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    Colin... I was in therapy with a psychologist for a year before i decided I was ready to look into surgery. I am now 2 weeks post op and am thankful that i have that mental support. Everyone os different but for me the mental and emotional aspect of it is where the true work is.

    I smoked for 18 years... my dr told me that i need to quit but also i can keep trying and failing... and when i was mentally and physically ready to quit i would. He was right! I had to quit to get approved and it was easy for me.

    When you are ready to change you will know it... and it will seem easy to do. Until then don't beat your self up too much. Keep at it and when the time os right you won't look back.

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    DuaneW got a reaction from foxcblue in Any Chicago sleeve parients here?   
    Had RNY on 6-18-18 with Dr. Rantis at the Kane center.

    Felt very comfortable with the pre surgery process with all of them. My PCP is with a different medical group and has said that after being involved with my journey he is very impressed with the Kane center and plans on referring patients to them

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