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  1. Ugh, I need to find out wtf is wrong with my digestive system already. This suucks!

  2. Should I try that Garcinia Cambogia patch on here? Anyone used anything like that before?

  3. "Wellness Week" at work free lunch today: Nachos. Like ... what? Who is in charge of this menu??

  4. Work Email: It's Wellness Week! Join us in the break room for some free healthy snacks and food!
    Me: *Goes to break room hoping for maybe some salad or even fruit and find the only snack is .... BAGELS*     FML.

    1. Leia


      Ooo, donuts with out frosting! lol very healthy.
      Had I walked into that room actually hungry, that hungry would have turned to 'hangry' right quick.

    2. kat__p


      I was pretty hangry! LOL

    3. Leia


      Maybe the break room needs a new sign. "Bagels = just naked donuts" 😂

  5. Have barely any appetite these days so I think I'm lowkey just starting lazy keto for real, since I figure I don't want food so I'll be less likely to crave carbs?

  6. I'm so tired of feeling so awful.

  7. I'm doing good not eating carbs but why must my coworker next to me have to eat fried things that smell so good? LOL

  8. Considering the 5:2 Diet and then I hear that if you have binging/restricting food issues that it's not recommended. Ugh.