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  1. SublimeLemons

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    Wow, that seems wayyy low. I mean, 3 protein shakes alone are 400-450 cals, and I was also supposed to drink 1-2 glasses of skim milk, about 180 cals.
  2. SublimeLemons

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    So it took me 4 days to lose the surgery weight, then 8 days to lose 9lbs, then things came to a grinding halt for the past 6 days. I started purees 4 days ago, might be related, though calorie consumption is only 600-800. This afternoon I either had a response to the move to purees or my first experience of dumping syndrome. It was 4 hours after my first egg since surgery. It had also been 4 days since my last, um, bathroom event. We'll see what tomorrow holds...
  3. SublimeLemons

    What complications have you lot had

    Two weeks out and no complications for me. Amongst the other patients there at the same time, the only "complication" was a woman who already knew she didn't handle general anesthesia well. Oh wait, on one lady they found and fixed a hiaital hernia while in there, not sure if that counts as a complication though.
  4. SublimeLemons

    Purée stage day 1

    No problems during or after my first puree today, but I'm with you on what I hope is just a mini-stall...3 days so far +/-.2
  5. SublimeLemons


    Kinda glad to hear they are of value for such a long time. I overbought supplies when I was pre-op, lol.
  6. I'm 12 days out, and weight isn't falling off me fast, but then I didn't expect it to. At least it's a steady downward trend [emoji5] I'm having no problems with anything, though I am tired of shakes. 2 a day is fine, but that 3rd one is not pleasant. Mashed potatoes with shaved ham tomorrow though, as I move into purees!!
  7. SublimeLemons

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    I'm 11 days out, down 9lbs. Only real problem I have is bending over to pick something up. Fluids and shakes are no problem, I hope to say the same about purees soon! Walking is a bit uncomfortable, with gravity pulling down on my belly jiggle and therefore my stitches, so I'm not doing as much of that as I'd like too.
  8. SublimeLemons

    Liquid question

    I'm 9 days post-op and it takes me 15 minutes to drink a 10oz shake and I try to take longer than that. But I also know I'm having a pretty easy time with all this compared to others.
  9. SublimeLemons

    Dr. Quinones at Pompeii - Reviews?

    Hey, @WendyS2BP, how did it all go for you? How are you feeling now that you're 8 days out? They made a mistake and put me with Dr Saucedo. They offered to try to do something about it but I let it slide, given how amazing the facility and all the staff were. I'm taking so well to the surgery that I don't mind at all that I got a different surgeon. Plus, he was very warm and encouraging and even checked in with my companion (mom) to make sure she was eating and taking care of herself while there.
  10. SublimeLemons

    How supportive was your GP?

    Can you switch doctors?? If not, your mom's got it right, you do you! I'll preface my experience with: I got my gastric sleeve in Mexico, no insurance/approval hoops to jump through. My doctor was cautiously on board with me having bariatric surgery, but was wary about the Mexico part. He gave me all kinds of horror stories, personal "aftermath" ones that had shown up at his office after assorted procedures abroad. Then he thought about it...said at least Tijuana was super-close to the US, and all of the horror stories (abcesses, drain infections, etc) were from getting plastics overseas. He wished me luck, and today he took out my stitches. He was impressed with how neat, clean, and minimally invasive the work was and said he looked forward to seeing me for my post-op blood workup.
  11. SublimeLemons

    What was your moment?

    Last time I thought about it, you needed a BMI of 40 and I was "only" 38. Also, the lap band was all the rage and I didn't like the sound of that. Fast Forward about 10 years and I was struggling as a member of TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly - just accountability and support, you do your own diet), and one of the group members, who was 80lbs more than me, announced that she was getting the gastric bypass and I thought "good for her". My mother, also a member with just a 20-lb post-menopausal weight issue, asked if I'd ever considered it. I thought about my 28-year struggle, how I'd lose 15 and gain 20, lose 30 and gain 40, etc...and thought of those adages, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you always got" and "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result". Well I didn't see the point in waiting until I was 300+ lbs, and that's where I was heading...plus my 49th birthday was just 2 weeks away...I was very clear in my choice. In the 10-week interim between the decision and the surgery, there were countless reinforcement moments that I was doing the right thing. My 5yo niece pointing at an old picture of me at 160 and saying she wanted me to look like that. A 9hr flight to London on British Airways, notorious for their narrow seats. Having a nasty drunk homelessman in England shout "Hey you, Fat C***!" to my face. Walking a whole mile out of necessity for the first time in years and wishing melodramatically for the sweet embrace of death (in my defense, the walk was very up-hilly). Getting my third round of cortisone injections in my knees and finding they weren't doing a great job anymore.
  12. SublimeLemons

    Post op diet

    3 days clear liquids, 11 days full liquids. Though it seems there's some variation in what is considered "full liquid", like my list doesn't include the cream soups even though I am allowed pudding, yogurt, sherbet. I'm sticking to my list though since we're talking just 4-5 more days, it's just not worth quibbling about. Which I think you figured out too, lol.
  13. SublimeLemons

    1 week post OP, feeling great

    I have my one-week appointment tomorrow and move to full liquids for a week. I'm a little worried that I've only lost 5 lbs and still feel a bit bloated, hopefully they can shed some light on that. Otherwise, I've taken well to the sleeve - no vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, problem with liquids, etc. If I hadn't seen the x-ray from the barium swallow showing me the tiny little sleeve between esophagus and small intestine, I would, like @Fara Jacobson, wonder if I'd had much of a reduction in stomach size. I suspect the real challenge kicks in with solids.
  14. SublimeLemons

    Tennis shoes??

    Slip-ons for sure. Any bending over/squatting low really irritates my stitches and especially where the drain was. I'm 5 days out and I still need to avoid bending down for anything - shoes, picking up dropped stuff, etc.
  15. SublimeLemons

    July 2019

    I was told that an itchy sensation was normal, and I've got the feeling with 2 out of my 3 incisions. It's not driving me crazy, but I do have to stop myself from scratching mindlessly.
  16. SublimeLemons

    Struggling with Pre-op diet

    The struggle is real! I didn't do a great job (but we're talking an ounce of cheese, not a slice of 3 of pizza), only lost 6 lbs...other people going through it at my surgery center reported under-10lb losses as well. Just keep doing your best, it will get you there [emoji4]
  17. SublimeLemons

    July 2019

    I'm in Mexico, so I get 2 nights in the clinic and one in a nearby hotel. I don't mind the extra 24 hours on IV goodies, lol. I fly home Friday night. I only have 3 incisions, which I'll photograph for the doc before taking out myself in a week or so. I've been doing great except for a bad headache from being off my antidepressants for 36 hours.
  18. SublimeLemons

    July 2019

    Also doing great, nicely IV medicated for pain, nausea and gas. Ate 2 cups of ice chips to earn a popsicle, lol. Delighted with the care I'm receiving. Still bloated from surgery, but I did pack my biggest clothes for this probability.
  19. SublimeLemons

    July 2019

    My clinic had me on painkillers immediately, so no pain except for a little from the incisions when I move, and a little gas pain that walking truly resolves. I have a really low pain threshold, so I was super-worried about this. We'll see what tomorrow brings!
  20. SublimeLemons

    July 2019

    Awake from surgery. Yeah, sore from gas pains and God knows what else. Went as expected.
  21. SublimeLemons

    Dr. Quinones at Pompeii - Reviews?

    I hope you didn't find anything legitimate, because I go under in about 3 hours. So far very happy with how smoothly things run and how helpful the staff is.
  22. SublimeLemons

    July 2019

    Here in Tijuana, surgery in about 3 hours...and unlike@amaynard, I don't get to drink until tomorrow! Just found that out yesterday. I'll be on a drip for hydration, but no drinking. I also went to a dentist here because the last two I saw at home tried to hard-sell me $5500 worth of work I didn't need. Going back on Friday for the work... at least it'll be easy to not eat afterwards, lol.
  23. SublimeLemons

    July 2019

    I hit the one week no-solids phase tomorrow. I didn't do that great the first week with my pre-op restrictions (real hunger kicked in Day 3), but my mother will be around this week and I refuse to sneaky-eat behind anyone's back. Tomorrow I see my therapist, so hopefully that will provide a boost as well. It's not easy imagining the day (so close!) when so little food will be satisfying or even too much.
  24. SublimeLemons

    July 2019

    Yes, I'm on Day 4 of the 2-week plan. Mine allows 4oz meat per day the first week, so that and popsicles are the only things I get to chew. I'm on my 11th sugar-free ice pop and it probably won't be my last of the day. I'm not calorie restricted, but I'm averaging 850 cals/day.
  25. Yay, a match! I'm overnighting at the clinic on the 2nd and 3rd, so it's a pretty good match-up of dates