down. Water has been hard too BUT I can already see things getting better. I’ve been having some major buyers remorse. This is a lot harder that I thought but I’m still hanging in here. Not too hungry but everything still seems gross to me. I need to eat something but I can keep anything down.

  2. On 04/28/2021 at 20:16, mandya84 said:

    I’m scheduled for May 19th in Utah. Super excited for all of us and starting the pre op liquid diet tomorrow. I’m a single mom of two and I’m worried of being on the liquid diet while making sure my boys are taken care of! I get hangry.

    Mandya84 - Where in Utah? I live in New Mexico but I will be having my surgery with Dr. Merlin in SLC.

  3. My family knows someone who died from gastric bypass 20 years ago. I have chosen not to tell my family until I am done with my procedure. I have 4 children as well so it means that my hubby (the only one who knows) is going to have to hold the load for awhile until I recover but I feel its best. I'm hoping that I can have the surgery around the start of the school year so the kids will be gone most of the day (the ages of my kids are 6-16, which helps). My mom often told me when I was a teen "If you go skydiving, don't tell me until your down on the ground safely." I kind of feel like that is what I will be doing. I do feel bad about it though. We also live in different states so it is a bit easier to get away with this. keep your chin up friend! I applaud that you are doing whats best for YOU and dont listen to anyone who gets in the way with that! Also, you may feel like everyone is against you on this but you have thousands of people standing beside you on this fourm. So girl, you do you and do it well.

    The best of luck. Stephie

  4. I’m so sorry your struggling with this. I think the fear is what’s causing her to say unkind things to you and I bet once she sees you drop the weight, gain confidence and become happier she will come around. I wish for your sake she could come around sooner but if she doesn’t now I believe she will later. Best of luck to you!


  5. I have read in a few places that a few different insurances have approved payment for patience who have different comorbidities other than the main ones. If you have had a different comorbidities that lead you to being approved I would love to hear about it. I was tested negative for OSA and am now wondering if I have anything that my insurance would except. I have GERD with possible Hiatal Hernia, recent neck surgery and had two discs replaced and a bladder sling put in for bladder incontinence. Which I still do have a mild case of it when I sneeze or work out. I also have Presbyterian insurance. I would love to hear all you have to say.

    Thanks, Stephie

  6. This is my first post so please bear with me. I would love to hear from a few of you that have had experience on sleep apnea and sleep tests. My PCP ordered a in hospital sleep test but I decided I would rather pay out of pocket and get a at home test. I wake up often and Im nervous about needing to use the restroom while hooked up to all of the monitors. I did this test about a week ago using iSleep . During the night of the study I asked my husband If he could check on me and make sure I was still connected properly. He did and in the morning he told me that he could hear me snoring and stop breathing. It scared him to the point that he wanted to wake me but thought it might mess up the test. I of course thought that I for sure had OSA. I got the results today and it came back negative with 1.4 AHI an hour, which is practically nothing. Should I still do the hospital testing?? I have not had the VSG yet and this would be my co-morbidity to get insurance to pay for the surgery. So Im pretty sad about it. Has anyone had experience with a sleep study that didn't seem to be right and then get retested with different results? I know I should be happy that I dont have OSA but I still think I may. I would love to here from any of you about your thoughts on this matter. XOXO, Stephie

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