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  1. So I had gastric bypass on March 27th. Within the first week I lost 25 lbs. But the past week I haven’t lost anything. Did any of you stop loosing weight for a short period then start loosing again? I guess it just kinda bothers me a bit because I don’t understand why I’ve stopped loosing weight already. I haven’t been eating anything just pushing liquids.
  2. PudgeBeGone

    Stopped losing weight already?

    Briswife15 I think mine was mainly water weight because I was on my period during the surgery. My mother had the surgery and said she didn’t loose most of the weight till the 3-6 month mark. But couldn’t remember if she had a stall but I’m guessing she did(her surgery was YEARS ago) I trust you’ll loose the weight you’re wanting to and look great!! GradyCat shoot sounds like it’ll be something that happens frequently but at least now I know it’s normal and won’t over think it the next time it happens.
  3. PudgeBeGone

    Stopped losing weight already?

    It’s been dark since surgery I was eating jello pudding and mashed potatoes but I found it difficult to eat three times and drink 64oz and since I’m not really hungry I just drink all day. Usually only water and my two premier protein shakes. And thank you both!! I was really worried I didn’t know this was normal thank goodness I was thinking I was doing something wrong lol. Does the stall reoccur frequently or is it just something that randomly comes and goes? I didn’t know if this app before surgery so I’m learning so much and just feel like I have so many questions that are kinda minor and don’t require calling my dr for. So I appreciate your help!!
  4. Omg that’s super exciting congrats!!!
  5. PudgeBeGone

    Stopped losing weight already?

    Also my urine is still really dark and I at least try to drink close to the 64oz they say to. And didn’t know if that was normal. And I have found my tummy can’t tolerate crushed vitamins it makes me REALLY REALLY sick. Has anyone else had this issue? Any tips to help take the vitamins? Or as to why my urine says I’m still dehydrated?
  6. PudgeBeGone

    Before and After Pics

    I had my surgery March 27th so I’m only 17 days in. I’ve already lost 25lbs. I haven’t lost any the past three days for some reason but here are my progress photos. My largest is 330lbs(1st photo), day of surgery weight was 284lbs(2nd photo), current weight is 259lbs(3rd photo).
  7. Okay. So it’s been just over two weeks since my surgery (March 27th) but I worry about leaks inside. My outer incisions are healing nicely. But there is a pain under my ribs on my left side and right side(mainly on my left side). Almost like a cramp. It makes it difficult to stand without help, lay on my side, or even sit a certain way. I worry mainly because most of the pain was gone on the left side(it was mainly on my right side). And since Wednesday the pain in my left side under my ribs has started to come back. I keep getting told it’s gas. I’ve tried ice packs I even started taking my pain meds again(I have been able to go without it since the one week mark) I just feel like I’ve made so much progress on being able to get up myself, getting into bed by myself, going to the bathroom alone, and so on and now all of a sudden the pains coming back making it to where I need assistance again. Some times it disappears but most of the time it hurts. Is this normal? If so any tips on how to help the pain? And one more question how long till all of the pain went away for you? I guess I just feel lazy not being able to clean my house and hate having to depend on others just to do basic things like showering or standing. My Drs assistant said it can be up to 2 months before the pain is completely gone and I just feel like that’s wrong. I wasn’t cut open just laparoscopic gastric bypass. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED! Thank you in advance and bless you and I hope you are doing well on your weight loss journey!!
  8. PudgeBeGone

    2 Weeks post gastric bypass

    Thank you for the help! I I feel a lot better about it now 😂 I guess I just worry to much. And I have found myself trying to hunch over to get rid of the pain so I’ll stop doing that and try to sit straight or walk with good posture.
  9. PudgeBeGone

    2 Weeks post gastric bypass

    Thank you so much! I feel better knowing it’s normal lol. Was there anything that made it “feel better”
  10. How did you end up changing the info because I’m having issues with it also.. edit:nevermind found it 😂

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