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  1. Everyone has felt they get a say in what I do with and to my body friends coworkers family members especially all the family at my son’s bday party etc. did I tell them all? nope my mom felt the need to call all of our family and let them know. Even though I’m happy I had the surgery, I’m only 4 days out I’m glad I had it but extremely hard without any cheerleaders in my corner. 😢 even though my family has told me how stupid this was and what a waste of money it is I’m greateful they kept my 2 yr for a couple days after surgery so I could heal.

  2. Jendkopp a barium test is where they have u drink an oz of barium then they take xrays to
    Make sure the liquid is moving from ur new tummy to ur intestines. However I had quite a bit of swelling and everytime they checked the liquid did not move. No discomfort or nausea. Just took about 2 hrs for it to start moving they said that time would improve.

  3. I’m sorry to hear ur having such a time Irish. 🙁 but ur doing great keep it up I’ll find what works. Philly day 3-5 suck the worst and are the hardest when u make past that I’ll b ok. Had my surgery yesterday 11 pokes total not counting shots. Really bad gas pains. Failed the barium test 4 times. But on my way home yay!!!!!! Sip sip sip walk walk walk

  4. Hi so they ended 8 times to get an IV were even considering putting in my neck 🙁 my surgery got pushed back because of it. Got 2 more for blood draws 10 total. My veins r tiny deep and roll they said the dehydration make it worse. On the bright no nausea lots of pain wish I had ice chips not allowed til swallow test tomorrow ugh. Can’t wait. Been trying to walk