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    Fried Chicken

    I make chicken wings in my air fryer, but I do not bread or coat them in anything except hot sauce... because that’s what belongs on wings. I do not eat them every day or use oil to make them... but I honestly can’t taste the difference between these and regular pizza shop wings so they are probably not healthy. But it’s been a super long time since I had proper wings from a pizza shop so maybe my memory is a bit fuzzy. Lol
  2. insta_adventurer

    Slow WL

    It’s been a struggle! I’ve dealt with stalls and slow months. It’s almost like a yo-yo. One month, I’ll have great weight loss, the next, not so much. I’ve been stalled in the 220s for the last month or so. I just try to remind myself “stick to plan and it will happen.”
  3. insta_adventurer

    Post Op Bra Size

    Still have huge boobs. I’ve lost band sizes, but it almost seems like I should be going up a cup size now. It ain’t right.
  4. insta_adventurer

    Post your daily complaint/gripe.

    So we all know this life/surgery is not always sunshine and rainbows and I figured I’d make a thread for people to voice whatever is bugging them (related to surgery) that day... no matter how trivial it may seem. Sometimes it’s just therapeutic to vent. Sometimes hearing someone say, “oh I’ve been there, too!” can be helpful. My daily gripe? TMI alert Something made me throw up this morning. I think it was the iron pill I’ve recently been told to take. But ya know what really grinds my gears about this? The taste of the iron pill after throwing up the first time made me KEEP throwing up. Awful, awful, awful!
  5. insta_adventurer

    Anyone taking Cymbalta? How to take Post-Op?

    I had RNY so I had to stop it. Not because I couldn’t take pills, but because it would move through my pouch/intestine too quickly and not enough would be absorbed. I don’t think that’d be an issue with the sleeve. But yeah, def don’t open or crush them.
  6. I was off both around 1 month post op. My doc stopped the blood pressure meds and I decided to stop CPAP therapy. CPAP had been helpful, but shortly after surgery I felt like it was actually starting to keep me awake, so I quit using it.
  7. insta_adventurer

    Post your daily complaint/gripe.

    I haven’t done Chipotle since surgery... just too much food for me to even think about at this point. Same with Bellinis counter. What Chipotle did you go to? We used to hit up the Latham one every once and while but eventually stopped because it just never looked like they cleaned the place.
  8. insta_adventurer

    Post your daily complaint/gripe.

    Today’s complaint. People gathering outside my office a half hour before lunch to talk about food... every. single. day.
  9. insta_adventurer

    Post your daily complaint/gripe.

    You poor thing! My tummy still feels off today. I elected to skip the iron this morning. Maybe I’ll attempt it at dinner when I’ve got less stuff to take? Silver lining is I think my stall may have broke. Just remember! Goonies never say die!
  10. insta_adventurer

    Kitty cats! Pets are the best support.

    This is my catchild. She’s 8 years old and also struggles with her weight. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  11. insta_adventurer

    Post your daily complaint/gripe.

    Are you on anything else for it? I take doculax and Metamucil.. with the occasional nightcap of Miralax.
  12. insta_adventurer

    Post your daily complaint/gripe.

    I’ve been wishing that! Legs? Perfect. Butt? Gone. Biceps? Gone. Belly? Still here for the party!
  13. Worry not, friend! Potatoes are slider foods and those mini quesadillas are fairly small. Cheats happen, weakness happens. Just saddle up and get back on track.
  14. insta_adventurer

    Construction worker

    I’d guess you’ll likely need a my least a month off. I work a desk job and was out for two weeks. However, I wasn’t allowed to life anything over 15lbs for like a month to 6 weeks. It will also depend on your age/overall health. Best thing would be to ask your team when they think you’ll be cleared for regular duty!
  15. insta_adventurer


    The thing is, not everyone who smokes will get lung cancer, but nearly everyone who smokes will eventually get copd, emphysema, and other breathing related illnesses. I wish they didn’t focus so much on lung cancer risk and focused more on the “you’re basically guaranteed to choke yourself to death slowly” part of things.
  16. insta_adventurer

    Food Before and After Photos

    Fiberous, energy bombs! Trying to make my own healthy grab and go breakfast or preworkout snack. They are oats, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp hearts, toasted coconut, peanut butter, honey and vanilla. Super easy and super tasty!
  17. insta_adventurer

    Horrible pain and discomfort

    Yes. Especially when I was early stages post-op. It was tricky learning capacity.. and breaking the habit of being able to eat a bunch. Your insides are still pretty swollen and that’s what causes you to feel that tightness so quickly. If you feel that- it means you are full and should give your body time to digest. It does go away after the first few months!
  18. insta_adventurer

    Does this look infected?

    Yes. Call your doc. That redness and yellow crustyness looks like an infected wound to me.
  19. insta_adventurer

    Can I afford the post-op diet?

    Also- making your own shakes with powder and liquid is cheaper than the RTD options. But even immediately post op- you may be drinking two shakes a day. So, your food at that point would cost about $5/day. My biggest hurdle is not food cost, but food waste post op, because we really do not each much so buying just enough can be difficult. I am still working out how to buy just what I need.
  20. I am also hanging in the 220s and have been for what feels like the last month! They tell me I’m on track to reach onederland, but... I’m not going to believe that until it happens!
  21. insta_adventurer


    Nicotine use can increase the risk of ulcers post-surgery. Immediately after surgery, nicotine is vasoconstrictor and can delay or impact healing due to reducing the circulation and amount of oxygen that gets to wound sites via your blood. Quitting smoking is the best thing I ever did for my health. It even ranks higher than my weight loss surgery.
  22. insta_adventurer

    Nicotine test please help!!!

    My test was basically pass/fail. If levels in urine were over 300 someunitofmeasure then it was a fail, but as long as you were under you were fine. The reason for this, is because you could passively inhale second hand smoke and still have it show up in the test if they just failed you for having any amount. It’s worth noting you could still fail if you inhale a lot of second hand smoke, like if you live with a smoker who smokes indoors or ride in the car with someone smoking... that could make you test high enough to fail.
  23. insta_adventurer

    It finally happened. Onederland!

    I am so jealous of your raving. I used to attend them when I was younger, but now I feel too old and lame to do such things. But also I don’t think I’ll find anything quite like the parties of my early 20s. And for that reason I sit in my cubicle bobbing my head to house music for 8 hours a day. 😂
  24. insta_adventurer

    Real food

    Yep yep. One of my first puke fests post op was thanks to some dry chicken that got stuck/wouldn’t go through my stoma. Also had it happen with a pork chop. The good news is I’m six months post op and haven’t had that happen in at least 2 or 3 months. I also only eat really moist chicken and make sure I chew the heck out of it.
  25. insta_adventurer

    It finally happened. Onederland!

    I am so happy for you, dude! You have worked so hard for this!!! Congratulations!!