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  1. 49 minutes ago, MarvelGirl25 said:

    The holidays plus your birthday can definitely do that! During the holidays I ended up bringing my own side dishes to avoid the heavy stuff.

    My bday is next week! I hope I stay on track 😕

    Wow thats incredible! I can eat a good amount of almost anything except Protein. Once I eat a piece of chicken I need to tap out. But I will say my hunger has come back too...

    I was sleeved 8/27 and I am constantly hungry! I now have learned that losing weight is impossible without getting the Protein in. I had even started adding crackers and a bite of bread here and there. I am back on track now and I no longer want any carbs at all and I am trying to stay away from sugar. For a minute there I was even having a bite here and there of cake or anything sweet my husband or daughters were eating. I am FINALLY in ONDERLAND down to 198 ( 5'3" Hw 267 SW 247 GW 150 CW 198 ) I feel amazing and I know that I can't beat myself up over one little slip up BUT I do need to be held accountable and keep my eyes on the ultimate prize, which is being at my best! I love these posts and LOVE reading your trials and triumphs, grateful for all who post, thank you!!

  2. So the reason I choose 8-2-19
    Was because I'm an out doors kinda guy.. I love my fishing and taking dips in the lake.. my son turns 2 in April and I want to enjoy his day.. If I do it early I feel like I would get dehydrated with this central California heat and get to miss out on a lot of fishing and swimming with my little oneScreenshot_20190428-164016.thumb.jpeg.a9e3ecb77bf276b317629683e46d1a35.jpeg 20190331_142640.thumb.jpeg.a42e5fefd12ea9836f4b9e37a9f3f46e.jpeg
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    Sleeved Aug 27th :-)

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  3. I went earlier this week for my bloodwork, chest xray and ECG. I looked online last night to see that my ECG results were in. Had anyone had a report of "myocardial infarction"? I looked everything up and basically what it is saying is that at some point I may have had a heart attack. Will this prevent me from being able to have my surgery?

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