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    Life without NSAIDS?

    I was always an Advil gal myself. Always had a bottle in my purse, in my car, and in my desk. To be honest, much of my “headaches” were usually sinus or blood pressure related. If I stay on top of my allergies, I really don’t need any headache medicine... and the surgery brought my blood pressure down to a healthy number- so that trigger is gone. The few times I’ve had to take something, Tylenol seemed to do the trick for me. It never worked before, but works well enough now.
  2. insta_adventurer

    Trust (potentially) Broken

    “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”—Lao Tzu
  3. Glad your surgery went well! It is difficult to navigate this journey and the impacts it has on our relationships. My husband has been fairly supportive, but there have certainly been times when I’ve had to put my foot down and prioritize my needs (usually my insistence we cook and eat at home versus him wanting to eat out or order takeout). It’s weird how much food and weight can impact a relationship, especially if one half is adopting a lifestyle they didn’t have going into the marriage. However, we are managing... but sometimes managing means I’ve got worry about doing me and he’s gotta worry about doing him and we’ve just gotta trust that being happy individually will make us a stronger team overall.
  4. insta_adventurer

    Resolutions 2019?

    Resolutions: 1. No more cheating rampantly by snacking. I’m trying to get that in check by only having healthful snack options. 2. Get back on my workout schedule. Travel and seasonal colds have got me off track. 3. Make a derm appointment to figure out once and for all why my skin sucks. 4. Figure out what I want to do with my career. I’m considering going for my IAAP certification to up my Web Accessibility credentials. I just feel I need to keep growing professionally and don’t want to stay static! 5. Move. We’ve been in our apartment for 4 years and I’m over it. However, we’re not quite set on staying in the area, so we’re not looking to buy, see also #6 6. Pay down debt. We’ve got a good life and good careers, but it took a lot of student loans to get us here. If we buckle down financially we can wipe some of that out.
  5. insta_adventurer

    I shaved my head...

    Oh my god! That is some adorable hair! My mom was kind enough to point out mine is a little thinner. I figured I’d just go back to a pixie if it became too thin, but then somehow I ended up with their weird bald spot in the back of head... and now I’m on the fence. 😂😂
  6. insta_adventurer

    Recreational Drugs

    I feel like saying “drugs are bad mmmkay!” is a bit stating the obvious. Obviously the OP knows that cocaine doesn’t equal kale (even if it tastes the same) in terms of being a healthy choice. Let me tell you judgy judgers something... there is NO ONE using drugs (other than pot) that thinks they are making a healthy choice. It’s like smoking- or eating that pizza. People know they shouldn’t, but they do. I’m not condoning coke use, but I’m also wise enough to know someone doing a few lines of coke isn’t the same as someone shooting up heroin and I’m not going to label someone who does the former an addict. They probably, well definitely, shouldn’t have done coke, but I’m sure the OP knows that and wasn’t asking for us to tell them their choice was okay. They were asking if it could have caused the gastrointestinal distress they are experiencing.
  7. insta_adventurer

    Recreational Drugs

    I’d guess you probably caught a bug or something. I wonder if cocaine use can increase your risk of ulcers? I mean, isn’t there like a post-nasal drip effect? I’d imagine that it could be irritating to your stomach if it reached it? I think- the bigger problem is that SOMETHING is causing you nausea and diarrhea and no matter what caused it, it’s probably a good idea to check in with your doctor.
  8. insta_adventurer

    Birth Control Options

    I have the Kyleena IUD. It sucked getting it inserted and my periods are just now (7 months later) returning to kinda normal... but no pregnancies so I guess I’d call it a success!
  9. insta_adventurer

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    Just calling like I see it. Creating exclusionary zones in a place that’s supposed to be supportive just seems juvenile, as does getting overheated/throwing a tantrum and unfollowing someone (😂😂) for merely disagreeing with something you’ve said.
  10. insta_adventurer

    Anti depressants post op

    I was on that same protocol prior to surgery and was switched to regular release Wellbutrin and another drug called Trintellix, after trying Celexa. My program basically said that extended release drugs wouldn’t work post-surgery. Unfortunately, Cymbalta is only available as an extended release. However, I have heard/read posts from people who still take extended release meds with their doctor’s blessing and have no adverse effects. It honestly sounds like it varies by practice and doctor. But one thing I will say is talk to whoever is prescribing you the antidepressants, because it’s super important to get this sorted and have a plan. I was running around like crazy trying to figure out what I needed to do, because I was given conflicting information by various doctors/providers
  11. insta_adventurer

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

  12. insta_adventurer

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    Creating a thread on a public forum and trying to exclude people based on some arbitrary rule you created seems... a bit... futile. People can post wherever they please. 💁🏻‍♀️
  13. insta_adventurer

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    Just coming into Sophmoreville. I am nearly 6 mos post-RNY and noticing my hair seems a little thinner. Not too bad, but the baby hairs ARE killing me. Sticking up all over the place, but most noticeably around my hair line. I went to FaceTime my father in law on Christmas and immediately said, “JFC I look like a d*mned porcupine!” Has anyone noticed skin changes? Mine seems to be getting a bit more oily, whereas before it was always on the dry side.
  14. My former primary care doc told me he preferred “more conservative methods” and I just needed to watch my portions. My current primary care didn’t suggest weight loss surgery, but was totally on board when I brought it up. My cardiologist strongly suggested that I look into doing it. Eventually, I’ll need to have my aortic valve replaced, thanks to drawing what’s likely a genetic short straw, but he said losing weight could lengthen the amount of time before needing the replacement surgery. I think I ignored it at the time, but he’s the only one whoever brought it up. I don’t understand why doctors do not mention it to patients who have weight related illnesses or health problems, especially if they are advising them they need to lose weight. They really ought to provide more guidance/options for losing weight.
  15. insta_adventurer

    Let the lying begin . . .

    I feel you. I’m 230lbs, about 50lbs from my surgeons goal and about 60lbs from my own goal. I’ve had a couple of people ask if I was at my goal and tell me I shouldn’t lose more that 20 or so more pounds or I “wouldn’t look right”... Seriously? I think it’s just I would no longer look like they think I should. I don’t think people realize how odd and out of line such comments are. I always respond with, “well- I’m just following my doctor’s program and they think xxx is a healthy goal for me.”
  16. Please, please, please find yourself a good counselor or therapist to talk to about your regrets, worries, and fear that you won’t be able to change. I only say this, because we are not equipped or able to walk you through what sounds like an extremely difficult emotional time for you. I don’t want to see you ruin or waste anymore of your life caught up in these worries and regrets, so please seek help from a qualified professional! ❤️
  17. insta_adventurer

    I Believe It Was Worth It

    Liquids go down super easy. Purées will likely go down easy, too. You won’t really start feeling restriction much until you get to more solid food. :)
  18. insta_adventurer

    I Believe It Was Worth It

    I think ones motivations and expectations dictate so much of this. I did this solely to get healthier and improve how I physically felt. I did not expect rainbows and unicorns and for this to solve every problem or insecurity I’ve ever had. Even though I’m not to goal yet, I can honestly say mission accomplished. My health has improved drastically. I’m able to do things I wouldn’t normally have been able to or dared to do. Like many others, I only wish I had taken this step sooner.
  19. insta_adventurer

    100 lbs in under a year?

    This is gonna sound crazy, but I hope I hit my goal by 18 months, because I want them to say we can try to get pregnant. Just gotta keep working at it I guess. That gives me a year to try and shed this last 60-70lbs!
  20. insta_adventurer

    Smoking marijuana after rny, can we do it?

    Yeah- I’d watch the coughing for a week or two immediately post-op. Also, be mindful of the munchies that typically accompany smoking pot. Obviously I’d recommend enjoying it some way other than smoking it.. because smoking is not healthy. Maybe an edible or a tincture? There’s no surgical related reason why can’t still do it... just be mindful of the side effects like coughing and munchies.
  21. insta_adventurer

    100 lbs in under a year?

    I started the process in late January of 2018, weighing in at 339. I had surgery in mid July and my weight was 302. I’m down 104lbs so from my starting weight, but only 69lbs (I think? I’m bad at math...) since surgery. It’s hard not to compare your journey to others. Now that my weight is getting to the lower side of the 200s, it’s coming off slower. I know what I need to do to get back on my game. I’ve just been dealing with so much holiday-related anxiety and exhaustion. My plan is to not beat myself up over the next week and then kick my butt back into gear in the new year. It’s hard not to compare my weight loss rates to others who started at similar weights at different times, but just gotta stay focused on fighting your own demons, ya know?
  22. insta_adventurer

    How did your family and friends react?

    Yikes! I guess this was partly why I was so blunt and open about the whole thing. I’d rather people have the correct information than speculate. That said, it really is no ones business what we do with our bodies, let alone their place to comment on them. We do not owe them explanations or justifications for our appearance/decisions. This is one thing that grinds my gears a bit. Just because I’m open about having surgery, does not mean it’s open season on commenting about my body. 🤬
  23. insta_adventurer

    Non Scale Victories

    Yaaaas! Whenever we’d stay in a hotel, my husband would wear the robe and I’d be pretty jealous. We were just a hotel and even though I’ve got a ways to go, the robes were massive on me! 😁
  24. Checking in... Challenge start weight: 238 Current weight: 233 The holidays have been a struggle. Too many “oh well, It’s Christmas!” cheats. I have a month left of the honeymoon period and really need to take advantage to get some high losses. I know as my weight goes down, the loss numbers will, too. It’s just hard to wrap my mind around- even though I know scientifically you lose 10lbs quicker at 300lbs than you do at 230lbs. I need to stick to plan and stay on track!
  25. insta_adventurer

    Wedding rings - what to do?

    We were broke students when we got hitched so my original ring was not an expensive one. We always planned to upgrade our rings, but haven’t yet. When it got too loose, I picked up this pretty silver ring from a local artisan to replace it with. I’ll keep replacing it with inexpensive rings until my weight stabilizes and then plan to work with the local artisan to make custom gold “forever” rings.