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  1. I'm having chronic pain in my left side since 6 years after my MGB surgery; especially when I lay down in any position, back or side. I have to sleep sitting up. The pain is located from just to the left and above my navel, to the far left side of my abdomen, to under my left side rib cage. The pain can become very severe and can radiate to my chest, back and has shot pain suddenly into my left collar bone area. It feels like it's stabbing or burning or like a really bad runner's cramp. It's been intermittent for over a year. I've seen my MGB Dr. and he says it's not due to my surgery, but I've also seen 2 gastroenterologists and they suspect it is. I've had several tests including CTscans, endoscopy, abdominal and pelvic ultrasound, upper GI, colonoscopy and a cancer screening. Everything has come back "normal". The Dr's can't find the cause. I had an unrelated female surgery recently and the general surgeon inspected all organs and the bowel and did not find any masses. It is just pain, no other symptoms meaning I'm never sick. Until now I've never had a complication from my surgery and have been very happy with the results. Has anyone else had anything like this on your left side years after MGB surgery? Help please! I'm desperate to find an answer. Thx!!

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