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  1. 6 minutes ago, TFL21 said:

    I stayed for 2 nights.

    When I woke up, from surgery it felt like I got karate kicked in the stomach. Like the wind is knocked out of you. They immediately give you dilaudid, and you’re fine! Roz, a very funny and awesome lady came in and said, “ congratulations! you did it! This is the beginning of life long change!”

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget her and those words because she made feel like I hit a jackpot.

    Bring a warm blanket that you can fold up in an overnight bag. I came and left in the same clothes, and didn’t bring much except my cell. They give you a medicine cup of Water the size of a small shot glass. And you have to sip, sip, sip. I used my cell as an alarm every 5 or 15 minutes to sip Water. The pain meds will make you sleep, and if you have kids or need sleep, take advantage of this! I told the nurses to let me sleep and sleep through the night but I WALKED and walked every time I woke up.

    I’ve had 2 c-sections and an appendectomy. This was a piece of cake! Best investment I EVER made!

    You will do great!

    Thank you very much for sharing that with me. You answered ALL my questions!!!

  2. My surgery is July 30th. It has be rescheduled twice. My first date was September 17th. The office called and asked if I would like an August date instead so they scheduled me for August 22nd. Today they called and said they had a July date available and would like to bump me up again. I had a 12 month wait time because my insurance required me to do bariatric counseling for a year before they would approve the surgery. I can't believe my date is almost here!

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