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  1. I struggled a lot with full foods and some "softer stuff" but cottage cheese and yogurt was my go to when I couldn't eat. Eggs were a hell no for me at two weeks.... even not something I eat often now at almost 3 months-I always feel nauseous after I eat them. I would just eat what you can and have shakes to make up the difference. Just eat a little bit and then stop. Nothing wrong with a bite or two at this point. It's early one! Just make sure you get a lot of water and try to reach your protein goal
  2. CurvyMom

    Supplies prior to Surgery

    I have boxes of jello and pudding I still haven't made- I realized fast i hate jello unless it's jello shots LOL and i have cartons of broth - slowly trying to cook things with broth. Grab some protein water, protein shakes (but just enough for maybe a week if you have easy access to stores- I was out shopping in a few days)....find a broth you like and just get the bare minimum. Otherwise you could waste a lot of money
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    Food Before and After Photos

    yeaa those were some lofty goals LOL
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    Food Before and After Photos

    This is the best thing I have seen in a while!!!! looks so good
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    Kratom and WLS

  6. I went back a week after surgery.....I was tired but fine overall. Took liquid tylenol mid day the first two days. But I went back midweek so it wasn't so bad.
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    So I am 10 weeks now and have tried a few different drinks at different times .... white wine- i can have a full glass and it does nada but makes me tired (so that is out) red wine- one glass and I am definitely tipsy but also tired i had one truly spiked seltzer ( i know it's not the best cuz it is carbonated but I did let it get pretty darn flat)- this was my favorite drink i have tried but also made me tired last night i had vodka/water with extra lemon- this was my go to drink before wls anyway - one shot of vodka in a really really big glass of water and a glass of water on the side and i add more water as I go. got a little tipsy quicker than any of the other drinks and TIRED after...like so so so tired. And thirsty as hell today and I drink a lot of water normally So the moral of the story for me is that alcohol makes me so damn tired and I won't be drinking regularly or anytime soon again. I hate feeling exhausted tired like that.
  8. CurvyMom

    OK to be OK?

    You are doing great and it is fine. I felt about the same way but it's definitely a different experience when trying to eat "regular" foods...so just enjoy and take your time with things.
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    Sometimes. If it’s something I kind of want to donabs more people are then I probably will but if it’s somethjng I really do not want to do then NOPE
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    So I got my exercise in cuz everyone made me feel lazy. This is great motivation to get me exercising regularly. I usually do walk away the pounds but my friend told me to try Body Project videos on YouTube and I did a beginner low impact one for 30 minutes and holy hell....I will keep doing this but it was definitely a workout for me. I am sure for a lot of people it would be too easy but since I am just starting it was pretty perfect. Walk away the pounds was a piece of cake compared to this lol.
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    #4 exercise- ughhh LOL but I will try this butt and gut challenge and start today. I am crazy busy right now and through next week with my son's theater schedule but I am going to get in a walk tonight (even if it's inside in front of the TV...) and I will try a plank- how the hell do you do a plank? LOL
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    Post pics!! I agree- let us know- i just made an appt for a lift and tint but curious how the at home kit works
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    I am taking an arts and craft type class- something I am totally not into but I had fun at my first class so we shall see.
  15. CurvyMom


    me for sure...only 2 months post op....but really I hate eating meat right now so much I have no choice. I just had a great salad for lunch, but no meat So i had some nuts and feta on it and then if I am short today I will have another shake tonight but so far I only need one a day and I am getting enough protein in. Eating is such a PITA lol
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    Okay I am in...I will try to do better this month then last month. Challenge starting weight 269 RNY / post op - losing WL Goal this month - Lose 10 lbs (or get in the 250s)....loss has been somewhat slower 2-3lbs a week but I realized based on my daily average I can hit my goal weight in a year if I stay vigilant. Other Goal this month is to exercise 5 times a week minimum. I was doing good last month and then just stopped for no reason 😐
  17. CurvyMom

    Buying clothe

    Depends what you need the clothing for where I would suggest you go. I would just get some basics for now. I grabbed some stuff at Old Navy-- good prices if you hit their sales and it wears okay...but since you may not be wearing the same sizes for too long, to me it's fine. I am not a Kohl's fan for clothing anymore, but plenty of people love it there. I also don't have any good thrift stores around....that being said, NY &Co has good sales, Target even has cute stuff, Old Navy (like i said), if you need work tops/slacks- Dress barn is okay sometimes. As for old stuff, i just donated 10 bags....have lots more to go eventually but donation for me is easy. I do not have time to try to sell stuff and would rather just give it away.
  18. Congrats! I have nothing really to add (I don't have this experience or know anyone in this situation) but I wanted to wish you the best
  19. This was incredibly insensitive, rude, and uncalled for. Stop being a d**k
  20. I used to get headaches every few days ...I am fairly sure it was all blood pressure related because I am almost 2 months post op and I think I have had one minor headache to date. now allergy season is starting, so we will see .....
  21. CurvyMom

    Built Bars

    I tried them and I hate them. To me they taste too fake sweet and the texture is awful. (just my personal review). One of my coworkers absolutely loved them though. I got the 6 sample box for 9.99- which to me was a great option. Shipping was also free. Definitely worth checking out. I only ever took like one bite maybe two. Maybe I am too soon post-op but they were just so darn heavy and gross to me.
  22. Just getting opinions BEFORE I decide if I want to email the doctor's office. I call them about two weeks ago and they never called me back, so I figure I would get opinions here before I waste time calling them 6 weeks P.O today.....allowed all foods. I have been eating yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken salad....etc. Added in occassionally- blue berries, some raw veggies, some cooked veggies. I have had some experience with what I assumed was eating too fast/too much and/or not chewing enough and eventually i have to throw up to feel better. the past week, i have throw up almost every meal with protein in it unless it was yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna (although once I threw that up), chicken salad yesterday. This morning I feel like i have blue berries stuck and threw up a few time already. These berries were soooooo small. Smaller than my normal pills I can swallow without being sick. two days ago i threw up salmon and green beans (maybe the beans?), then yesterday I threw up my lunch which was rotisserie chiicken (but there was definitely a piece of chicken stuck for hours...so I know i didnt chew it enough- cuz i saw it later TMI SORRY)..... any suggestions? Shoudl I just slow the hell down and go back to soft only and stop trying proteins that are "denser"....I really don't think I have a stricture though because I am able to keep down plain cottage cheese, plain yogurt, liquids ...etc but who am I to know. I am also not losing any weight right now which could be that I"m just not getting enough protein in or I am just stalled- but my primary issue is the vomitting almost every day.
  23. CurvyMom

    Weight-loss funnies

    This is not even a joke! I say that daily....
  24. Just a quick update- the extra medicine helped tremendously (at least I think so)- my stomach doesn't feel so blah anymore - it was just sore feeling and kinda hurt. As if I had been throwing up for two weeks - go figure. Since Friday evening no more vomiting! YAY!!! I am just eating differently. Still have a little raw veggies but not a lot and 100% focused on protein...trying to embrace shakes again. I need to experiment with a morning coffee shake and some other shakes I think to keep them not so boring but overall, things are going much better. I have upped my protein to around 70-80g which is still not crazy high but I was definitely not hitting any type of protein goals because I couldn't keep anything down. Since Friday the scale has moved 4lbs ! I will keep with this for a few weeks until I am ready to try other foods. Thanks everyone for the advice and support also!
  25. CurvyMom

    Cleaned out the closet today

    I started doing this. I’ve been up and down the weight loss journey before and have so much. I threw away four bags and donated 7 so far and found sooo much I can now wear or almost wear. But I haven’t touched my smaller sizes yet. Did the same with shoes and now buying new shoes 🤣🤣