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  1. CurvyMom


    Yeah, I know lol I know as i lose more it will happen......
  2. CurvyMom


    Week 2-4 month 4 also- like the whole month almost- I want to hurt someone LOL Hang in there
  3. CurvyMom

    Food Before and After Photos

    This does looks great. Sometimes I want something italian-ish...this might do the trick. Recipe would be great but I could probably try to wing it
  4. CurvyMom

    Eating Salad

    I was able to eat raw veggies/salad at 6 weeks BUT....I didn't really eat them regularly until 8-10 weeks- somewhere in there. Regularly meaning, a few slices of cucumber or red pepper and a few pieces of chopped up romaine some days. I have had a small salad with just a few ingredients also occassionally. I want to get to the point of eating one daily but just not yet. I have a harder time with proteins than veggies- except a few veggies I cannot tolerate at all yet. Just take things slowly and try one thing at a time when you are ready. Best of luck!
  5. CurvyMom

    I CANNOT Pee!

    I had the same issue however I refused a cath- i just kept drinking and walking and trying to pee and eventually it happened. Took a long time but I was NOT getting a cath.....idk why cuz they are not that bad but I was determined. Best of luck.
  6. Sweet things are even sweeter to me. I do still use some Splenda Or stevia in my coffee - depending which I have handy- but even flavored yogurts were awful at first. As I get farther out I have been able to tolerate the taste a little more. Water some days tastes funny and I have to put something in it to help the taste. But that could be just being sick of water lol cottage cheese still tastes like the best thing ever to me though. Pre surgery it was tolerable - now it’s the most amazing treat and red peppers- they are the perfect food to me. Too bad they don’t have protein but they are just the crispness and sweetness. So yeah there are definitely changes in tastes- textures too but that is a whole other conversation
  7. CurvyMom

    Mammogram Required?

    I was 40 and didn’t have my mammogram before. I did have it two months after but it wasn’t required. I just wanted to get a baseline and since insurance covered it, I did it. Not sure why your surgeon wants it....maybe they are just crossing certain things off of a list they have and since you are of age to get one, they want it. I was a little uneasy about getting it done (nervous) but it was easy peasy. Glad I did it...
  8. It’s pretty normal to feel everything moving down as you eat...at least this early. I am just about 4 mos post op and can still feel liquids and thin foods. I also suggest eating less and measuring if your stomach hurts. Best of luck
  9. CurvyMom

    I have a "would you rather' question

    This is a tough question and once I am a few more months post op I wonder how I will feel then. But...I have plenty of restriction, I haven’t dumped yet. I can eat stuff I shouldn’t and can’t eat protein like I should be able to get. Or I just have tried things not on plan hoping they’d bother me but they don’t. Part of me wishes that I would dump from things but then after I have thrown up for the 34550392 time I am like ughhh I am glad I don’t dump. Or maybe so do and I don’t realize it but it’s geberally from protein or eating too fast. Mostly behavioral issues make me sick. So I don’t know LOL. Too soon to really say I guess.
  10. When i look at a carb LOL At least that is how I feel...however, mostly the scale goes up when I dont drink water like I know it should be. It goes back down but takes a bit sometimes.
  11. CurvyMom


    I take fusion - try a different flavor maybe?- i have tropical which is okay adn mixed berry which is mehhh--but they're not that bad. I use the chewy calcium by bariatric advantage. I also tried procare capsule and took it mid day and got so sick....so I will switch to those in a few weeks and try them at night.
  12. I agree. I’d really tighten up my diet and exercise program and try for 6 more months and see if I can lose the weight on my own. I don’t regret surgery for myself but if I had 40 to lose yet or even 60, I wouldn’t have had it. But everyone’s journey is different.
  13. CurvyMom

    Diet phases

    I ate yogurt, cottage cheese, ricotta bake and chicken salad... not much else sounded good.
  14. CurvyMom

    The thirst is real!!

    Don’t panic about the vitamins. You won’t die if you don’t start them for a few days. But you should call your doctors office to speak to someone about what they want you to take. Whatever you get, I don’t recommend starting with something you swallow- I’d suggest a chewable for a month or two at least. There are so many brands and price points and you may just need to try a few until you find what works best. But no need to panic or think you will be sick from not having them for a few days. I am always thirsty also- even right after surgery I drank a lot. Could be affects of the anesthesia giving you a bit of extra thirst as well. Good luck on your journey.
  15. CurvyMom

    Stuck food

    That is true- i just feel like I might get too much sodium do you make yours in a smoker or air fryer ( I know people who do both)
  16. CurvyMom

    Stuck food

    I'd really be in trouble if i made my own beef jerky LOL I would it all day HAHA
  17. CurvyMom

    Stuck food

    I had beef jerky stuck once- now i won't eat it- unless it's really soft. found one brand that is really good and soft- country archer I think it is. But I eat too much beef jerky if I have it, so i don't buy it
  18. CurvyMom

    Stuck food

    you could TRY to drink as much fluid as you can get in to make yourself throw up and push it out- i have done this and it's NOT fun...and I have broken blood vessels in my face throwing up doing it...but it worked. Or if it hasn't been long just give it time.....?
  19. CurvyMom

    Multivitamin One

    I was thinking of doing the same but I have three bottle of procare so it will be a while. I hope someone reviews the new chewable One they just came out with though. I am interested in that.....
  20. CurvyMom

    Easy raw veggies?

    I like to eat veggies before lunch some days...usually I eat half a red pepper sliced up with some ranch. Red pepper is my favorite. I will roast asparagus with dinner a lot and usually only eat one or two spears . Cucumbers are okay too but I have to peel them. Tomatoes chopped up small mixed with something. Mostly I enjoy raw veggies....but I will eat cooked. Carrots are a definite no for me- no matter how I have made them I get sick. Whichever you try just chew it really good
  21. CurvyMom

    Dr. Now.

    I tried chinese food last night for the first time and UGH threw up like an hour later - god awful lol won't be having that again for a while - yuk
  22. CurvyMom


    I swallowed a piece a month post op- not on purpose just out of old habit and I was paranoid for about a day- hasn't happened since.
  23. CurvyMom


    Nope...no issues.
  24. Good chance the egg just made you sick. Take it easy for a day and try eggs in a few week maybe. Eggs always make me feel sick still.
  25. CurvyMom


    I chew it now sometimes. I am just conscious not to swallow it now when before I usually swallowed it lol