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  1. ATA get ur Protein in. They even have protein Water my hair is down to my waist never fell out my surgery was December. Talk to ur dr they me on an antidepressant honestly w urself and ur dr. Are very important doing this alone is hard. I have sole custody of my son when I had the surgery my parents took him for a week so I could rest. They only came to get me for dr appointments it was scary and isolating which makes this process harder. Reaching out is good it does get better. Listen to your body and drs. And if they offer group sessions it’s a good idea to go. Wish u the best

  2. Wow that’s great! Yea it seems like the only difference is that we take in more Proteins than fats I’ve been measuring and using Baritastic. The hardest thing is coming home and making food for my son that is so drastically different from what I can eat. So looking for something like Keto or paleo that I could just eat is smaller portions as opposed to making my kiddo Pasta based carbs that makes my hunger worse and is not great for him either or teaching him healthy long term eating habits.

  3. I can sympathize with you DeeberLee. I haven’t returned back to work yet. 2 of my office mates know and 2 supervisors know but no one else. My own family has been very vocal about how against this surgery they are that I couldn’t handle hearing anyone talk about it at work too. We have staff meetings once a month w all staff and there is always food. I know people are going to start noticing and talking possibly asking questions especially if they see me once a month and honestly Idk what I’ll say.