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  1. CurvyMom

    Isopure Zero Carb Drinks

    I was just telling someone I am so sick of food- I am still pre-op like i said, but I start the 2 week pre op diet in a day and I am looking forward to it. I was doing a modified pre-op diet the past month and just added back in regular meals about a week and a half ago and I am just done with it. Everything feels so heavy after I eat and I am looking forward to protein shakes, waters and broth for two weeks.............so I get what you mean by "heavy"
  2. CurvyMom

    Isopure Zero Carb Drinks

    Maybe I will try that post-op if I run out of of SF popsicles-- good idea. For now I just dumped it into a 30 ounce water bottle and diluted it and it tastes fine.
  3. CurvyMom

    Isopure Zero Carb Drinks

    I just got the apple melon- it is sweet, but i don't drink much sweet anyway so any type of sweet drink I have to water down (I am still pre-op - i got them for post op but wanted to try one). The one I got is the 20g protein, not 40....
  4. CurvyMom

    Bariatric Supplements BEFORE Surgery

    I had my final pre op nutrition class today and was told — don’t start bariatric vitamins before, just keep taking a good multivitamin and start the bariatric ones the first day you are home. So I got a one month supply today also.
  5. CurvyMom

    Jan 2019 bypass buddies

    I haven't done that yet. I have lots of lists going on my phone but I didn't want to buy anything until after tomorrow. I have a decent amount of protein shakes because I drink them now but nothing else. I have about 2 cases right now, It will give me something to do over the next three weeks I figure LOL-- Shopping is always fun even for broth
  6. CurvyMom

    Jan 2019 bypass buddies

    I had everything done too-- I have a 3 hours nutrition class tomorrow then I do pre-admission stuff and meet w/ anesthesia and then I go see the surgeon "one last time" I guess..... and then, same as you, waiitttt...and obsess!
  7. CurvyMom

    Jan 2019 bypass buddies

    I have my pre-op tomorrow....a full day of pre op fun ! Cannot wait. I'm a day behind you for surgery and I have to do two full week so of the liquid diet so that starts next week likely on the 15th.
  8. CurvyMom

    January surgeries?!

    Orgain is also not bad- but I have only had the chocolate. It's thinner than premier and a bit of a different flavor.
  9. CurvyMom

    Final Decision appointment

    I didn't have one....but I meet w/ the surgeon next week to ask any "final" questions and have my nutrition class and all of that jazz. So maybe that is what your appointment is similar to.
  10. CurvyMom

    Jan 2019 bypass buddies

    Good luck all...I just got my date. January 30th. Still sort of in disbelief that I decided to go through with this and terrified. But will be soooo worth it!
  11. CurvyMom

    What I've Received for Xmas from My Bosses

    I was going to say the same thing- keep the Panera card! I am pre op yet but I am weighing in tomorrow for hopefully my final weigh in and then scheduling (fingers crossed) -- we are having a pot luck today at work - SIGH Got two big boxes of chocolate today and a bottle of wine.....refgifting both!
  12. CurvyMom

    Magic Mouthwash

    I used it once but only to gargle when I had a wisdom tooth issue- it's pretty vile...good luck!
  13. I like premier and ordain chocolate. I haven’t ventured on to other flavors yet though.
  14. CurvyMom

    Life without NSAIDS?

    Oh no...my dr said normally it should last about 15 years. I had it when I was 37 and thought there would be a good chance of repeating it. Hopefully that isn't the case, but it isn't the worst thing to have done. Good luck!
  15. CurvyMom

    Life without NSAIDS?

    I had it with a tubal...so tubal and endometrial ablation together- it was done as outpatient. Tubal was laproscopic and the other was well.....You can google it. But I was asleep Didn't really hurt too much after. Nominal pain the day of and took some pain meds. Basically felt like you did 1000 situps ...from the tubal pain. I don't know how I would feel after just the ablation but I had it on a thursday and Saturday I went to a picnic for a few hours and then Monday back to work. I have had friends that have had both together and say the same thing...most of the pain is from the tubal.
  16. CurvyMom

    Life without NSAIDS?

    It's great...one of the best things I ever did but you have to be 100% sure no more babies.....
  17. CurvyMom

    Life without NSAIDS?

    If you are post-baby making days, you could consider ablation....I had it done three years ago along with a tubal. I was getting pretty heavy periods as I got older and went back on BC and 9 months later got a DVT, so i was never allowed to take any type of BC again..not even a copper IUD (which my GP said causes heavier bleeding in many people.). Long story short.....I no longer get a period and no longer have any cramps. I am past the point of wanting more children which is why i chose that. If you want children, you can't do that though.
  18. Hello all.... THis is my first post but I have been lurking and reading for weeks. My insurance doesn't have any requirements for weight checks or weight loss....but my doctor requires 5%. I have been STRUGGLING for the past month and half losing and gaining the same 6 pounds. I have to lose about 10 lbs total now before Dec 13th....any advice. This is the last step for me to get a date and I am really starting to want to give up. I am following around a 1400 calorie plan most days and not drinking any alcohol and at least 100ounces of water a day, sometimes more. I have a lot of excess weight to lose, so it's not that I only have a few pounds to lose..... SHort of dropping my calories to around 800 a day (which I know works), I am not sure how else I will lose this weight in two week.
  19. So the dr office just called me...they are submitting to insurance today. I still go next week for a weight check, but since it's not insurance required I guess they are not going to wait- all of the other requirements have been met. So fingers crossed that I get approved and get a date soon. Hoping for a January date. I am still working on losing weight....it's going okay so far.....pushing protein and fluids!
  20. @kjuno pizza would be too hard for me so I feel your pain. It’s the one thing I really have a hard time resisting. I freakin love pizza 😢 and my work luncheon- I requested a few healthier things that I know I can have and not feel like I went off the deep end. As long as it’s during the day and there is no wine around, I am fine. I am trying to cold turkey quit red wine since I know it’s a huge no no post op.
  21. I am going to give the pre op diet a try. Maybe a modification here and there. I took an Rx to lose weight years ago. Worked great. Lost a ton ...but felt like trash basically day to day because of side effects. I just need to win the battle with my brain right now :)
  22. This is what I was thinking of doing. I am just looking online at different "plans" to follow ...I have been drinking protein shakes anyway, so why not add in some broths and another shake. I have one work luncheon and my son's birthday before weigh in but if I just eat a sensible meal at each that shouldn't derail me. Thanks for the reply!