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  1. Woahhh. Sounds easy af. I hope you get your surgery date soon! Good luck to you.
  2. Good luck! You got this.
  3. I did an online informational too.
  4. You're lying! You're so lucky.
  5. I feel you 100%. I live alone so I'm already asking my friends to come up with "shifts" to watch me. Even my SO is like "wait until you schedule your surgery before you start freaking out" Leave me alone!
  6. Yes! I'm all about the Youtubers right now.
  7. I hope my process is as easy as yours was. I think after my final weight management class they will start scheduling me for tests.
  8. UGH! I'm dyinggggg. I've been researching non stop.
  9. I freaking hope so man! Let's do it. CUT ME OPEN ALREADY!
  10. I freaking hope so man! Let's do it. CUT ME OPEN ALREADY!
  11. "esophagogastroduodenoscopy" - What a fun word to say! My insurance requires 3 months of weight classes and a psych eval. Hope I can get my sleeve during spring break
  12. That's what I'm talking about! Fight the power! lol. Nah but seriously, good for you. I get discouraged so easily. I would have been moping around.
  13. 12 months of supervised dieting sounds like a whole lot. I feel like they try everything so we don't get the surgery. Once we complete whatever they need and they see we are serious, they're like "Oh I guess you really want this. Okay here you go."
  14. I have a year of document attempts too! I hope you're good to go!
  15. My insurance requires that I attend 3 monthly weight management classes. I have 1 more to go. Did you all have to do weight management classes? What happened after you finished?
  16. Wow, 10 months. Im getting nervous lol
  17. WeGettingThere


    My nutritionist told us not to get gummies. She said "If it looks like candy, and sounds like candy, ITS CANDY."
  18. Woah... Thanks everyone. I never thought about my goal weight until I saw the question on the page. Now I can't get it outta my head!
  19. Whoop, there it is! Thank you so much for being helpful!
  20. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I should start out that way. Just like school. Expect a C, rejoice when you get a B+

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