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    Pushycat got a reaction from ARMoma45 in July 2019 - Surgery Schedule   
    Great idea!! In July 8th. 😊
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    Pushycat reacted to Teachergal82 in July 2019 - Surgery Schedule   
    I’m having surgery July 8th!! Getting the sleeve!
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    Pushycat got a reaction from MrsGamgee in “Geriatric pregnancy” after WLS   
    Thank you for your kind words. It definitely helps to hear from someone who experienced pregnancy at 38. I'm definitely keeping all of my doctors in the loop and had an extensive conversation with both my surgeon and my OB about my options. After reading more, I'm feeling more confident with my decision to get the surgery first.
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    Pushycat reacted to MrsGamgee in “Geriatric pregnancy” after WLS   
    While I can't speak to pregnancy post WLS, other than I've heard that many women do it successfully with the support of their OB and bariatric team, I was an AMA (advanced maternal age) mom for both of my successful pregnancies.
    I was 38 when my youngest was born. To be honest, I was the poster child for why fat 'old' ladies shouldn't get pregnant. Both pregnancies brought on complications that were largely weight related. High blood pressure, gestational diabetes (heavily insulin dependant), etc. In my last pregnancy, I underwent a lot of extra testing and scans just to be sure that all was well with the wee boy. But even with those issues, both pregnancies turned out very well. Both of the wee-lings ended up in the NICU for a bit because of their blood sugars, my eldest for only a few hours, my youngest for a few days, but there have been no lasting health issues for them. Both pregnancies ended with C-sections... the second one was scheduled because it was less than 1.5 years after my first.
    Talk to your doctors... your pcp, your ob, and your bariatric team. Let them know what your plans are so that you all can be on the same page about your goals. I commend you for taking control of your health before moving forward with another potentially high risk pregnancy. Good luck to you for your surgery and growing your family!
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    Pushycat got a reaction from GreenTealael in “Geriatric pregnancy” after WLS   
    Hi everyone! I’m one week away from my VSG surgery and everything is getting a little real. All the feelings are coming up.

    Here’s some backstory: I’m 37, had a healthy baby girl when I turned 35. Gained about 80 pounds after having her and haven’t been able to get it off (I’ve ALWAYS struggled with my weight). I developed preeclampsia when I was in labor with my daughter and it took a good couple of weeks for my poor pressure to normalize after she was born.

    Hubby (44) and I have always wanted to have two children, never thought we would be doing it this late in the game but that’s how life goes. We are still wanting another one (although sometimes I’m on the fence about it) but if I have surgery now I’ll be considered a “geriatric pregnancy” if I wait the year from surgery to get pregnant. Basically if everything goes according to plan (which I realize is a long shot) I would be pregnant at 38 and giving birth at 39.

    Just looking to hear if anyone had any experience with being in your late 30s and getting pregnant after wls?
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    Pushycat got a reaction from KarenLR75 in JULY SLEEVERS   
    July 8th here in Orange County, CA. I'm excited but nervous. Started a modified liquid diet this week and still adjusting to it but feeling strong!