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    I have smoked a vape for over 4 years. I totally quit smoking cigarettes for 2 of those and off and on smoke now. But I still vape. I know they have CBD oils that may work. I wouldn't know. I'm in recovery from heroin/drugs/alcohol since 2011. I know I have the thought of a drug is a drug at least for addicts. Even food for me is a drug. I had opiates in the hospital but came home with a non narcotic pain medicine and didn't even take it because I couldn't stomach the taste of ground up pills and it triggered me to crush them. So, I ended up taking only liquid Tylenol which I tried in the hospital and it worked. Since I've been clean and sober, it takes less to help me with pain. I've had 2 C-sections, hysterectomy, gall bladder removal, d & C for cysts, and my wls in the 7 and a half years I've been clean from drugs and all of them I came home without any narcotics and didn't smoke anything but cigarettes or vaped.
  2. johnsons13

    Getting back on track

    This is why I needed to post on here. To get uplifting messages from people who understand the struggle. I do try to revert back to my beginning days and even then I was horrible but not this bad. My addict brain kicks in and justifies my negative behavior. When I mess up, it tells me "ef it, you've done bad might as well finish off the day." I know I can do this. I might have to be uncomfortable in the beginning, but the results are worth it. Thank y'all for the encouraging words.
  3. johnsons13

    Tips for Stopping Caffiene

    With caffeine, I quit cold turkey. The only withdrawels I had was crankiness and major headaches which I have migraines anyway. But after a few days I felt better with more energy than when drinking caffeine. I now only have caffeine with my coffee which I drink about a pot a day, but I try to stay away from diet cokes.
  4. johnsons13

    Need advice please

    When I was having a hard time eating, even drinking the milk based protein shakes, my dietician told me that my fluid intake was more important than the protein in the beginning. When I was dehydrated, I stayed nauseous which caused me to def not want to eat or have thick fluids. My protein shakes were included in my fluid intake until they weren't just clear but moved to adding milk. I don't like milk in mine unless they are Premier Protein (which my new tummy couldn't handle right after surgery), so I mixed my own from powder I bought from GNC.
  5. johnsons13

    I Was Amazed When I Heard This

    I'm technically not supposed to have red meat or pork during the first year. When I try to eat it, it feels so thick for just the one bite. I def couldn't eat a whole, half, or third of a steak of even 8oz. My dietician said I could eat deer meat because we get lots of it from my husband's co worker. The only deer meat I have been able to handle has been a deer summer sausage. It's even too dense for me. I was sleeved 9 months ago. At 2 months I was struggling with scrambled eggs.
  6. johnsons13

    Southern Sleevers

    I'm fluctuating from 176-185. These last few months I've really given into my temptation and I'll do good for a week then cheat really bad for a few days. The holidays has always been rough for me and I've hung on to eating for comfort and it's mentally hard not to do what I've always done. I tell myself I'm only going to have a few bites of something or a nibble and the next thing I know I'm eating a whole bag of chips or a bowl of ice cream, etc. I know that these are slider foods and I have an abundance of healthy "snacks" like string cheese, carrots, celery, cottage cheese, but I crave crunch that is salty. Then I get so mad at myself and feel like a failure.
  7. I have had the hardest time with taking vitamins because of the tastes and textures .Before surgery those types of things never bothered me, but now I get so nauseous with foul tastes and textures. I have finally found a decent multi-vitamin with iron through Bari Life that I can mix with my water. It has a great taste and texture. The only issue is it looks like a milky lemonade or Pepto Bismol for the watermelon. Has anyone else had problems with vitamins and textures?
  8. So, I went to see my primary the other day and she recommended lifting bar bells and doing squats with bars or kettlebells. My issue is 1. I'm ballin on a budget and can't afford the cheapest gym and 2. there's so much info out there I want opinions from people like me. Where do I start and what weight do I start with? Something I can use at home or make from home. I know guys in jail hook up something with water and bags, but how? heck i'd do that. Them guys are swoll. I just want to tone a little.
  9. johnsons13

    Trouble keeping food log

    I've always been hands free from my mobile while eating. I think the best thing is to try out the 2 recommended My Fitness Pal and Bariastic. Someone mentioned less key strokes for MFP and that was the whole reason I deleted it was there was too much going on and I just wanted a simple app to log foods. It felt more like a forum or social media than a simple site. But that's my opinion. I have checked out both. I'm sure there's more. I've even thought about going the old school route and just using plain pen and paper.
  10. johnsons13


    You can do this. It can be hard. I was supposed to be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks. I hardly did any of them like I was supposed to. I still have problems 7 months post op keeping myself accountable, but each day I do a little better. I try not beat myself up for it because then I"ll justify continuing like I was. But if I end up cheating and eating a cupcake or chips (which I've done the past few days) I try to eat less calories in the next meal. I've got my whole month planned out starting Saturday when we go grocery shopping. Impulse eating is my downfall. I also end up getting so hungry because I don't eat at good times that by the time I realize I need to eat, I dont' want to make anything, I just grab something quick. But, I've accounted for that and will start having healthy foods that can be eaten quicker: veggies and ranch dip made from greek yogurt, string cheese or block cheese sliced.
  11. johnsons13

    Vitamins & water intake

    I'm 7 months post op and my dr doesn't want me swallowing any pill unless it's Bariatric formulate vitamins. However, I can't stand the taste of multi's and I've tried chewables and flavored ones. I do like the Bari Life powdered formula you can mix with water. There's no after taste. But like matt said, you will eventually be able to swallow water without sips. It takes me no time to finish my first cup of coffee in the mornings and then I sip to enjoy it but also drink plenty of water. Sipping in the beginning helps you from overdoing it and making yourself sick.
  12. johnsons13

    So Dramatic...

    I can't think of any dramatic moments, other than I go balls to the wall about any new idea to help me stay on track then I veer off like usual. But after my surgery I tried to write in my journal and after the pain meds wore off, I tried to read what I wrote and couldn't understand most of it and it was quite sideways. I know it started off talking about women and eating then it was mumbling. Then ( I had chose not to tell any of my husbands family at first to let them assume I was back on drugs after 7 years clean and sober) I went to text the one Aunt we told to let her know surgery went well and next thing I'm getting a text back from his other Aunt asking who I was. I put the phone under my butt to hide it because I didn't want her to know it was me. I'm still not sure how hiding the phone under me would ensure that, but it made me feel better at the time. My secret was kept safe (and warm). lol
  13. johnsons13

    Trouble keeping food log

    Oh, I forgot with the Bariastic, you can also time your chewing, between drinking and meals. It's a lot like My Fitness Pal, but like I said it's simple and focused on Bariatric consumers.
  14. johnsons13

    Trouble keeping food log

    I use Bariastic. It also has bariatric friendly recipes for different stages. It keeps up with calories, protein, water, weight, measurements, etc. It's super easy and simple to use. Not a bunch of bells and whistles. Some people can link it to their program and the dr's can see. Mine doesn't, but it's available for some people. It's a free app as well.
  15. johnsons13

    Am I overdoing it?

    I still have probs with going to the bathroom. I sometimes have to have some milk of mag. But if you are able to get th fluids down that's great. Moving around helped me with pain, like walking in my house or around the house. I came home with something for pain, but I couldn't take it because I now can't stand the taste of crushed up meds. So, I took very little Tylenol one day, but I stay away from acetametaphin if I can.
  16. johnsons13

    I’m new here

    As Fluffy said, welcome. I think I was given one of those medicine measuring cups like those that come with kids meds and told to drink one of those every 15 if I was having a hard time drinking. Other than that I was told to drink as much fluids I can handle. At the beginning, they told me fluids were more important than actually getting the protein in. I drink plenty of fluids now when in the beginning I stay dehydrated and I was terrified that's how it was going to be forever. I was the one before surgery that could drink on a 20oz coke all day long.
  17. johnsons13

    how often were you told to eat

    I wish I was one of those the hormone was removed, but I still have hunger as well of course as head hunger. When I don't eat when I'm physically hungry, it triggers my migraines and then I get hangry as well. But, not everyone gets the hormone removed or enough of it removed. I try to follow my Dr's advice, that way I'm getting my nutrients as well as eating right. It is hard to stay eating what I'm supposed to, but I've developed a new strategy and I'll see if that works..
  18. johnsons13

    "Other " support sites

    Some would say multiple times a week is a healthy amount of sex to desire. But sex is not a need to live. For procreation, yes. But a person will not die without sex. Once again, it's a want.
  19. I'm a Walmart girl. Prices are affordable and while I'mlosing weight I can afford a new pair of pants until the next size change. Plus I am happy rockin cheap clothes. I will go to a Goodwill too if it wasn't far so that trip is a little few and far between.
  20. I struggle swallowing but it's mostly meats that give me issues. But I burped a lot in the beginning and now when I burp/hiccup it's when I'm eating and that's the point I know I'm full.
  21. johnsons13

    Anyone regretting this?

    Ive had my moments but like others have said, I had to find what worked for me. What my new tummy likes is not what she used to like or tolerate. But in the end all this pain and suffering will be well worth it for you and your babies.
  22. johnsons13


    I'm seriously going to try and remember this brand. I guess I'm a yogurt lover now after my tummy decided to like things new.
  23. johnsons13


    That sounds yummy actually. Is it high in calories?
  24. Seeing my vagina so when I'm shaving I don't shave my nails. I've done that so many times. It's not so bad when I have acrylics on but man does it hurt when I don't have them done.
  25. johnsons13

    Social outings suck now

    Back in my partying days, there were times I would go to bars or hang out at friends houses while others drank and I would hang out with them and not drink (maybe I had to work the next day or a dr appt whatever) and I still had a blast. Now I'm a huge introvert and can't stand people. Online I can choose when to deal with people.

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