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    Food Before and After Photos

    Thanks! And I'm jealous! Even though I can eat it at home or from fam, I still wish there were more around me. I love trying other versions. Where I live there's only 3 spots (not counting my uncles) and two out of the 3 are not authentic. Also, its hard to find the ingredients. When we don't feel like cooking we drive 4+ hours to Patterson, NJ to eat because there are TONS of Peruvian places. There are bakeries, breakfast spots, chicken spots (this requires explaining lol), Chifa spots (Peruvian Chinese), Nikkei spots (Peruvian Japanese), etc. I feel you with the eating out. I used to eat out all the time and now Ive grown to hate it. Ill try to remember its temporary, but right now it just stinks. The other day i went to Korean BBQ with a few friends and they noticed. To make myself look normal I mostly ate pork belly. Its cut so thin I was able to trick them into thinking I was eating the average persons portion. Thats when the comments stopped. I'm thinking Ill do the same. Drink on special occasions or when I get closer to my goal weight. It seems like that what successful maintainers like yourself and others have done. Its almost my birthday so maybe Ill treat myself to a glass of wine or a mixed drink. So far I haven't heard of anyone experiencing horrible side effects so that gives me some relief too. Thanks!
  2. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Back on the meal prepping (yay!) and today’s lunch was jalapeño and bell pepper chicken burgers with an endamame salad. Finished the rest a couple hours after.
  3. I know what you mean! Ive seen all the videos you posted lol I love Kids Try, and the Pero Like channels. I can watch any of their videos all day. Did you have this fascination preop? I've always watched food videos, cooking shows, and other similar videos. As a child, one of my favorite channels was the Food Network. My family is big on cooking so I kinda got that from them. If anything, I appreciate cooking and prepping more since I've gotten surgery because I see how vital it is to take care of your body. Not sure if its satisfying some part of my brain because watching food never made me hungry but its an interesting thought!
  4. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    I think i'm going to wait longer on the drinking thing but it would be nice to have one on special occasions. Did you have any side effects when you started drinking regular? My doc said it could be harsh on the stomach. I bet it came out great! I loveeeeee flan!
  5. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Yesterday’s meal at Chili’s. Went with the Chicken fajitas. Tossed out the rice, sour cream, and cheese. Leftovers are today and tomorrow’s lunch (if it’s still good) Also, I took some sips from my bfs Presidente margarita😉 When did you all start drinking again? And start drinking caffeine? I’ve been craving a cup of regular coffee!
  6. As of this morning I'm only 9 lbs away from hitting 100 lb weight loss. I'm hoping to lose those 9 lbs by my 6 month post op mark. Time to put in overtime! 

  7. MarvelGirl25

    Week 3-4 food suggestions or recipes

    This all sounds right and delicious!
  8. MarvelGirl25

    First goal: 50 lbs down!

    Congratulations and keep it up!
  9. MarvelGirl25

    240lbs down and still single

    You look amazingggg and you're so pretty! Its all about timing. The right guy will come along. You cant even see your excess skin. And 240 lb weight loss?!? WOW. How long did it take you? Congrats!
  10. MarvelGirl25


    Following this thread! Your plane seat belt pic is goalsssssss. I cant wait for the day when i dont need a seat belt extender. Have fun and take advantage of those rides! The last time I went to an amusement park was when i was around the 350's. I went to six flags with a few friends and I couldn't go on any rides because of my size. It was so embarrassing and it made me realize how big Ive gotten. Enjoy the fruits of your labor Looking forward to seeing pics! Most people usually indulge when on vaca but you made a choice to eat fairly healthy and have balance. You should be proud. Oh and btw your niece is adorable!
  11. Welcome! ❤️❤️❤️ Im with you! Protein is key, especially protein coming from meat. Im glad to hear you are back on track! I've been doing that too, taking a bite or two on things I shouldnt be eating but we are human and we need to move on and try again. End of the year is tough. Congrats on your weight loss! We are cheering for you! You're sooo close to your gw
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    Just getting into this thread and I love it! Everyone looks sooo good! Cant wait to be confident enough to try out different styles
  13. The holidays plus your birthday can definitely do that! During the holidays I ended up bringing my own side dishes to avoid the heavy stuff. My bday is next week! I hope I stay on track 😕 Wow thats incredible! I can eat a good amount of almost anything except protein. Once I eat a piece of chicken I need to tap out. But I will say my hunger has come back too...
  14. Its funny because I think the exact same when it comes to eating out. Why spend money to go out to eat when Im just going to take a few bites and then just sit there? I think its important to spend time and effort on meals we can control, like ones we make from home. Eventually we're going to be able to eat way more than what we are eating now (from what I read) and when we get to that point all that time and effort on cooking the best and healthiest meals possible will pay off. Ultimately long term success is the goal. These beginning stages matter to build a foundation. Easier said than done though. I'm no expert and trust me I struggle too lol
  15. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Fed by my uncle again yesterday. No questions this time because he was too busy. We are done with the moving but now we’re unpacking and I can’t cook until I find my pans. I never thought I’d say this but I miss meal planning. Took one bite of the causa (first pic), gave the rice and most of my grilled potatoes from my grilled steak plate to my bf and dad, ate a couple bites of flan, and had some mazamorra (purple corn “jelly” with dates, and other fruits). This was my only meal for the day.
  16. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    I love your meal prep posts! Everything always looks so good! I have to try cauliflower rice soon 😋
  17. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Good idea! I’m going to try saying something like that because I’ve been feeling bad. He did notice the weight loss but he was more thinking the reason for me not eating as much is because Im sick.
  18. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Siblings, parents, bf, and I went to eat at my uncles restaurant for lunch today. We are almost done with the moving/cleaning but we’re all soooo exhausted 😩 Ate black clam ceviche and a piece of anticucho (grilled cow heart) No after pic because it was all gone. My family members ate the rest of my food. I felt bad because my uncle noticed I wasn’t eating much and kept asking if everything was ok. My parents tried to change topics but he still seemed suspicious. The last thing he said to me was in Spanish and if I had to translate it was something along the lines of “this is the third time in a row you visit and you don’t finish your food, who do I have to fire?” He was joking of course but I hate how its so noticeable.
  19. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Yum!!! Looks great! Grilled chicken Greek salad will be my dinner as well.
  20. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Today’s lunch 🍴 I ended up finishing it all 20 minutes laters.
  21. I still have the same likes and dislikes with food but right after surgery the taste of bottled water was nasty to me. Prior to surgery all I would drink all day everyday was bottled water but for some reason I found it disgusting. I recently purchased a water pitcher with a filter and I have no problems with that. Weird
  22. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Moving this week so its easy/quick meals & take out for the meantime.
  23. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Grilled chicken salad with tabouleh and feta. Tahini, hot sauce, hummus and tzatziki on the side. Bf gave me a few pieces of kafta that was in his wrap.
  24. MarvelGirl25

    Weight-loss funnies