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  1. Anesthesia is wicked and can cause that in some people. I have been emotional not just from anesthesia but because I want to eat but can’t. Like real food! I’ve cried a a few times and have said I regret this but each day it gets easier. Make sure you are sipping all day and getting your Protein in. That’s most important. Staying hydrated. Good luck!

  2. Hi! I had VSG on 4/16. I woke up in recovery for a second and was hot and in pain but immediately fell back asleep. I didn’t wake up again until I was in my private room. I was groggy and it took some time but I suggest to let yourself sleep and recover. By the next day I was much better. Just sore and thirsty. Be prepared for the changes and tell yourself you will get through this. Surgery is the easy part. Good luck!

  3. I had my surgery on the 17th and got home around 6 pm the next day. I'm annoyed that I'm still feeling hunger pains, shouldn't they be gone? Trying hard to get fluids in, my dietician/team has people on 4 day Clear Liquids post up (after I just did 14 full liquids pre-op) they do not allow milk things until 5 days post up and my dietician just called and told me I can half a Protein Shake tomorrow and back to full liquids Monday. My pain sucks, everyone has had this said the pain isn't bad by day 2, not in my case! I'm totally not a wimp when it comes to pain. I'm walking and doing what I need to do its hard to get some fluids down, although that's been better since day 3. Still no poop.

    Hi! I had VSG on 4/16 and like you I am hungry! Pain is tolerable but sore when moving, getting up, coughing etc. I hope it gets better and goes away soon.

  4. Hi everyone I am new! I had my surgery on 4/16 and I am STARVING. I wish i had gotten the no hunger but I just feel miserable without being able to eat. Is there any remedy for this? Also, I am a worry wort, so when typically does the weight start to drop? I’m still at my surgery day weight.
    Last question- everytime I get up and try to do things like even walk to the car, I get winded, light headed and need to sit down. Is that normal?
    Thank you all!!

    Hi Molly,

    I had my surgery on 4/16 as well. Like you I am hungry. I’ve heard so many saying they had to force liquids down and I agree that it could be “head” hunger but like others have suggested, keep drinking the Protein drinks, and Bone Broth. We will get through this!