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    High heart rate

    When I told them about the heart rate earlier (month post op) they just sent me to a cardiologist who didn’t know why it was fast 🙄 but I’ve puked more this past three months than my whole life and they said it can just be my esophagus needing to be stretched. I told them about the pain in the left side of my stomach and back a month or two post and they said it’s probably just my muscles. So there just brushing it all off. I just feel like the pain in my stomach (isn’t super bad can’t lay on my left side long or it’ll hurt it’s just like a cramp feeling almost through the day) shouldn’t be there three months post. And my heart rate shouldn’t be this high (just went to my regular dr who is hoping that might just be anxiety so maybe all of this is just anxiety?) but I’ll be starting a anxiety med today so hoping it’s just that but I don’t know. I’ll try to drink more than I usually do maybe that’ll help. Maybe it’s just a mixture of dehydration dumping syndrome and anxiety. But the pain, heart rate, and vomiting/nausea is what worries me the most I guess.
  2. PudgeBeGone

    Bowel Prep - Gastric Bypass tomorrow!

    Congrats on your surgery tomorrow🍾🎈🎊🎉
  3. PudgeBeGone

    Bowel Prep - Gastric Bypass tomorrow!

    I just chugged it really fast to get it over with. I felt nauseated and had serious heat and chill flashes (which they said was normal) but felt fine after everything passed. But the taste was awful so I figured the quicker I drink the less I’ll have to taste it 😂
  4. PudgeBeGone

    Pounds lost

    I’m 3 months post gastric bypass and have lost around 52lbs so far. My highest weight when I started this journey was 330lbs, pre surgery weight was 284.7lbs, and my current weight fluctuates between 231-234lbs. My goal weight is 160lbs so I have around 70lbs left before I get there.
  5. So I’m almost three months out. We used protection so please don’t tell me I should’ve used it. I’m just really scared tbh. I just want your guys opinion on this test. I feel like/hope it’s a false positive but I don’t know it looks like it could be colorless but then it looks like it might have color. Please no negative energy I’m already freaking out. Before surgery we tried for four years had several losses due to weight and medical issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. Then we stopped so I could get surgery my biggest fear was getting pregnant before I got the surgery. Then it was getting pregnant to soon after surgery. Because it seems like when you don’t want to conceive that’s when it happens.
  6. Went and bought another test yesterday since I was seven days late woke up and auntie flow showed her face finally. Thank you ladies you really made me feel better and I appreciate that. ❤️💕
  7. That’s good! Makes me feel better knowing other have successful pregnancies after this surgery.
  8. How is her and baby? I’d be terrified I read of someone who ended up pregnant while they did the surgery but was to early for it to come up but from what I read her and baby are healthy but I think it was from awhile ago.
  9. I have a three month check up Wednesday so I plan on talking to them then. But for sure will test I was cramping slightly on right side yesterday thinking she was gonna come but she was just teasing
  10. I forgot to post this but when I woke up the line was gone so I assumed it was a false positive but am going to retest tomorrow thank you all I really do appreciate it I just still worry because auntie flow still hasn’t showed and since the first period after surgery she’s been pretty accurate. ❤️❤️ but before surgery it wasn’t abnormal for me to go months without her so maybe my hormones are still trying to regulate. 
  11. Thank you both so much!
  12. Don’t get me wrong if we are we will be super grateful but this i just feel this is to soon. WAAY to soon for my comfort anyway. We planned on trying after a year.. I know they said me being 23 will make me more fertile than most. So we used condoms, pulled out, and spermicide lube. I can’t use birth control it fucks with my body to much. Has anyone gotten pregnant this soon? How was everything? Were you and the baby okay? Was the baby healthy? I’ve lost so much weight but I’m just barely half way to my goal I have 73 more lbs to go to get to my goal. I’m currently 233lbs and was 330lbs at my biggest so I’ve lost 97lbs(46lbs before surgery) I mean I’m still loosing weight I’ve lost two lbs since yesterday. But I don’t know I’m worried it’s to soon. Because they do specifically say wait 12-18 months.
  13. PudgeBeGone

    Pre surgery fears

    Oh no I just read it got pushed back! I am so sorry they did that to me three times and each time I was super devastated. Don’t worry keep your head up! You’ll be going in for surgery before you know it.
  14. PudgeBeGone

    Pre surgery fears

    I wasn’t worried during the whole three year process of trying to get it done. A week before my surgery I lost my mind and was all of a sudden scared that I might die in surgery(literally hit me like a brick wall). My mom(who also had gastric bypass had the same dr as me) told me it’s like taking a bandaid off for them. I even looked up the chances of death(I thought it was stupid of me but it oddly made me feel better) and you have a higher chance of dying from gallbladder or hip surgery. I was so scared I even watched a video of the surgery being performed to see what might go wrong. My mom said I was crazy but they did it with ease and it made me feel better 😂
  15. PudgeBeGone

    To Tell or NOT to Tell

     Ive kept mine a secret except for close relatives(mother, father,grandmother, sister, brother, one aunt, and one cousin) and two friends because it’s no one else’s business. My dr told me everyone relapses at some point and may gain some weight back but to not focus on failing but instead realize how far you’ve come and just get right back up on that horse and keep going. I do worry about the scars if someone sees them and asks what they are from. I’m about two months and three weeks out(had gastric bypass on March 27th) I’ve lost about 95lbs total (46lbs before surgery) I didn’t worry about people questioning me loosing weight so fast because I have two or three friends and I don’t really “hang out” or really even see many people I am a home body so for all anyone knows I could’ve been loosing weight for a year or so😂. I don’t go out I work from home and workout at home lol. Don’t worry about being judged while eatingout. When we go out all I can think of is how I’m a cheap date now 😂 went to Taco Bell got a side of retried Beans and cheese for 90 cents and it lasted me three meals 😂
  16. PudgeBeGone


    I have embraced the stall but I feel like I have had so many and I’m just over two months out. I don’t know if maybe I’m loosing the weight quickly so my body is taking lots of “breaks” or what. I rarely eat because it’s so hard to force myself to do so. If I do it’s two eggs With cheese and maybe something with meat for dinner like pork,chicken,fish,and so on (very rarely do I eat lunch I mainly do if I don’t eat breakfast) I just started getting to where I take all my Vitamins (they would make me so sick that I would almost instantly throw it back up it still makes me sick but I’ve found out how to take it to where it doesn’t come back up I also would always forget Calcium but drank lactose free milk through out the day) I can’t stomach Protein Shakes so I know I’m not getting enough Protein. Maybe that’s why? I just can’t find any that sit well with my tummy. Any of the non clear ones make me sick. I can’t even drink regular milk anymore which fricking sucks because I love milk lol. I tried the clear premier ones the pomegranate and they sit well they just taste awful and don’t go down well. I don’t really dig pomegranates lol. But I figured I’d try them because my madre got them for me(she also had the gastric bypass surgery so she helps supply the shakes since she buys in bulk at sams club) I know I don’t exercise as much as I should but that’s because they took me off my blood pressure medicine(unrelated but also my diabetes pills☺️) which I had taken for several years. So now my heart rate runs high because it’s used to not relying on the beta blockers. My dr says I need to slowly retrain my heart which I am doing by cleaning the house and walking around the house. But I can only do 5-10minute intervals before it gets to 130-160 so then I have to relax till it goes down which takes a little longer then start over again. I can’t say “I’ve only lost around 100lbs” because that’s a lot. I’m just on my fifth stall already and don’t know why. I lost around 46lbs without the surgery. And then another 46lbs since surgery. So maybe since I’m fairly young(turning 23 soon) I’m loosing it faster than usual so I’m getting more stalls? I just wished I understood what my body is doing. I’m so happy the weights coming off but at the same time it’s like I knew it so well before and now we’re strangers.
  17. PudgeBeGone


    I only loose weight for a week then stall the rest and I didn’t know if it was normal. Thank you 🙏🏻 I guess I didn’t understand the stall
  18. PudgeBeGone


    Bump... I won’t see my surgeon till the 26th and they won’t give me answers over the phone so figured id ask here to see if maybe anyone else has had this issue.
  19. PudgeBeGone


    That makes me so happy I love hearing/reading about others success. Congratulations on getting to your goal weight!!!
  20. PudgeBeGone


    When was your surgery date and how much have you lost so far? Any non scale victories? Just curious I love reading everyone accomplishments. I had my surgery March 27,2019 so I’m just over two months out. My highest weight was 330lbs I lost about 46lbs before surgery so I was around 284lbs the day of surgery. Just weighed in this morning and was 238.8lbs. So I’m 8.8lbs from loosing a total of 100lbs. I’ve lost around 46 lbs after surgery. Feeling so much better! All of my clothes are to big and the clothes I’ve had since high school(hoping I’d be able to fit into them eventually) fit perfectly some are a lil snug but that hopefully won’t be an issue for to long. I’ve had some personal non scale victories like I was able to move my tummy back a little and actually see my below area to shave WITHOUT doing awkward positions with a mirror 😂. I can sit on the couch with my knees to my chest. I was able to actually have sex without having pains in my chest from all the pressure from the fat. With that being said my sex drive is FINALLY back. And I am starting to be able to see my feet again. I can walk more without being out of breath I still get sweaty easily when walking outside but that’s not a big issue. I haven’t had to take my diabetes medicines since leaving the hospital and about a month ago I got taken off my blood pressure medicines. Since being taken off my bp meds my heart rate gets high quickly they said I need to retrain my heart muscles since it didn’t have to work to hard with the beta blockers for the 4-5 years I was on it. I haven’t taken my anxiety/depression meds since surgery either.
  21. What’s the best tasting Protein supplement. I’ve been drink premier but it started to make me feel sick because I’ve been drinking it constantly. So I haven’t had it in at least a month and have been trying to eat my proteins but I’m having issues eating enough Protein and need to find a supplement that can get me to the 70g goal. I tried whey Protein Powder and it almost made me sick it was awful. Are there any “flavorless” ones or any that don’t have that nasty taste to it. If so what’s the best way to make it?
  22. PudgeBeGone

    Cold remedies

    I didn’t think of the sugar smdh I’ll try the throat spray thank you 😊
  23. Okay so I’m just over 6 weeks out and was told not to take any medications and didn’t know if a spoonful of honey was okay to treat my sore throat.
  24. PudgeBeGone

    How many oz

    I know right after surgery your supposed to eat 2oz. I’m 6 weeks out and still have to force myself to eat because I’ve only genuinely been hungry four times. I don’t wanna under eat and my body not be getting enough but I don’t want to over eat accidentally since I don’t feel hungry or full. Should I still only be eating 2oz? Somewhere in my binder I swore it said 4oz by now but I can’t find it and figured I could ask here since I can’t find it on google either.
  25. That is what was the worst part in the hospital. I was sipping on water from my little sponge stick and went thru a lot of cups and 12 hours later they cut me off, saying One cup should’ve lasted me all day. I was like but I’m still thirsty 😂

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