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  1. Thought I would check in here and see if you are still eating this way and how you are doing?
  2. CurvyMom

    Had Emergency Surgery Just Now

    oh wow- sorry to hear this but speedy recovery!!!
  3. CurvyMom

    ❤My Revision Story❤

    Speedy recovery and best of luck with everything!
  4. CurvyMom

    I need a f*#+ing drink

    About the same for me- maybe 6 weeks.
  5. Not everyone dumps with bypass....I have yet to and trust me I have tried. Meaning, i have tried things that SHOULD make me dump and do not. A few things make me nauseous which as close as I have gotten....but I would only tell you to NOT rely on dumping as the thing that is going to help you lose weight. You have to do it for yourself and be ready mentally and just stick to it. Whichever surgery you get, you can be successful, just have to put the work in.
  6. CurvyMom

    Food Before and After Photos

    Haven’t posted anything in a while because my food has been underwhelming. But today I ordered lunch from Panera- their new Summer Strawberry Caprese salad. It’s really good. This is easily made at home I am sure but I just needed something quick. Half of a salad and this is after for now. I want to finish this today somehow but after about 6 bites I am stuffed
  7. I know it happens at various times...so right now I just do not want to eat. Maybe for about four days or so. I’m not eating much protein the past two weeks or so and even the past few days I don’t want to eat much of anything. I’ll have a bite of this or that and then just excuse myself from dinner and clean up. Or I’ll take food at lunch and don’t eat it and eventually throw it out. Dense proteins are still a pain to eat but there is plenty of food I can eat— I just haven’t been interested. I know I need to eat but what do you do when this happens. Do you consider it a lucky day and just embrace it or do you make yourself eat? I’m not sick or having any other issues. Just not interested much in food. (For once in my life LOL)
  8. I’ve seen mixed views on this. I have had two beers and am 5 mos post op. I had two hard seltzer’s but those bother me cuz they were too carbonated but the beer didn’t. So who knows. Not something I’ll do often
  9. That is what I am trying to do...because there were days I was ravenous and wanted to eat EVERYTHING at 3 mos post op...It could also be the warmer weather just messing with my desires to eat. Either way I am gonna try to just go with the flow. Thanks for the pep talk on protein.....
  10. CurvyMom

    How many calories do you eat a day?

    5 months....some days I am at 400 (which is too low) and occasionally I can hit 800 if I eat enough protein. Average is 600-650. I walk 5 days a week minimum and will add in light weights/resistance soon.
  11. Yup. I was running into that slippery slope too— so i get it. Ugh
  12. Thanks! I am keeping up my water and vitamins And I eat a little bit here and there. Protein shakes welllll let’s not talk about those. Lol
  13. CurvyMom

    Fruits and Veggies

    Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red/green peppers (all raw)....cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus (cooked), watermelon, berries.....
  14. Most "meat" still bothers me.....I don't want to eat it either, so that's a whole other issue. Ground beef is fine but I could never eat meat again and be okay ...except bacon. ha....but pork is really bad. I have tried it a few times and I can't find a way to eat it that doesnt make me sick. Steak I can eat filet.....which is what i ate before surgery anyway. Chicken is okay but only if it's like a chicken tender - and that isnt healthy sooooo...... It does get easier but it is a process and work.
  15. I know we all lose weight differently and cannot control where/how BUTTTTTT, does anyone have any suggestion to increase weight loss in the legs (the whole leg- calf, thigh) or does it eventually just happen. I found some youtube exercise videos and am going to start those along with walking daily but damnit, I cannot for the life of me get the weight to drop at all on my legs. I am losing everywhere else but legs are stubborn and I can't even get a pair of jeans to fit right now because my waist is like a 16 and my legs are not there .... very frustrating!
  16. CurvyMom


    Many people claim that tilapia is some sort of man made mutant fish- just google.....
  17. CurvyMom

    Grilled cheese alternative?

    Maybe make some cheese crisps or something like that to help with the cravings? Is it the cheese or the bread you want? if it's cheese, you can easily have that (even at 3 weeks I am thinking you can have something since you are on soft foods); if it's bread you may be SOL.....bread is the devil though
  18. CurvyMom


    Crab cakes are a go to for me even though they do have some filler, even the high quality ones....but I refuse to make my own. I can eat about half of one comfortably or 2-3 ounces. Shrimp is okay if I cut it really small but I still cannot eat more than 3 shrimp max....and any white fish is pretty good. Other meats are still hit or miss with me and I will be 5 mos post-op soon.
  19. I would take one more test Monday morning and call the doctor. If that test is within the timeframe (usually 3 minutes) it’s pretty clear to me. But I would retest cuz I am a nut like that. Best of luck and everything will work out great!
  20. about 2 weeks with no issues....I did wake up a few times on my stomach after a week or so and just had to be more careful
  21. Can you all recommend your favorite yogurt? I am on puree stage and had some Oikos Triple Zero today but it was too sweet for me. Almost sickening sweet...pre op I liked them but nope...... So I am looking for low sugar and higher protein. I was looking at Sigis as a possibility but was just curious if anyone has an favorites.
  22. CurvyMom


    this isnt very reassuring LOL
  23. CurvyMom


    I dont mind being thicker on the bottom but I want to just lose some weight there!!!!!! I have nothing against having hips or curves to some degree but i don't want calves the size of thighs!
  24. CurvyMom


    Vodka / water with lime or lemon- you can try a flavored vodka too- ciroc watermelon and water is good- a friend told me lol
  25. Sudafed- i just took two for allergy or cold something I have going on right now and want to face plant on my desk LOL but really- everyone's suggestions are good. I am still tired some days more than others. Exercise really helps me have more energy but also then helps me sleep better.