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  1. When I started on an anti-anxiety/antidepressant several years ago, it caused my appetite to go WAY up. Same as you, eating or thinking about eating nonstop. I tried to go on another med, but nothing else worked, so I’m stuck with the same old one. I had the LapBand and lost weight with it,but I was still always hungry. Then the band stopped working, so I had it removed and in June had the sleeve done. My biggest fear is that my appetite will come back full force. The first few weeks were great. I had no appetite. But lately I’ve started to feel hunger again. Luckily eating very little satisfies me.

    I hope it stays the same. If it doesn’t, I will seriously consider discontinuing my meds. There will have to be another option for me,and I will never let myself get to my top weight again.

    As for you, I wish I could say something that would help. Sounds like maybe your sleeve is stretched? Maybe you should try resetting...you know, do liquids for a week to detox from the carbs and bad stuff. Also, I firmly believe that people like you and I have to stick up for ourselves and not let pharmaceuticals ruin our lives even while they’re helping us at the same time. There are too many options out there between different drugs and psychological therapies. Why don’t you see what alternatives are out there for you?

  2. 10 hours ago, Snapple said:

    I couldn't do Protein Water or shakes. I try not to even think about Protein Water or I'll start to gag. I bought 3 cases pre-op of the protein water and returned them. The case I opened is going to a food pantry because there is nothing that can make me choke it down.

    I do the Protein Bars with no problem. I even found one that has 30g of protein per bar.

    I’m with you. The sight or thought of it literally turns my stomach. I’m on Carnation Instant Breakfast No Sugar Added and lots of Greek yogurt. Starting solids tomorrow so Protein Bars will be in my future.

  3. Yes, I’m supposed to be off caffeine, and actually, I am. I quit coffee a few days after my surgery just because it didn’t taste good to me anymore. I hadn’t noticed the caffeine content in Isopure. To be honest, I couldn’t finish the bottle. It’s like my body physically rejects whey Protein. Not literally, but it does turn my stomach to even look at a bottle of the stuff. I bought the blue raspberry too and have only had a little bit of it. Not bad, but I know if I drink more of it it will turn my stomach. The blue rasp has 40 grams of caffeine.

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