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  1. You look Great! And I love the tank btw!! LOL
  2. Hi everyone: I’m 96lbs down from my HW of 354. I was sleeved last July and have my one year follow-up appt on the 10th. I’m still losing between 7-10 lbs a month and I’m not really exercising at all. I do plan to ramp that up this summer though. My goal weight is 175 so I still have a ways to go. Slow and steady... It truly has been a wonderful journey. My whole life changed with the first 30 lbs and it all been wonderful since then. Hope to be in Onederland by Christmas.
  3. For those of you who have crossed over to post-op,... how much weight have folks lost during their pre-op diet? I know it’s not the point of the diet but just wondering what results folks had. I’ve lost 9 lbs, four days into my two week liver shrinking diet.
  4. I’ve had a similar issue with leftovers after I get full off something. I can go back for more later. The thought of it will turn my stomach. It makes meal prep super tricky. I can’t eat off the same stuff for a few days. I use to be able to do that no problem. Not post surgery.
  5. Been on a three week stall but I am happy to announce that I finally took a 40 minute walk with no back aches, no joint pain and no chub rub!!!! Woohoo! Also, I am happy to announce the official return of my ankles. I officially have transitioned from Cankleville. God is good and all victories are accepted here. 😊
  6. Lioness815

    Protein shakes

    Can anyone recommend their favorite protein shakes... powder or RTD? Taking suggestions. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for sharing. I had been doing 45 minutes on the treadmill a month or so before surgery and I tried last week to get back into the swing of walking. I made it to 6 mins at 2 miles an hour and had to quit. I was wiped. I thought I was just out of shape. I think we do take for granted that once our small incisions heal that our bodies are done with the process.
  8. I had only lost 4 lbs during my first week. You have to remember that there is lots of swelling during those early days. I’m now losing about a pound a day. 3 weeks post op.
  9. Lioness815

    July Sleeve

    I wouldnt worry about it. I threw up everytime I stood up in the hospital. But just water and liquid. It goes away and I doubt it puts you at any risk. Its your body's natural response.
  10. I love this!! Going to order one for myself It's the best!
  11. This is the carry-all I got on Amazon. It carries portioned meals. Pills. Shakes, everything. And keeps them cool all day. I love it. http://a.co/8jDsGQU
  12. Hey. I’m doing great actually. Off pain meds and just getting use to eating post-op. Taking it slow when bending and getting up but otherwise I’m good. How are you doing, @J San?
  13. It gets easier once you can plan and have a finish line in mind. Although, it’s not the finish line at all. Just the beginning.
  14. Just got home from hospital after surgery on the 12th. Dr and nurses said I did really well for someone 1 and 2 days post op. No complications mild nausea from morphine. But that’s it. Glad to be home and starting the healing process. Let’s do this!
  15. Definitely keep us posted and wishing you a speedy recovery! One day post op. Few issues but it all worked out. I was all prepped for my 11:40 surgery and my anesthesiologist said that since I hadn’t had my blood pressure meds he was going to order them for me to take with a smalle sip of water. I told them that my surgeon said that unless I could get up at 5am and take them that I should skip them this morning and I would get them later. But hey have it to me anyway. My surgeon finished the surgery before me and came to see me. Her first question was... did they give you a pill?! SMH. I told her what happened and that I told them my instructions from her. Although she told me not to worry and that I did nothing wrong, she came back after a stern chat with the anesthesiologist and nurses to tell me that my surgery got pushed and she would need to take the next person in line in order to give me four hours to digest the pill. it was a little disappointing but mostly unfortunate for my family that was waiting around. It all worked out fine, I went in at 2 pm instead but my advice to others is that you have to be willing to fight for yourself sometimes. Especially if you knew what your surgeon requested of you. I’m in my room. Minor nausea yesterday when I stood up to go to rest room and to walk laps. They say it’s the morphine causing that. I threw up each time although there was nothing in my stomach so it was mostly heaving up saliva. But laying down I have a bit of trapped gas but nothing bad. Hope others had good surgeries yesterday!
  16. I got my call to be there at 9:10 so we will be in surgery around the same time.
  17. Thanks! And all the best to you too. Here’s to wonderful surgeries and speedy recoveries!!
  18. I have my surgery in the morning. Very excited. My mother asked how I stay so calm. I’m just so ready to start the next stage of this journey. I’ll check in from Post-Op land!😄
  19. Lioness815

    July Sleeve

    Congrats on crossing over to the Post-Op Crew! I'm right behind you. LOL Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!
  20. Those 3 days will be up before you know it. Everything goes by so fast! Best wishes! Thanks!
  21. Lioness815


    Congrats! good for you! Life is for living!

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