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  1. I am currently a year out 110 pounds down and really thought I was done losing. So disappointed because all my clothes are hanging off again. Currently 172 pounds. I really don’t want to buy clothes again. Really didn’t want to keep losing either but I guess it’s what I signed up for. My goal weight has changed multiple times. Sounds like I’m complaining, and I guess I am a little. Didn’t expect to be skinny. Just a healthy weight for me.

  2. 1 hour ago, Ylime said:

    Ok here’s my progress. (Had to switch to my phone - no scandalous pics on my work computer) 😀

    I started this journey at a size 20, now down to a tight 12. Body fat then was 48%, I’m now down to 36%. I am 5lbs away from the Overweight BMI category and no longer being obese!!

    Photo 1: I can see my progress better from a side view. (My boobs will not die!!)

    Photo 2: Face to face comparison. (My skin didn’t change colors, lighting was just better)

    Photo 3: My arms are skinny!!!




    You look great!!

  3. Had to get my love to dig in his phone for pictures b/c I don’t have any of myself. I don’t like taking them really. Anyway HW:282 SW:247 Cw:179. My goal weight was 180 but I changed that to 170. Most recent pic is from May at 185. My doctors are expecting 155-160. However I don’t think that will look good. I kind of got into it with his assistant who thinks I’m hindering myself from getting to that number. I could be 🤪haven’t been that weight since I was in my 20’s.



  4. 10 hours ago, gabybab said:

    I've moved myself down to 1/3 cup and still having pain. It started immediately after my first bite.

    I find this whole getting enough Water & Protein exhausting. As I barely get to my goals.

    It is hard and exhausting. Doctors and other patients make it sound easy however it isn’t. You have to really want it but you can get there.

  5. Everyone is different. I was back to myself after 2 weeks. But once I started eating normally I would have pain on my upper incision near my stomach again. It will get better. Take it Day by day, week by week you will feel the difference. And it will all be worth it in the end.

  6. 18 hours ago, MegPRN said:

    Have you had an upper GI imaging study, like a barium swallow? You might have developed a hiatal hernia that could be fixed. You should talk to your doctor!

    I see my surgeon in two weeks for a full work up. Hopefully they discover something that needs to fixed. I can’t live like this anymore. Completely annoyed with food.

  7. Let me start by saying I am still so very happy I had the surgery. If I could go back I would still have the surgery. However this surgery has made me HATE food. Everything I eat gives me acid. I never had acid reflux before. IT SUCKS!! I don’t want to eat because of it. If I could go through life without food I would at this point. Water doesn’t even taste the same to me anymore. Uggh. Thankful for my surgeon and his team because so far the surgery has made my body much more healthier. My new take on food though is... it would be nice if we could live without it.

    Surgery 9/13/18

    HW 280

    SW: 247

    CW: 200

    GW: 🤔 Not sure anymore

  8. On 09/12/2018 at 20:03, roseinnj said:

    Hi! I had RNY on 8/13. I have experienced a few bumps in the road including extreme diarrhea which seems to be the result of me becoming lactose intolerant. I was switched to a whey Protein isolate which solved that issue. I am just 4+ weeks post-surgery but still struggling with getting all of the Protein in. I don't seem to have a problem with getting the liquids in. Oh, and let's not forget the "green poop" and constipation. I am trying to be patient but I honestly thought this process would be easier at this point. I keep telling myself that the worst is behind be. Anyone else feel similarly?

    How long have you been doing the whey protein isolate?? I’ve been doing it since my liquid diet because I’m not a fan of milk and neither is my stomach. My face however isn’t a fan of whey protein isolate. I feel like I’m going through puberty. So many breakouts and pimples. I really want to cry.

  9. I wish there was a way to know what is best for each individual. My choice on the sleeve was because of Iron deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency and heavy cycles. I was worried the bypass would make these things much worse and cause other problems for me. I would have loved to do the bypass because it comes with more weight lost. My surgeon and I both agreed on the sleeve. However I’m not sure 🤔 it was the right choice. I started out at 280 lost 37 before surgery and would like to be 170. I’m currently 8 days out and worried because I havent lost a pound. Spoke with my doctor yesterday who says I may not be getting in enough liquids and calories to lose anything. So I am praying that I made right decision. I don’t want to be one of those people that needs a revision.

  10. The green veggies my surgeon had me eating before the surgery had me empty. I was running to the 🚽 with only diarrhea and boy was it gross(TMI Sorry). I’m worried about not going gonna call the office after tomorrow. I was told to give it a week. In the past not going would make me gain. Of course I’m still on only liquids and one Protein Shake a day. That could have lots to do with it also.

  11. Hey all had my sleeve Monday the 13th. After 3 days of pain and unable to keep Water down I am feeling good. I have a little belly pain but nothing major. Having trouble getting in the 64oz of liquid. It is really hard for me. The nausea is completely gone. I just find it surreal. Just woke up and everything is over🤗. Happy, excited 😃 😜. I was feeling really down. For anyone who is post op just hang in there the pain and nausea will go away. For those of you that are pre op don’t let the pain from the first few days discourage you. I honestly did at first.