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  1. Almost 48 hours post op and came home around the 24 hour mark yesterday. Have pain meds but haven’t taken any today - one incision site feels the worst, but the others are ok. I woke up a few hours after also wondering what i was thinking to do this - but had some awesome nurses and support (and pain meds). Slept pretty well last night and took a quick shower today. Trying hard to keep up with fluids and be active enough while resting...am actually feeling hungry so gonna try my hand at a popsicle now. :-) hope everyone else is feeling ok.

  2. On 06/25/2018 at 09:36, Chrisb428 said:

    @Auroragirl4489 Please let me know how it goes. I have aetna also and ill be submitting 7/16. I hope they are quick to answer! I am so impatient and want to get it done!

    @chrisb, FYI I was approved by Aetna choice POS in a week. They stated that their max response time is 15 days so you should have an answer with that time frame or shorter. Good luck!

  3. Awe thanks @lisarocks. I am already weaned off from caffeine and sugar due to Ramadan (16 hour fasts only eating after sundown and before sunup) so withdrawal happened for me a few weeks ago and I never really went back...it was terrible enough the first time around. I am happy it’s gotten easier for you!!

    I’m anxious about going all liquid starting tomorrow. I find the shakes make me feel dehydrated and I can’t drink enough Water to make up for it and then I just feel tired. Had my hospital registration yesterday so trying to tell myself it will go quickly and get distracted at work. Got the sugar free popsicles as someone suggested to get through....

    Reading about everyone on the other side makes me feel so much better when I freak out a bit though - especially the photos :-)

  4. Hi all - i have an insurance-covered VSG scheduled for 6/28 and was curious if anyone had been in the same boat as me. I switched jobs a few weeks ago and was approved under my former job insurance which is active until 6/30. I have new insurance that kicks in on July 1 (after my surgery date). I was curious if anyone had experienced this across two insurances. I’m more concerned how the post-op care is covered or if it would be specifically excluded on my newer policy - especially in any worst case scenario with any post surgical complications etc. Certainly expect to go home the next day, but of course you never know! My new insurance does cover Bariatric, but only when employed by the company for 12 months and onward.

    Would love to hear others’ experiences here! Thanks in advance.