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  1. What’s your opinion on waist training after surgery? I’m debating on doing it and my dr says pregnancy is worse on your body than waist training. I just want to get some curves and some have said it helps with loose skin and back rolls. But I want some opinions. Have any of you done it?
  2. PudgeBeGone

    Pregnancy and weight loss/gain

    I got pregnant at 11 months post op and lost weight in the first few months due to nausea. I’ll be 26 weeks Friday and I’m just now 3lbs more than what I was when I first got pregnant my dr actually asked if I was eating enough(I assured her I was I eat more than I did before being pregnant which I guess is totally normal since our body can only hold so much at a time then it passes quickly and being pregnant you require more for baby). Once nausea went away I did notice I was hungry more frequently and if I’m being honest I still am 😅 I usually eat or at least have a snack every 2-3 hours.
  3. I posted awhile ago that I found out I was pregnant. And when I went my drs gave me a whole lecture even tho I was just a month shy of what I was supposed to wait (we weren’t trying I was told I had less than a 1% chance of ever having a baby because I’ve suffered several miscarriages in the past) anyway they scared the hell outta me and made me think this pregnancy wasn’t going to be successful. But I am currently 20 weeks and expecting a baby boy 💙 the baby has a two vessel cord so they are keeping a close eye on him but everything looks good! Only the BPD was measuring a bit behind (only 2-3days) everything else was either measuring right or a few days ahead 💙 early pregnancy I lost 14lbs due to nausea and not being able to eat or drink Protein Shakes but a month or two in the nausea started going away so I started getting 90-100g of Protein to catch back up. Pre pregnancy I was 212lbs and I got down to 197.6lbs I’m currently half way thru and just now gaining weight so I think I’m doing well. this morning I was 205.4lbs. My obgyn asked me if I was eating because I wasn’t gaining anything and was actually loosing 😅 (they are aware I had the surgery I go to them and a specialist because I was previously a diabetic, had multiple miscarriages, and had rny) I assured her I’m eating a lot more than I did before getting pregnant. I’m hungry every two hours which is INSANE because if I don’t eat something I start to feel sick and before getting pregnant I would get the feeling of true hunger maybe once a day 🙄 but I read that is normal since our tummy’s can only fit so much and with a baby our bodies require more. I just wanted to post an update because I’m SUPER EXCITED and feel so blessed that I’ve been given the chance to create life. We’re having our rainbow/miracle baby and I am just so happy 💙🌈
  4. So I had rny March 27,2019. I’ve already posted about being pregnant and yes I am aware it’s recommended to wait 12-18months after surgery. So i don’t want any lectures. But I know pregnancy usually comes with acid reflux or heartburn. Well since the surgery I haven’t had any but now my tummy has a burning sensation. That thankfully hasn’t been traveling up to my throat. Today is the first day I felt it in my chest. I am currently around 9 weeks so the nausea is starting to slowly going away. But now that the nausea is going away the acid reflux or heartburn is starting to become more noticeable/bothersome. But I didn’t know if any of you had tips on helping get rid of it or dull the burning. I’ve been trying the equate heartburn/gas chews that don’t seem to be helping(I can’t stomach the normal chalky tums the texture makes me nauseous) I read somewhere omeprazole is okay but then others say no. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you in advance 💜💜
  5. PudgeBeGone

    CBD Honey

    Cbd and weed is legal where I live so cbd is sold almost everywhere I’ll ask around and get opinions thank you I appreciate it❤️
  6. PudgeBeGone

    Post your stats

    My highest weight was 330lbs day of surgery I was around 284lbs. I currently weigh 210lbs. I had my surgery March 27,2019. I am happy at my current weight (as in if I don’t loose more I’d be happy) but still going to try and get to 165lbs.
  7. PudgeBeGone

    Waist trainer

    Just ordered one hopefully it goes well since it was $165 😂
  8. PudgeBeGone

    Just some progress photos

    Thank you all it means a lot ❤️😊
  9. PudgeBeGone

    Just some progress photos

    Haha thank you 😊 💜
  10. PudgeBeGone

    Just some progress photos

    Thank you 😊
  11. Ended up being a reaction to the anesthesia it made to to where my body wouldn’t release any water.
  12. PudgeBeGone

    Home scale vs dr scale

    Thank you all ❤️🙏🏻😊
  13. PudgeBeGone

    Home scale vs dr scale

    Okay thank you 😊
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  15. PudgeBeGone

    High heart rate

  16. PudgeBeGone

    Bowel Prep - Gastric Bypass tomorrow!

    Congrats on your surgery tomorrow🍾🎈🎊🎉
  17. I have a three month check up Wednesday so I plan on talking to them then. But for sure will test I was cramping slightly on right side yesterday thinking she was gonna come but she was just teasing
  18. Thank you both so much!
  19. PudgeBeGone


    I only loose weight for a week then stall the rest and I didn’t know if it was normal. Thank you 🙏🏻 I guess I didn’t understand the stall
  20. PudgeBeGone

    Cold remedies

    I didn’t think of the sugar smdh I’ll try the throat spray thank you 😊
  21. PudgeBeGone

    How many oz

    Thank you 😊 I just have to weight t out because I never really feel full(or hungry) and didn’t wanna do anything wrong.
  22. Thank you so much! I was sitting there like well maybe I shouldn’t be gulping water like this and wanted to make sure.
  23. What are some foods that are able to be eaten(not the common ones like jello pudding baby food) I found this list and didn’t know how accurate it was for the meats.. The ones it says you just have to smash with a fork mainly.
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    So I’ve been taking one multivitamin every morning and calcium citrate twice throughout the day. Somewhere in the binder they gave it it says you’re supposed to take multivitamins three times a day.. but the multivitamins I have meet the requirements of the list they gave me for the “total amount of mg,mcg, or IUs needed of each type of vitamin) do I still take it three times a day even though it meets the requirements with only one pill or do I just keep taking one every morning(I cut all my pills in half instead of taking them whole). I asked them during my last visit (yesterday) but she just kinda brushed it off and said do what they told you to do. Which doesn’t really help me.. considering it has the total amount of vitamins you need everyday and then a separate page saying you need to take three multivitamins a day. I feel super stupid for asking this question because I should know. But my binder is telling me to do two separate things.
  25. PudgeBeGone

    Puréed stage questions

    I just haven’t gotten sick in YEARS. So I honestly don’t even remember if that’s a normal feeling for someone who hasn’t had the surgery let alone being just a couple days short of three weeks post op. Just kinda worried me since the weird burning and pain sensation. It still burns almost like acid reflux but lower in my stomach instead of being in my chest.

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