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  1. sallie Lindsey

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Who all has used Bloosum Bariactrics in Las Vegas ?
  2. sallie Lindsey

    February 2019 Sleevers?

    Try blossom Bariacteics in Las Vegas instead of Mexico they are doing mine for under 9 k
  3. sallie Lindsey

    February 2019 Sleevers?

    Anyone used “Bloosum Bariacteic” ?
  4. sallie Lindsey

    March Bypass Buddies

    March 17-27 I will be at bloosum Bariacteics In Las Vegas , my surgery will be the 21 or something they do a five day fast track with surgery the third day there we r arriving early to see Las Vegas but it almost half the price to have it there which worked out great since I turned into a self pay
  5. sallie Lindsey

    February 2019 Sleevers?

    Well as you all know I had insurance issues ,now I just paid for my surgery in full ,to have the sleeve done in Las Vegas at Bloosum Bariactrics ,have any of you ever used them ?
  6. sallie Lindsey

    February 2019 Sleevers?

    Well , I went through six months of weigh in nutrition classes ,EDGs ,cardiac clearances,psych evaluations ,blood work ,and now they cancelled the insurance two weeks ,before I was due to have the surgery . So I won’t be getting to get sleeved now ,I thk it’s all a scam here in Ky they rack up tht Insurance then boom right before surgery date they “cancel “ your insurance .
  7. Tht is so sad ,was his in a inoperable place ,as well ,they told me “losing the excess weight is what would help”but I appreciate the prayers ,I was really scared at first ,but I have since got over tht fear, I thk ,god just comes and collects some of us early, ,I never did find out what caused mine ,but I contribute it the body weight ,when I met with my nutritionist I asked “where she been all my life lol ,cause tht is something we don’t understand when we are young and invincible tht hey the Big Mac is really killing us ,I wish I would had eaten better younger ,and earlier but hey it’s never too late right ,my heart bleeds for you ,but know tht life here is short and temporary ,and it goes bye so fast ,your son will be waiting for you at the gates ,where the streets are paved with gold and there is so pain ,tears ,or sadness , I wouldn’t know what it would be like to bury a child as I can’t imagine ,but he sure must been special ,cause I believe ,god takes the special ones early ,as Jesus was in his thirties as well .
  8. I did ,and I don’t mean tht litterily I just mean tht I love to cook( I’m a CEO) of A small town pizzeria ,(I’m being recommended for this due to the fact tht I have a inoperable aneurysm in the chambers of heart wall ,(it’s inbetween the top right and left chambers )losing a 100 pounds will release the pressure of of it ) it’s going to be a challenge I know ,and a new introduction to Caulflower pizza crust and more greens etc ,I started at 259 six months ago ,I’m current at 230 and we’ll with thyroid issues to boot it’s been hard )
  9. U look great ,and healthy ,tht is my goal to be healthier,I have a bad food addiction and wonder what I’m going to transfer tht too ,turn into a workout freak I reckon , I never had a weight problem till 30 happened lol then boom 💥 one day at a time though right ,what has been your biggest challenge to overcome? And what advice would you give on it ?
  10. Your inspiration I don’t see any skin tht looks loose 👍
  11. sallie Lindsey

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    I’m waiting for insurance approval seeming how I got to two weeks before my date and they cut my insurance off just redid everything and waiting to get insurance approval it has been six months hope to get a date for February and so far my biggest fear is the skin I turned forty In August n I worry I’m going to have lots of skin sagging
  12. How has “skin affected any forty year olds “? Tht is my biggest fear the skin not tightening
  13. sallie Lindsey

    January 2019

    February I’m looking at
  14. sallie Lindsey

    61 lbs in 6 weeks!

    Have y’all noticed a issue with skin I’m forty and so worried about excess skin after I have the surgery

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