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  1. Okay my fellow Decemberists we've fallen to Page 6 so it's been awhile since there have been any updates! My family went on vacation and I made it through it but had been scared to weigh in until I felt like I had worked off anything that I might have done, although in hindsight I must have done pretty well and it was way better than what I would have normally done. I think I mainly struggled hitting in my daily Protein goals because I didn't have my shakes. Btw, my wife and kids say they can totally tell when I don't hit my protein because apparently I'm slow and sluggish both mentally and physically so I guess that's one more reason to hit it. Anyways, I finally weighed in and am down 12.1 pounds this month even with vacation so YEAH!!! Last year on vacation I had to go to a clinic and they tried to admit me into the hospital but I refused and just took an IV and got better but that was what helped make my decision to look into options when I got back into town and eventually I got sleeved, which I had never even heard of until last August. What a difference a year makes! I rode rides at the amusement park, felt great, and DIDN'T SWEAT EVERYWHERE I WENT, which is saying a lot considering we were in Galveston, Texas and New Orleans which has crazy levels of humidity which usually devastate me since I'm from a very dry climate. I'm down 181 pounds total and have my next follow up with my surgeon in early September. I can't wait. Hope everyone is doing great and please give any updates. Btw, my wife has started the process of getting sleeved so hopefully that will help keep me focused and we can help each other.

  2. I do find it disturbingly interesting how much friendlier people are to me now and how many take time to say hello or whatever where in the past most of the time they never said anything! This includes retail workers, wait staff, or just the random person at a convenient store. Kind of sad but whatevs.

  3. I tried eating a couple bites of my kid's popcorn at the movies and she doesn't add any extra butter or anything and it just about ended the night for me. I had to leave and go hang out in the restroom for about the next 15-20 minutes of the movie and wasn't right for the rest of the movie! That was a couple of months ago when I was probably about 3 months out from surgery but I haven't tried it again since. I've been fine with most foods (unfortunately probably) but for whatever reason popcorn messes me up!

  4. 17 minutes ago, Lolo 2020 said:

    Oh yes .. so I just bought a bunch of inspire Cookies and Snacks to stop the cheats . Lost 1.5 lb yesterday after doing that instead of little cheats

    I'll have to look into that! I feel like I'm cheating a little here and there with snacking but even so I'm still doing way better than what I would normally be doing! I have a cheat day on my weigh in day each Saturday but compared to my unsleeved self it's not much as far as cheating goes. Just feels like it to me, and then by Monday I'm like why did I do that on the weekend? Of course, then I start working and looking forward to it again by about Thursday!

  5. On 4/13/2019 at 9:40 PM, Darci kendall said:

    I’m a Month shy of a Year and don’t even reach 700 cal a Day

    Thanks everyone and btw, I average about 800 calories a day and burn an average of 400 at the gym not to mention whatever gets naturally burned just walking around and doing standard daily activities. Also, when I wemt out to eat the other night I didn't request a table like usual and sure enough my family was escorted to a booth, which has been a nightmare situation for me for the last several years, and I looked at it and thought there is no way I'm fitting in this but I'll go ahead and try to slide in. Low and behold I not only fit easily but I had about 3 or 4 inches to spare and could lean over and everything! This is all crazy!

  6. Celebration time! Just got out of the 300's! Crazy! Started the process at 426, surgery at 400. Just weighed in at 296. (And by celebration I probably mean getting crazy and maybe hitting 1200 calories today) Hope all is going well with my fellow December Sleevers. Also, I've got a friend who is about to have the surgery in a couple of weeks so it has been great getting to pass on some info and help her.

  7. Quick update! Had my 3 month check up with my surgeon yesterday and my appointment with my cardiologist last week. Blood work was awesome and I got taken off of one of my cholesterol pills and my Vitamin D pills were reduced by over half from 5000 IU to 2000 IU.

    Some quick stats:

    Down 117 pounds total / 91 post surgery

    BMI down 16 from 56 to 40

    Inches Lost:

    Neck - 1

    Chest - 11

    Waist - 7

    Hips - 13

    Crazy awesome ride. Hasn't always been easy or without it's hiccups but clearly one of the best decisions of my life! Just thought I'd share and nobody has posted on this thread in a while.

  8. Glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing this. My whole stomach and sides have been itchy since having this surgery. At first I just figured it was part of the healing process but now I'm over 2 months out and still itchy, though not quite as much. It's tolerable, just annoying at times. But, if this and being cold is the worst things to deal with than I'll take that for sure!

  9. Mine was a series of moments that took place over last summer. My family was on vacation and I started sweating profusely (wasn't necessarily abnormal and we were in an extremely humid area) while we were out and about doing a lot of walking and I started feeling terrible, bad enough that I agreed to go to a clinic to get checked out which if you knew me is saying a lot. They rushed me through because they thought the big sweaty guy was having congestive heart failure, which I wasn't, but I was instead in the early stages of pneumonia. That got me scared though and also since my mother died at 54 of congestive heart failure. Then about a month later I was unable to go zip lining with my family and then they didn't get to go white Water rafting because they didn't want to do it without me. Got back and started looking into my options. At that time I had never even heard of gastric sleeve surgery. After a couple of weeks of intense research and pretty much finding the end of the web and youtube on anything involving gastric sleeve I made my mind up and chose a local doctor and now about 6 months later here we are and thank God!