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    Bra Extenders & Other Clothing Tricks

    As far as maximizing your wardrobe. I try to only buy two pairs of jeans at each size, but I also make sure to buy stretchy jeans and that they are a little snug when purchased. This allows me to skip buying a size, as they will fit longer (like I went from a 20 to a 16). Blouses can be worn for a few sizes, same with dresses. Pricier items, I try to buy a little snug so I get more out of them. Like my winter coat was a “Barley able to zip” snug when I got it and now is just fitted looking. I really try to have just enough clothes and am continuously going through them to review what I actually have before I buy anything else. That’s the biggest thing. Like I thought I was needing blouses, so I went and organized my closet and realized I maybe needed only one more. I also stay the eff away from department and high end stores. I do not need expensive clothes right now.
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    Let's talk poop.

    That is a ton of sugar! I’d avoid it.. good chance it would cause dumping.
  3. insta_adventurer

    Bra Extenders & Other Clothing Tricks

    Yeah- I’ve been buying two push up and one lounge at every size. I’m going down in the boobs slower than I am elsewhere, thankfully. Also, most bras have three or more sets of hooks so as I get smaller, I just move in a set until I can’t make it any smaller.
  4. insta_adventurer

    Let's talk poop.

    Wow- I’m shocked you don’t have accumulation! Very glad you got things sorted!
  5. I am 5 months out and *knocks on wood* have not had much hair loss. I don’t know if it may still happen or if I just got extremely lucky? The only things I think may have contributed was working out prior to surgery (so perhaps the surgery wasn’t so hard on my body) and also- meeting my protein goals out of the gate. Both of these things could have maybe lessened the shock of surgery on my body. I have been taking biotin for about a year. It doesn’t prevent the extreme shedding, but it will make your remaining hair healthy. I also use a co-wash called unwashed and try to be extra gentle to my hair when brushing, styling, and making sure to not over wash.
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    Let's talk poop.

    Suppositories and enemas work well for things stuck at the bottom of the digestive system. Milk of magnesia, miralax, colase, fiber, and senna (the stuff in smooth move tea) help with stuff at the top of the system. Miralax can take a few days. Milk of magnesia should work in 6 hours. Stool softeners like colase merely soften the poo. Senna is a stimulant for the digestive system that makes things move. It really depends on the cause of your constipation. Not all treatments are equal.
  7. insta_adventurer

    pain in right shoulder post op

    Probably gas from the surgery. During surgery they pump you full of gas so they have room to work. Very common to have it settle in your shoulders post-op. Walking will probably be the most helpful to alleviate the discomfort.
  8. insta_adventurer

    Random Midnight Vomiting?

    To be honest- having my gallbladder out was a breeze compared to my RNY surgery. But I have heard some have had the opposite experience!
  9. insta_adventurer

    How did your family and friends react?

    I told a few people. My husband, mom, siblings, close friends, and a few close colleagues (so they knew I wasn’t out due to a serious illness or anything). I didn’t tell extended family until after, because... I wasn’t sure if I’d actually go through with it. I’ve really only had like one semi-negative comment where someone compared my weight loss to someone who did it the “hard way” 🙄🙄🙄by walking and exercising a bunch. I said, “Right, because getting your body sliced apart and being on a restricted diet for months is totally the easy way...” I just don’t think people think before they speak.
  10. insta_adventurer

    Food Before and After Photos

    Low carb chicken, spinach, pesto pizza on a low carb fajita sized tortilla. Ate half. Other half will be lunch tomorrow. I am obsessed with the Lo Carb La Tortilla Factory tortillas. 5 net carbs and some protein!
  11. insta_adventurer

    Let's talk poop.

    4-5 months out I still have this issue. I’m now taking 1 colase in the morning and drinking a cup of benefiber and miralax each night. This has gotten me somewhat regular. Why am I taking so much? Because I ended up impacted and had to do an enema and it was a super awful experience. I’ve also gotten the foamier and puked while on the loo a few times. I’ve ramped up my efforts to keep the pipes flowing ever since. I also take Milk of Magnesia on occasion if I think I have to go, but can’t. I’ve started trying to include more fiber/veggies in my diet, but my poo problems are pretty miserable. I’m going to bring it up when I see my nutritionist on Friday.
  12. insta_adventurer

    Random Midnight Vomiting?

    Any chance it could be gallstones? When I had them, attacks nearly always happened in the middle of the night and usually involved vomiting. Any back or pain on your right side?
  13. insta_adventurer

    Fat shaming ?? Post op over 4 yrs

    If you don’t like what you see, avert your eyes. Mocking strangers for what they are wearing is incredibly childish and likely just projecting your own feelings of inadequacy and your own insecurities. Get some self-confidence and leave others alone. People should dress however they want to. Who cares? What if that’s all they own? What if they’ve gained some lbs and can’t afford new clothing? What if they feel like they look awesome? Who are you to bring them down? What gives you the right to insult them or say/do things that could be damaging to their self esteem. Shame on you.
  14. insta_adventurer

    Travel vacation post op

    Most of those things sound okay. You’ll have to be creative with meeting your nutritional goals. Walking shouldn’t be an issue if you can walk fine now. I would ask your surgeon if it’s okay if you are hoping to go on any rides at the amusement park, though. Some of them are quite jarring if I recall.
  15. insta_adventurer

    AMAW/CAMAW - Let's do this thang!

    I was wondering the same thing!
  16. insta_adventurer

    Hope I did the right thing?

    I think you did the right thing. I watched my father die from esophageal cancer and it is a miserable and painful disease. Why is this relevant? Acid reflux can lead to Barrets esophagus, which can lead to cancer. Acid reflux is no joke and being concerned that the surgery could exacerbate the issue for you does not make you a baby at all. I was pretty set on RNY before they even diagnosed me with acid reflux after my endoscopy. However, finding out the severity of my acid reflux sealed the deal for me. I’m surprised your doctor didn’t mention any of this, as usually they discuss the possible pros and cons of each surgical option with you.
  17. Like someone else said... do the pre-op diet. 1 low sugar protein shake for breakfast. 1 low sugar protein shake for lunch. 6oz of lean meat or fish with 1.5 cups of green veggies (think broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, etc) for dinner. The pounds will melt off, but yes, hard to stick to this diet long-term. Just think about how badly you want this and let that help you stay committed.
  18. insta_adventurer

    Post your progress pics!

    Yes! It’s my husband’s company’s holiday party. I guess they have this whole like mystery theme going. I was so excited to score this dress for $30 on amazon, but so nervous it wouldn’t fit.
  19. insta_adventurer

    Your Teeth After Surgery

    I’ve heard the chewable vitamins can be rough of the teeth, because particles of the vitamin will get stuck in the teeth/gum for awhile. On the flip side, vitamin deficiencies can also cause dental problems... https://www.barilife.com/blog/secret-complication-after-bariatric-surgery-2/ Also- keep in mind that increases nausea is a bit of a problem that many of us face. Stomach acids are awful on tooth enamel. You can read up best practices for cleaning up post-vomit here: https://www.rdhmag.com/articles/print/volume-32/issue-1/columns/preventing-dental-erosion-in-the-pregnant-patient.html. The article references pregnant patients, but the basic point is that stomach acid is, well, acid and you should try to neutralize the acid in your mouth, as opposed to brushing the acid all over and into the teeth.
  20. insta_adventurer

    Post your progress pics!

    Wow. So picking the photos for this... I don’t even recognize me 😮😮! First is around my heaviest, about two years prior to surgery. Second is 6 weeks pre-op. Last is yesterday, about 4.5 months post-op... trying on my dress for a film noir party!
  21. insta_adventurer

    Post your progress pics!

    You are doing amazing!!!
  22. insta_adventurer


    What an amazing transformation!
  23. insta_adventurer

    They cancelled my surgery

    So sorry! Hang in there, bud!
  24. insta_adventurer

    Fat shaming ?? Post op over 4 yrs

    I am always super sensitive about this when talking about the surgery with other overweight people (I’m still losing, but would consider myself overweight still). I answer any questions they ask or receive any positive comments from them, but I try to steer clear from proselytizing to them or insinuating I think they should do it. Like someone else said, some people are totally happy and fine with their size. Some people are fat and not unhealthy. Just because this was the right choice for me, does not mean I can say it’s the right choice for them... that’s not my call, that’s theirs. Just like the decision to have it was mine and based off of my own situation. And I try to be very careful about implying or insinuating I think they should, because it’s a deeply personal choice and not my g*d d*mned place.
  25. insta_adventurer

    Back to spin!

    You can buy padded cycling pants, shorts, or just simply buy a chamois to wear under your workout clothes. They really help with pain from the saddle. Aerotech Designs carries some. For reference, their 3x fits around a US 26. The padded pantaloons saved me! Would have never been able to continue without them!