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  1. 24 minutes ago, KarenLR75 said:

    Glad you mentioned that...when I finally stood up and looked in the mirror, my face looked..reddish-purple...I was actually worried I had burst some blood vessels. I am SO relieved someone else has gone through this!!!!!!!!!

    Yup- used to happen to me at least once a week

    not anymore really :)

  2. Does anyone else throw up blood when they vomit. I don’t vomit often anymore but when I do it’s not pleasant and I always end up spitting up phlegm with red blood in it. The harder it is to throw up (something stuck) the more blood. I also always end up bursting blood vessels in my face then too. So annoying. I asked about the blood at my last appointment two weeks ago and didn’t really get an answer. No other issues. Just curious if anyone else gets this....or has any experience with it.

  3. Just now, FluffyChix said:

    *sigh. So the bad part about this "lie of omission" is that you get us all up on your side trying to figure things out on your behalf. By doing that, you guys set us up and waste our precious time and energy by leaving out a CRUCIAL little tidbit of the equation. GAH! Makes me so frustrated. I was taken more than a few times this past 2 weeks by newbies!

    You KNOWWWW your issue. Embarrassment be damned! Be real! Be real with yourself! Be real with your support network (us)!

    You CANNOT GAME THE SYSTEM! No one can. Do not try to use your tool incorrectly. Don't use a screw driver to hammer in a nail! Use your tool properly and your tool with behave with proper and expected results.

    Sorry...but this is a major pet peeve.

    Bottom line. You don't need IF now. You need to get your food in proper order and quit eating slider, high reward, fattening crap like crackers. Protein is SUPPOSED to be difficult to eat right now. That's why they have you eating it first--to get as much in as you can while keeping and feeling your want to keep your food volume down.



    Yeah ...sorry. I can take my licks . I don't get offended like some. Sorry to waste ur time though. However, it's not like I eat junk all day- not even close. I may have a few crackers once a week or so but I KNOW I shouldn't. :)

  4. Just now, FluffyChix said:

    Yeah. It's frustrating when the rate of loss slows down. My advice would be to plan, weigh/measure, log every bite that goes down your piehole in MFP and see if you aren't absently eating more than you should or taking in secret unreported bites that blow your calorie goals. For me to lose I still have to be at 650-850cals. Anything around 800 and beyond I'm either maintaining or gaining depending on how carbalicious it is...

    I think I know my issue but I don't want to admit it LOL carbs are easy to eat (crackers etc- even though i feel nauseous afterwards)- Protein is hard to eat....voila- there is the issue. WHen i eat 100% on plan- weight falls off like it should. When I don't- it doesnt move. SIGH :) but I have to stay in the 600-800 range but that is actually pretty comfortable for me for a daily intake as long as I don't eat things I shouldn't eat anyway. Thanks again!

  5. Just now, FluffyChix said:

    If this is the case, then it's truly too early for you to do anything other than mild TRE (time restricted eating). You should only do IF if you have zero issues getting about 90% of your Protein down from normal food during a normal eating window. Otherwise, it puts too much stress on your plan. Follow your plan and allow your tool to do its job. :) IF awaits when you really need it down the road.

    This is really good advice. I just haven't lost much this month and I was hoping IF would help that. But if I am more diligent w/ my plan (getting Protein in, eating regularly...etc) I bet it would be all I need to do.

  6. Just now, Orchids&Dragons said:

    I'm still lucky to down 2 oz. of lean meat at a sitting!

    This is what I worry about. Last night for dinner i ate ONE shrimp...a little cauliflower risotto and a few bites of zoodles and was overly stuffed. Every meal with Protein is like this. So I am going back to forcing myself to drink shakes to supplement again :(

    I am hoping it gets easier to eat protein.....sooner or later.

  7. 2 hours ago, Lamermaid said:

    Thank you. It's still falling out :*(

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    I had surgery the day after you- i still lose some- but much less AND i have new hair growth- i definitely am too lax on my Protein though and working really hard to get that up. I don't really take any extra supplements, just my regular Vitamins. Luckily I had a lot of hair so it's really not super noticeable. It will stop- probably soon!!

  8. Just now, FluffyChix said:

    LOL. Some use a little Premier Protein drink in their coffee and still count it as fasting. It just depends on why you're fasting and which method you are using. There are many different ways and reasons.

    Maybe I will try that......gah.

    and ya know. just discipline and refocus and continue weight loss and just overall health. It also seems like it would fit my day well and force me to be more disciplined :) which i need!

  9. Just now, FluffyChix said:

    Yes. I drink it black, decaff, no sweeteners. I also drink green Decaf tea the same way and also EarlGrey tea same way.

    Decaf what?! lol

    I am apparently "not allowed" black coffee- that used to be my go to- so now I have to use a little cream SIGHHHHHHHh. I bet I could drink black coffee again....it's been almost 7 months since surgery. but decaf is a huge no no no :)

  10. what fluffy said- the egg probably was just enough to make you feel sick (eggs are HARD for a lot of people - I didn't eat scrambled for at least 3 months because they make me sick)- egg salad is okay but still not a lot. And I also threw up a lot in the beginning- still occasionally and I have really good restriction and not a lot of hunger most days. Just drink Water and let your pouch rest for a few days :) best of luck!

  11. Just now, Sheribear68 said:

    I’m also just hitting 6 months PO and the awesome people here who’ve done IF have told me that an ounce or two of milk probably doesn’t count as “breaking fast” unless you’re going totally purist—which I’m not because I NEED that morning coffee most days.

    Anyway, I’m proud of myself because I’ve been sticking to 18:6 all week and have my day planned for today.

    I hate milk LOL but I will use some sort of cream or something- just not milk per say---

    that is good to know. I need to plan my day out then. I don't really eat consistently or enough because I am not hungry and get full so fast but I need to do better. So maybe this will help :)

    So do you eat between noon-6pm? I just had a few bites of chicken salad so technically i could all of my meals within the next 6 hours and be fine. But I am stuffed at the moment. I could probably do OMAD but it wouldn't be enough food :(

  12. I think I am going to start IF now that I am 6 mos PO and I have one question-- I still drink a cup of coffee in the AM and I am still on my PPI -- I think I have to start weening myself off of that this month ...boo. It's like my security blanket for some reason. Anywho- what do you drink in the AM if you are doing IF- I am not supposed to have black coffee. I used to only drink coffee black but since surgery I have gotten used to a little SF Creamer.

  13. I just realized I am 6 mos post op....by a few days now but wow....time flies LOL!

    This week I am going to join a gym...finally. I have been putting it off but now I know I must. Going to set up bi-monthly appointments with a trainer also to keep myself motivated. Also signed up for a 5k and going to shoot for a 1/2 marathon next spring- so that will give me motivation and lots of time to prepare!

  14. Watermelon seems to make me sick...I feel sick and once I had to throw it up. I have had it three or four times. Each time I felt a little nauseous and the one time I ate a lot was when I got sick. So sadly, watermelon is now off of my list for a bit. Bananas also make me feel blek- I only know cuz I Have made a few smoothies with banana and can't drink too much. Berries are fine and that is the only fruit I really will eat and it's not that often. You are still pretty early post op, so that could be why.