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  1. Hey ya'll. SO. I got down to 199 for the weigh in but gained it all back right after. I have to do another month of weight management. They switched out the nutritionists at the last second and she said she doesn't pass anyone unless they have 5 veggies a week. I'm starting metformin and Farxiga today. Doc found a little bit of blood in my urine but wasn't too concerned. I'm trying not to freak myself out either. Depression is a little more intense than usual. I'm all over the damn place. 

  2. Hey ya'll. I've been trying to get more protein in my diet. I started tracking what I ate this week and I like it so far. It sort of feels like a game. I've also been trying to eat alot slower. That helps.  My coworker who hasn't seen me in a week said I was slimmer. That made me feel good! lol Tomorrow, I have 3 appointments. I have my weight management, my psych and my visit to my primary care. They recently changed my primary care doctor so I'm looking forward to meeting this new person. Tomorrow is a big deal for me. I promised my nutritionist that I'd lose 3 pounds the next time she saw me. (I don't know why I said that) She told me she believed me because of the determination in my voice. idk ya'll. This whole process is scary. I'm scared of starting over. Last month, I weighed 205.5 LETS SEE how much I weigh in at tomorrow. Send positive vibes ❤️ 

  3. I'm finally taking all the meds the doctors want me to and I'm miserable. I'm so sick all the time. I don't even want to drink water.

    This sucks!

    1. StarFlower87


      Stay strong keep your mind focused. Speak with your doctor come up with a plan that works

    2. WeGettingThere
  4. Hey you guys. Tomorrow is my psych appointment and I'm excited but nervous at the same time. I've been reading some forums about passing the evaluation. I made this psych appointment before I realized I needed an eval for surgery. I do suffer from depression so I was hoping to get on some time of medication for it. Now I'm nervous as hell because I do not want to fail the evaluation. I guess all I can do is be honest about my concerns with my doctor.

    Also, my supervisor is being very understanding about me having to miss work sometimes for appointments. That made my day! 

    1. JessLess


      I passed easily because I was already seeing a psychiatrist. They just told me to keep seeing him, which I was going to do anyway. I would think even a plan to start seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist to help with your depression would be enough for you to get greenlighted.

    2. WeGettingThere


      @JessLess Hi! Congrats on passing. So I am going to see the psychiatrist regularly apart from my surgery. She was super nice and I like her so far. The plan is to keep seeing her.

    3. JessLess
  5. I'm trying to give these people all my labs and it's so hard! I had to do number 2 in a bag and send it in for the lab to test it. CHILE! Why did I poop in the container and when I went to drop it off, that part of the hospital was closed?!  Sigh. AWKWARD. I'll drop it off today after work tho. Feeling great!

  6. Hey all! So I went in for my weight management class. I thought that would be my last one but I actually have to wait until the nutritionist clears me. She has to decide if I'm ready. I''m not mad at it. It looks like my surgery will be happening in the summertime. So instead of focusing on the surgery date, I'm putting my energy into losing weight and making sure all these appointments are taken care of. It feels like doing mini quests on a video game before trying to fight the BIG BOSS. I'm not ready for the BIG BOSS yet. haha. Feeling pretty good! 

  7. Tomorrow is my last weight management appointment and I'm so excited! I'm also kinda nervous because in the beginning they told us to try not to gain any weight. Between the first and the second session I lost about 2 pounds. Now it seems like I gained 2 pounds. These sessions are a month apart. I've been under some stress but I've been drinking so much water. Whatever. Weight will fluctuate. That's normal. I am just worried because the first nurse I had said it would be okay if we gained a little bit. But the second nurse I had was very rough and told me not to gain anything! So confused. So excited. I think I will try filming on my ipad tomorrow. 

  8. So I just got back to work from the weekend to find out my supervisor no longer works here. That sucks because I really liked him and he was good at his job.  I can't help but think that he was fired by his new supervisor. No one understand how hard office services has to work. I think I'm going to start looking for another job too. It's just hard cuz I'm in school. I'm feeling kinda discouraged. 

    1. Jazzy1125


      I am sorry that you are feeling discouraged, but you truly do not know why your supervisor does not work there. People come and go all the time at jobs, but most of the times it is because it is something that was done against policy, or it could be your supervisor didnt like their new boss and decided to quit. Try not to jump to conclusions and let it upset you. Focus on you and your job so you can succeed and progress into the future.

    2. WeGettingThere


      Thank you for that. Im trying to put my energy into doing what my nutritionist suggested. Im trying to drink water and go for walks and etc.

  9. Auditioned for something at school but didn't get in. Feeling kinda sad so I'm "depressed eating". I'm at work and I feel like every little thing is making me mad. Maybe the universe knew I had to focus on getting my surgery so I didn't get into any plays. Idk. Still sad though.

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    2. WeGettingThere


      Thank you for that. I know the surgery won't solve my relationship with food. Sometimes I feel like I make all the worst decisions. I've actually been trying to get therapy since the summer. No one calls me back. Until like now. I have an appointment later on this month. Looking forward to it. I try to take it day by day. I spend each day thinking about why I should be excited for the next day. Idk if that's a good solution to my unhappiness but it's what I got for now until I see a doc.

    3. FluffyChix


      Make a goal list each day 1-10. Make it easy things. Achievable things. Check it off as you go. Like for instance:

      1. Get up/brush teeth/wash face/brush hair/dress warm.

      2. Walk for 5 minutes (even if it's walking in place to Leslie Sansone or Richard Simmons from youtube). Do this 3 times a day. Morning/Noon/Night. Walk 5 minutes if you are feeling sad, depressed, anxious, or like caving and eating.

      3. Plan meals/eat meals as planned. No snacking.

      4. Drink your 100oz of water. (No sugary drinks or drinks with caffeine or calories. Break up with diet drinks.)

      5. Watch comedies and laugh.

      6. Breath deep. Look up "four square breathing" techniques and do them as exercise 3-4 times per day or when you feel anxious or sad.

      7. Break up with any nicotine or drugs (like weed).

      8. Pray or meditate for 20 minutes.

      9. Journal your thoughts from today.

      10. Go to bed at the same time/cover your eyes for total darkness/set clock and wake at the same time each day.

      11. Optional but hard at this time...get outside to get fresh air and sunshine for at least 20 minutes per day.

      Make your own list. This is kinda how I started out...

    4. WeGettingThere


      This is a good list! I will create my own list but I will definitely borrow some of these. I feel like the walking would be a good idea. I work a desk job so when I'm feeling anxious, I like to disappear to the bathroom and play games on my phone. lol!

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