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  1. Hey! So I am just about to go to my second weigh in out of 6, so I have awhile to go until ready for surgery. However, I am already freaking out about waiting on insurance for an approval. I am hoping to have surgery in Dec, and really want it then since I have already met my deductible. How long did you with BCBS have to wait from when the doc's office sent in the request until you heard a reply? Thanks!!

  2. 45 minutes ago, Sosewsue61 said:

    I don't understand the need to tell coworkers, even a supervisor - other than - surgery - and fill out medical leave and be done with it. People are too nosey, too opinionated - they have all kinds of opinions, advice, scrutiny, comments and even if they publicly seem supportive - believe me they have private opinions that might surprise you. You do not need this validation/acceptance/scrutiny, etc. If you tell they will be watching you and watching you. Do you broadcast a hysterectomy or prostrate surgery? Medical issues are no one's business. Do you share your checkbook balance or what you do in the bedroom?

    These days it seems like we are perpetually on Jerry Springer with the over sharing.

    The watching me is the main reason I will not tell anyone at work. I don't want anyone to watch what I'm doing or eating.

  3. Don't tell anyone at work if you can avoid it. Even close work friends have a tendency to forget to be quiet about it. I chose to tell my work friends, my boss, everyone at work and I'm sorry I did. There are a lot of very supportive people, but there are a few who are toxic. I hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night and instead of rolling over to go back to sleep, a nasty comment they made to me pops in my head! Last comment was: "Oh look at you! Getting so much smaller! You are going to have so much skin to remove!" I know this, I think on it enough without someone who cares little about me say it to my face. My feelings were Iron clad before surgery--now they are tender and easy to trample. If only I'd understood the mental changes better.
    So, what to say when people ask how you're losing weight so fast. You tell them, "Everything, I'm doing everything." If you want to elaborate, say you're eating way less, eating way better, and moving a whole lot more. It's simple...and...it's the truth. Good luck! [emoji4]

    I love this. I will definitely not be telling any coworkers the truth. Thank you!

  4. 1 minute ago, beingdina said:

    I think it depends on how long you've been somewhere. Like I had said, I've only been at my job for 5 months... as nice as they are I'm still a probationary newbie and can't mess up my getting a permanent position. Overall, I am fine with people knowing, since at 405 pounds they will quickly start to see the changes in me. I think the biggest thing for me was when a coworker told me to not talk about it with another coworker because she would try to use it against me in some way. I am the largest person in my department and know they will be glad to see me lose the weight for my well-being (and their discomfort with obesity probably, I'm not naïve), but I just don't want to lose my job over it.

    I'm not technically eligible for FMLA until I've been here for a year, but there is state medical leave that I am eligible for at my 6 month anniversary that I am taking advantage of.

    Since I talked to you this morning about FMLA, I looked into it and I also will not be eligible. My 1 year is not until February. How did you learn about the state medical leave? That is something I may need to check into.

  5. 1 hour ago, 1Mila said:

    I used a story like Tracy1978 mentioned. I told my boss that I found out that I have a hiatal hernia repair and will be going through a strict diet to prep me for surgery and will need about 1-2 weeks to heal as I can’t do any heavy lifting or strenuous lifting, pushing, etc.. she says to me ‘I have a hiatal hernia too! I just deal with it!’ And then laughed.. I said well I can’t deal with it and more power to you for dealing with the constant uncomfortable heartburn you’re probably experiencing from it (I can’t do it anymore) and left it like that.. I’m about 6weeks away from approval and then surgery.

    You can also say it’s personal.. it doesn’t have to be put out there (it’s really no one’s business) I had to take two weeks off from work and it was for a surgical procedure and didn’t say what the procedure was for (of course gossiping started) because I lost a few pounds when someone joking asked if I had gone for weightloss surgery I turned and looked at her and said ‘actually I had a miscarriage and had to go for a D&C’ (the look on that person’s face turned beet red) and she repeatedly my apologized .. no one knew why I had put on weight and then suddenly dropped it in four months(gained it all back and some since everything happened) since that incident no one had really inquire about my personal time off because really it’s nobody’s business. I just chose to use the hiatal hernia repair because it’s partially true and really I don’t want someone coming up to me and making a joke about it :/

    Good luck to you and journey!

    Thank you so much! Good luck on your journey as well!

  6. 2 minutes ago, macadamia said:

    I've told very few people and only one person from work, whom I can trust to not say anything about it. My supervisor only knows that I'll be having surgery, and he thinks it's for a revision for the major abdominal surgery I had last August. This is partially true because I'll be having the verticle sleeve gastrectomy and the revision surgery at the same time. I was out for six months last year after surgery so he's not expecting me to come back quickly. When I do return, I know people will have questions about my weight loss. I'll just say I got with a nutritionist and a personal trainer and starting eating much better and exercising more. None of these statements is a lie (except for the trainer, since I have not hired one yet...)

    It is your business. It is up to you to tell people or not, not up to them. Don't ever let anyone pressure you into telling them more than you want to say.

    Good luck!

    Thank you so much! Best of luck to you as well!

  7. 5 minutes ago, Tracy1978 said:

    Yeah I wouldn't tell any of them. You are new there and there is no reason to make things more stressful on yourself You are still getting to know these people just like you are getting used to the fact that you are having a life changing surgery. To keep questions at bay I would recommend saying you are having hernia or gallbladder surgery. That way if they notice you aren't eating out with them anymore or they see you just on liquids only it wont be a shock to them. Most MDs prefer you do a soft/liquid diet before any abdominal surgery. When you start to lose the weight, and they ask how you are doing it, tell them after your hernia surgery you realized you needed to take control of your life and thus you are. You could go as far as to tel them you didn't want to have to have any more unnecessary surgeries due to your weight. Leave it at that. Tell your supervisor the same thing. The doctor's note will suffice alone.without any further explanation. Good Luck!

    I think that sounds perfect! This is defiantly the road I think I am going to be taking. Thanks so much.

  8. 9 minutes ago, blackhawkpro said:

    It’s time to look in the mirror, that persons opinion is the only one that matters. I’m four months post and have lost 104 lbs. people will notice and ask questions. Tell them the truth. This has been by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Yet at the same time the most rewarding.

    WOW!! That is amazing!! Congratulations! Thank you very much, and you are right about only my opinion mattering.

  9. 13 minutes ago, SummerEssence said:

    There is a such thing as the HIPPA law and you simply don’t have to say anything about your surgery and that’s the law, but if you feel you should tell your supervisor then you can say I’m having a female surgery or gallbladder surgery not naming what your having and they actually don’t suppose to really lawfully ask what. It’s NONE OF THEIR DANG BUSINESS! Don’t feel obligated to discuss your medical records with co workers even your boss!

    Thank you so much!

  10. 1 minute ago, insta_adventurer said:

    I was pretty open with my supervisor and folks in my department. My supervisor has been super supportive and I received a very nice arrangement from my team afterwards. I work with a great group of people and felt really comfortable sharing this part of my life with them. But your situation may be different. I was/am around 150lbs overweight and they’re a pretty bright group, so I knew/hoped/figured they would catch on to what I’d don’t whether I told them or not.

    Above that at our organization- I provided them(HR/ higher ups) with only the info they needed.

    See that's kinda what I'm thinking. I am about 150 lbs over weight as well. I will have several months until surgery, so I may change my mind by then. That's why I'm just keeping my mouth closed for now lol. I know I sound mean, but quite a few of the people I work with are like wolves in sheep skin, sweet to your face but can't wait to tear you apart later. My supervisor is just rude to your face lol. She will tell you she is a b***h and proud of it. :rolleyes:

  11. 6 minutes ago, beingdina said:

    Also I have an interim male supervisor that hates dealing with stuff like scheduling etc, and I’m terrified to say anything before the end of my probation because I feel like that will be used as a reason to not keep me permanently.

    Girl, I feel you. There are a couple people I work with that I feel like I could tell and they would be supportive, but they are also chatty and I don't want it ti circle back to people that I don't want knowing. I plan to use FMLA while out. I know my job is protect just because this job has high turn over and I'm good at it, so they defiantly won't let me go lol. I still think I am going to stick with gallbladder since I have already had mine removed, I know that I obviously won't be having any isues with that lol.

  12. I did something very similar. I have not told anyone but my husband and best friend. I have been very public about my meal planning and doing modified Keto. I post my weight loss milestones. No needs to know that I had surgery to give me a better tool. I know some people would say I took the easy way out. I told my work I needed to have. Minor surgery for a reoccurring medical condition. For all they know it was to fix a Hemmeroid.
    Thank you! How long did you take off?

  13. I'm eight years out and no one knows but my doctors. I took three days off and then had a long holiday weekend and was back to work on the following Tuesday. I'm a psychologist and had to have coverage for my patients as well, but I mastered the death stare long ago to shut down nosy people. If you want to be nice but firm, I like Diana-in_Phillys answer very much.
    Thank you!

  14. 1 minute ago, Diana_in_Philly said:

    Repeat after me:

    I have to have a medical procedure and the doctor says I must be out of work for x time.

    To your supervisor - I will bring in the medical note as soon as I have it, but wanted to let you know for scheduling purposes.

    To your coworkers - I'm having a medical procedure and I will be out for x time. Thank you so much for your concern and asking about it, but I don't want to discuss my medical issues with anyone other than my doctor.

    Assuming you are in the US and you work for an employer of more than 50 people, they cannot force you to say anything else. If co-worker's push, say - did you have sex last night? When they are shocked explain that you feel the same way about your medical issues - they are private and no one else's business. I only had to do that once. It worked.

    That is worded very nicely. Thank you so much for that!

  15. 1 minute ago, apositivelife4me said:

    Why do you have to say anything? Keep it to yourself.

    I am a social worker so everyone in my office works closely. I will have to have coworks cover my case while I am out. I feel like I have to say something since people will be pulling my weight for a couple weeks.

  16. 7 minutes ago, Bootscraper said:

    Yes, you are right. They will talk no matter what. I know I don't HAVE to explain myself. I am just one of those people that feel that need to explain everything and do my best to get approval from everyone (it's something I am working on)

  17. I chose to say gallbladder because I have already had that removed lol. The hernia is a good idea too. The only reason I would make something up is because I know my supervisor will want an explanation. I know that is not professional, but my supervisor isn't professional lol. She is very nosy, negative, and judgmental. I feel like if I give a reason besides just saying surgery, it might stop some rumors that I know will start spreading through my office full of gossiping people. After surgery, I do plan on just saying that I am working hard to loose weight buy eating better and exercise. Which is totally true! :D

  18. I am only in the approval phase for VSG. I hope to have surgery in Dec. I know I will have to tell my supervisor, HR, and coworkers something since I plan on taking 2 weeks off. I have been going back and forth about tell the truth, only telling the truth to my supervisor and HR, and then just tell everyone a lie, like I am having my gallbladder out. I've been at my job for only 5 months, and I know my supervisor and some coworkers will be judgmental. I defiantly won't say anything until closer to time though. How did you handle this?

  19. Your best bet might be to get a good high potency multi, then supplement with extra Calcium , Iron, b and possibly d. Our practice has similar requirements, but nothing meet all the requirements. Some need extra this, some need extra that. But, the biggest complaint of the all in one types are they're huge, and it becomes cumbersome. I take flintstones complete, plus BariMelts D, barimelts D, weekly B12 and. Complex. They're all tasty and tiny and I meet all the requirements.

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    Thank you so much!

  20. Hey guys!

    I have recently started the process of being preapproved for the sleeve. The nutritionist gave some directions on Vitamins to start taking now, but I can't seem to find any that will meet all the criteria.

    *multivitamin with:

    -900 mcg copper

    -folic acid



    -5k to 10k IU Vitamin A

    -15 mg Vitamin E

    -15 mg zinc

    *calcium with Vitamin D and vitamin k

    -1200 mg Calcium

    -400 IU vitamin D

    - 80 mcg vitamin K

    Do any of ya'll happen to know a chewable I can get that has all of this? Thanks so much!