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  1. Everyone is different, I had Weds morning surgery discharged around 3pm, slept all night and got bored around noon on Thursday so I went in to work. Compared to other peoples accounts I felt fantastic only a little soreness when getting up or going to sit down. Now my surgeon was floored when I told him I went back to work the day after surgery, but he didn't seem upset kind of impressed with me, himself and the anesthetist (who had given me an injection while I was under and said it would help with pain management for a few days after surgery).

  2. My two week pre-op consisted of 4 Premier Protein shakes a day space out every 2.5-3 hours and either low sodium broth (Blood Pressure problems) or Tomato Soup for dinner. Like another poster said mind tricks the warm dinner helped me get through the Protein Shakes in the morning and drinking them every 2.5 hours kept my stomach satisfied most of the day. I didn't per say feel hungry during my pre op but more so unsatisfied with the same thing every day for two weeks straight. But sticking to it and all taht was around 950 calories/day I dropped 27 lbs in the two weeks before surgery. So it really does work and my surgeon said my liver looked marvelous on day of surgery. I wold try the Premier Protein you can get them at Walmart, Sams and costco and it comes out more milky that watery (be careful with the caramel one it has come seriously strong flavor). Personal favorites are Bananas and cream, chocolate, and if you can find it Cookies and Cream is awesome. Hope this helps just stick to it its worth it to see those numbers on the scale go down.

  3. Ok so I also work a desk job, I had surgery on a Weds but only had enough time off for the remainder of the week planned to go back on Monday the following week. Now this is not to say this will be your experience, but I felt great after surgery didn't need pain meds and was back at work Thursday afternoon (literally 24 hours after my surgery). Please understand I am not suggesting you plan for that, but do realize that everyone will heal and feel differently you just need to listen to your doctor first and your body after that. I hope it works out well for you.

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