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  1. 5 hours ago, Pinkxxx said:

    Hey I too have pcos and it’s very tough to loose weight but you have done amazing to loose 11 lbs in 3 weeks! When I get down about my weight loss not being quick enough I just think to myself when have I ever lost near to the amount I’m loosing now. The answer is Iv never managed more than 2 lb a week on any previous diet so my 10 lbs 2 weeks post op is amazing in reality.

    I completely agree with you; I think I just watched too much TLC and expected to loose like 50lbs in a month😂 but speaking to my dr and everyone here I know I’m doing just fine ! It sucks because I have to go back on to my full liquid diet so I feel like I’m going backwards instead of forwards

  2. Bad news guys !!

    I expressed my concern to my doctor and he wants me back on my all liquid diet. More stomach meds and more nausea medication for me yay 🙄

    it sucks anything solid I eat I just bring right back up and then I’m nauseous and throwing up anything that goes in after that!

    I spoke too soon ! I threw those sausages up as soon as I ate them! It looks/feels like I’ll never be able to eat again!

  3. 2 minutes ago, Creekimp13 said:

    So many people try starving themselves.....and shoot themselves firmly in the foot. Your body doesn't want to starve to death, and it has a ton of amazing defense mechanisms built in to prevent this from happening....evolutionary coping strategies created by famines and poor hunting season...give our bodies all sorts of hormonal strategies for adjusting metabolism to deal with starvation and NOT LOSE weight.

    But here's the thing...if your body adjusts your metabolism down to deal with starvation...when you eventually do eat a semi-normal diet someday...it's gonna be a problem.

    You have a chance to rebuild your metabolism here. You don't want a sluggish metabolism that has learned to cope and survive on 500 calories a day. You want a hot burning furnace that runs all systems at optimal levels and gives you a ton of energy for exercise, burning fat and building muscle....at normal calorie levels as soon as possible. (that is the focus of my group's research...we are encouraged to eat 1000-1200 calories as soon as possible....initial studies support that more calories sooner leads to more sustained weight loss at 5 years post surgery, I'm part of a larger study meant to confirm these results in a larger test group)

    Bariatrics is an emerging field and there are a lot of ideas about how patients should lose weight post surgically. Old school models are extremely calorie restrictive. There are a lot of folks out there who have lost well on very restrictive plans. Some who have regained, some who have not. Ultimately...there are a lot of ways up this mountain.

    But, to me...the research makes sense. I want a hot burning metabolism that runs on quality fuel and gives terrific performance.

    I started eating 1000 calories per day at three weeks. I eat 1200 per day now and am never hungry and have a ton of energy. My weight loss has been steady. (a couple stalls, but par for the course)

    Another tip....Look up "three week stall"....it's extremely common to hit a stall at three weeks.

    Thank you !

    I will definitely try to find ways to get in more calories. Solid foods still don’t sit right with me so maybe more Soup it is and I’ll add a Protein Drink ! And I will definitely lookup the threee week stall thing ! I wasn’t eating as much because my body as it’s healing it’s not telling me it’s hungry ( I know I should be getting food in regardless) today is my three weeks and I know it’s not too late I’m starting today and getting in my calories !! Thank you so much so so so so much

  4. @MelTed

    haha don’t worry it wasn’t TMI

    i have type two diabetes so it’s been difficult. My Doc isn’t going to want to give me Clomid until the 18 months is up. We’ve done everything but my weight was aslways a factor. I take my metfomin religiously!!

    Honeslty im hoping that I lose enough weight with this sleeve to kick PCOS in the booty and get pregnant all on my own.

    They surgery is great I’ve been having great numbers with my glucos testing!

    You will do great like I said ! Just afterward get plenty of rest because once you get up and go you don’t stop !!

  5. 7 minutes ago, dede1118 said:

    Hello All,

    I am a little over 5 weeks out and 30 lbs. down. I am 12 lbs. away from Onederland which I am very excited about. Some of my clothes are starting to fit big and most of my clothes are just starting to fit comfortably. This surgery has been a big confidence booster. I am feeling a bit tired but I attribute the fatigue to my lack of Protein. I'm in my soft foods stage now so I'm going to try Protein Bars because I'm tired of Protein Shakes. Mentally, cravings and hunger are getting easier. I'm really happy for everyone, this was the best decision we could've made for ourselves.

    I have to agree it is the best decision we’ve made !! Congrats on the weight loss!! Your doing great

  6. Congrats 🎉

    I hate to admit this but my main goal for weight loss surgery was to get pregnant. I know that I’m suppose to wait at least 18months but if it happens before I would be on top of the moon. My husband and I have been trying for about 10 years now and nothing is working! I’m hoping this weight loss surgery gets me to where I need to be and I can start sharing my stories here too.

    Good luck with the new baby Hunny !!!

  7. 2 minutes ago, Matt Z said:

    Try to increase your intake slightly if possible, if your intake is too low, your body will stay in conservation mode.

    I'm sure there is some muscle mass growth, but not 3 lbs worth in 4 days, that would be amazing if possible!

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    Really?? Hmm I’ve never though of that I will increase my calorie intake and see if that makes a difference! Maybe my body is in starvation mode!!

    muscle can grow at an alarming rate so you never know Matt

    also there is Water retention that does happen in men as well !!

  8. Ahh yes it’s crazh though @Matt Z I intake between 300-500 calories per day and I mean I know I work it off. I’m walking 2 miles a day and 2-4 times hitting up the gym for my cardio. And of course sleeping burns like 700-800 calories😂 i know it’s still early in the game for me but I hit the ground running after my surgery and this little stall and only 1lb per week thing is killing me !!!

    Maybe your gaining muscle. That has happened to me in the past we’re I was gaining muscle and losing inches. So that little weight gain your having isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  9. I’m three weeks out today , this morning I inadvertently took a huge gulp of Water as I was making Breakfast and no pain nothing !!

    For fruits and veggies I’ve heard to stay away from stuff like broccoli and celery. Certain fruits like bananas and watermelon that are high in sugars and can make your pouch feel bloated

    I will be honest though I’ve had both banana and watermelon and feel fine , I can only eat half of a banana and maybe 1/4 cup of watermelon before I’m full. I have had bad experience with broccoli. I loved them before surgery so on my purée state I tried them and threw everything back up!!

    I’m no medical doctor though just giving you my personal experience if you have questions call your nutritionist or Bariatric team they will be more than happy to give you medical advice

  10. 9 hours ago, MelTed said:

    Hi! My name is Melissa. I’ve debated whether I should post or just remain a lurker... but here I am! Everyone here is so great and supportive, I figured it would only help me if I joined y’all. I have been overweight for literally my entire life, and have never been able to keep a significant amount of weight off for long. I have no co-morbidities, but I do have PCOS. I’m 5’4’’ with a weight of 279 currently. I’m having my gastric sleeve surgery Monday the 25th!!! I’ve been on a liquid diet since last Monday and have not cheated once, so I’m super proud of myself. I really wanted a whataburger yesterday haha. I wish you all the best of luck!

    Hey Melissa !

    I also have PCOS and that was the driving force for my surgery. My husband and I want a family and this surgery was literally our last hope. I wish you luck and a speedy recovery. Please keep in touch with me , I would like to see how your weight loss is going after surgery, if the PCOS affects it!! The surgery is awesome and a life changer! You will do great 👍

  11. Hello and good morning everyone

    I just need to vent a little !!! Today is three weeks since my VSG and boy do I feel great. I’m transitioning to my normal before surgery daily life. I’m so frustrated ! This weight isn’t budging as fast as I’d like it to omg! I know it’s not a sprint but a marathon but I’m just so frustrated. I see here many people were givin a set amount of calories/carbs to take in per date I wasn’t. After my one week follow up my doc said you look great see you in three months! I get my Protein in (about 40grams not quite the 60) and I intake at least 40oz . Of Water per day, add in the G2 and liquids to food maybe 50oz of liquid per day. I was wondering if anyone has PCOS and could this be the reason for my slow slow slow weight loss. It seems before surgery I was dropping the weight like nothing but after the surgery it’s really hard. I barley eat anything solid because I just throw it back up so I rely on my Protein Shakes which fill me up. I can stomach eggs so I’ve been having 1 boiled egg (just the whites I have never done the yellows) every other day I just don’t know and I’m so frustrated ☹️

    Starting weight 260

    surgery weight 228

    current weight 217

    goal. 150-160

  12. I agree with @Matt Z my husband was 100000% supportive before , during and after surgery, together we now set little weight loss goals for ourselves , we work out together and eat healthier. With regards to the Protein Shakes ; I actually share with him ( I order large quantities of the premier online ) after a good workout everyone needs Protein. Coming from a woman I understand your frustration , your boyfriend is acting quite childish and maybe it is because he’s scared. Sit down talk to him and tell him you need his positivity in your corner right now ! Good luck honey this surgery was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would recommend anyone who needs it to get it.


    when I was on a full liquid diet for my pre op and the 2 weeks post op I was losing about 10lbs every 4-5 Days

    talk to your doctor about doing a supervised diet as such and maybe those extra 10lbs will come off

  13. Oh man during the PMS period is hard !! I crave the weirdest things and I am constantly hungry. The surgery hast changed this one bit, I can’t eat as much so one or two bites I’m full but the cravings don’t go away and the hunger comes back. During the regular weeks of the month I’m totally fine , as I’m healing I find that I have to remind myself to eat and the hunger hormone is almost non existent🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. 6 minutes ago, BGrundee said:

    Your stomache is still swollen. It takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks for swelling to go down. Keep walking and doing cardio. I looked exactly the same for the first 4 weeks just now people and my family are noticing a difference. Lol

    Ahhh that would explain a lot ! I’m doing my walking and light cardio I’m happy with the results so far but I know once this swelling goes down that it’ll be better

    thank you so much for the advice !

  15. Omg 😮 I thought I was the only one ; I was sleeved on 5/31 and I’m about 80-90% healed and I cannot believe I’m sleeved. I’ve moved on to solid foods and then the fact that I’m sleeved comes in ; solid foods fills me up so quickly two bite of chicken , tuna , anything more I’m dumping and throwing it up. I wasn’t informed that dumping was part of the sleeve am I doing something wrong !

  16. I had my sleeve done and 95% of my family doesn’t know I had it done , but my mom dad brother and husband. It’s your decision I wish I did it earlier (by the way I’ll be 28 this year) I have had the option since my early to mid twenties. It’s a great tool and when you see the weight coming off it makes you want to work harder; again it’s your decision but if I had to do it again I would!!